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BIljana and Vladimirs review

By: Vladimir Lazarevic | December 22, 2014

We were at the store on Dundas around Black Friday and we bought a sofa, a love seat, a bedroom set, two mattresses and two boxes!!
Mario was the gentlemen who helped us and we were very satisfied with his customer service and his knowledge of what we needed!!
We would like to thank BadBoy and Mario for providing a great service and as far as we are concerned we will come back to your store next time we need a product and we will also recommend your store and Mario to our friends!

P.S. Mario helped us the first time we were at the store back in 2013 when we purchased two TVs along with a few other items!

Will not buy with Bad Boy again

By: pameladickey | December 22, 2014

I was very frustrated with my experience at Bad Boy. During the day we purchased our couch the staff were very helpful however after that it all went downhill. We were told on the day we purchased (and it was also written on our receipt) that we'd get the couch that week. Half way through the week when we hadn't heard from the store I called as was told that I wouldn't have it until mid-December!! If it was going to be a 2-3 week wait that would have been fine but when we're told we'd have it the week we ordered and don't have a couch at that time it's quite deceiving! Also when I called I was told someone would call me back and no one did, so I had to call back.
We finally got a call mid-December that the couch was in and when would we like it delivered I said when can it come they said tomorrow. So I said yes go ahead. They told me someone would call me at 9am to give me a delivery time window. So I arranged for someone to be at my place for 9am....


cabinets' professional

By: MinTerry | December 21, 2014

This absolutely positive review I devote to Vorob Craft to show my respect and appreciation. Last year they did my wardrobe and fire place, since then my everyday small issues were completely reduced so comfortable and logical my things are organized, and all of that thank's to Vorob craft and especially towards Roman, the head of the company, who showed his concern and won my trust.

Safety concern...

By: Jelimi | December 21, 2014

I really like the environment of this place. The stylists seem friendly and the store has a very cozy feel. I typically get a good cut, too. Saying this, however, I am concerned about the safety of their "shoe removal" policy. the store has laminate floors and understandably they don't want them to be wet or muddy. However, on both of my visits i have almost slipped and fallen twice. I am a pretty active 30 year old - so i caught my balance - but i worry about people my mother's age and older who could fall and hurt themselves. I'm not so sure about this shoe removal policy. Just as someone else said they suspected reviews on here were possibly done by owner/stylist friends, i also hold suspect to these same 5/5 reviews. If customers are treated "like royalty" i would like to know why they don't offer reminder text service or some of the perks you might get with a high end salon? they made a booking error on my appointment (i waited weeks to...


Quick Service & Informative Doctor

By: lauraarmstrong | December 21, 2014

Dr. Genesis is a very informative and reliable doctor. The first time that I went to this clinic, I was a little bit worried, but she informed me of what to expect, possible side effects, and approximately how many treatments I would need. I was very satisfied with the service here and have returned twice more so far. The staff is very friendly and are genuinely interested in how the treatments are working for you. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

First Class Service

By: Barbara Young | December 21, 2014

I had the pleasure of the service of Erinmills Limousine for our staff Christmas dinner last night. Frank, our driver, was prompt, courteous, and friendly. The car was spotless both inside and out, and had the full service of decanters and every type of glassware for whatever you wanted to drink.
I would not hesitate to recommend them, and they certainly will have me as a repeat customer.

Barbara Young

Quick Financial Assistance

By: Amadeus | December 20, 2014

BHM Financial Group provides professional, reliable and quick financial assistance to their clients. It's one of the best financial groups I have ever come across Canada. I could never thought of getting a loan without any hassle and at a lower interest rate. You guys are doing superb job. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone looking for a financial institution to avail a loan. You guys are simply great. Good Luck

Happy Ending!!!

By: saradee | December 20, 2014

I came to Amandalina's in Vaughan after a nightmare dress situation that happened to me at Sophie's Gown Shoppe in Mississauga. After calling several different dress stores in the GTA and getting completely brushed off and frantically looking for my same dress I finally found it at Amandalina's. They were so empathetic towards my situation and they thankfully had the same dress I wanted. Sam the owner was even able to rush me in a brand new dress the exact same 2 MONTHS before my wedding!!!! I could not be happier with the dedicated service I received and after months and months of dealing with Sophies who completely BUTCHERED my dress I was able to get a perfectly brand new dress 2 months before my wedding!!!

Don't bother going anywhere else, at Amandalina's they are professional, honest, accommodating and they mean BUSINESS!! THANK YOU AMANDALINA YOU TURNED MY NIGHTMARE INTO A HAPPY ENDING!!!


By: zzx | December 20, 2014

Very abrasive staff member, dealt with a man named Martin. Went to sell several items, at one point Martin got into an argument with another customer who was interested in looking at the items I had brought in. When asked if flexible on the price offered, Martin went into a rant about not being in a third world country.How bartering is for people that live there, not in a country like Canada. I then retracted several of my items, and offered a very fair price for 2 of them, Martin replied with trying to hand me a book on price guides in Europe saying check my offer against those.

After that rant I retracted my offer completely. All while this is going on several customers had entered and were meander behind the counter looking through items and making comments to Martin about what I had brought in, very unprofessional.

Overall would not return, only dealt with the one staff member which was nothing but confrontational and abrasive.

When you go to sell your items make sure you don't question the staff or any offer they make you, they tell you they will make there best offer. This is of course true because in that business they are always honest..

once upon a child varcity SUCKS

By: momofdag | December 20, 2014

The sales people at this store are the rudest people ever!!!! No customer service at all. I spent over $100.00 there today.I bought a lot of kids jeans .All were marked size 10. We left the store and were having a coffee next door. I relized that one pair was actually a size 7 that they had tagged a size 10. Not 15 minutes had passed and i went back in to exchange them for a different size and they refused as they said it was a sales item and thats a final sale!! I will never ever step foot in there again!!!!! Whats more when i went to exchange them it was the same woman who sold them to me 15 minutes before.

Cranberry Sage Pie is fabulous

By: Joan Janzen | December 19, 2014

I first bought one of these very tasty pies from Karen at the market and loved it so much I asked her to make a large one for a dinner party. It was a hit with everyone. Great flavour. Amazing crust. Truly a perfect holiday party dessert.

Thank you, Karen.

Nice Company to work with, they are...

By: kremi | December 19, 2014

I have been with able since 2007, and i have to say they are nice to work with.
As per payment i got my october 2014 month, when i am in the area i drop by and i get the cheque right a way from Nicole( such is lovely women )...

Personally very happy with because thank you God the have a lot of assignments.

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