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Fall 2014 Wedding - Satisfied

By: Nagrata | December 18, 2014

Digital Entertainment Group answered all of our questions promptly, and assisted us in planning and coordinating our reception music program. Frank Lombardo (General Manager) was very professional, patient, and went above and beyond to ensure we had a positive client experience. Thank You Frank, much appreciated!

nearly signed my life away with this...

By: manitobaman204 | December 18, 2014

Having recently graduated, I was on the look out for a job. Real Care called me within the week to promise me a job, saying they'd love to hire me and have me start work as soon as this weekend. She scheduled me for an interview.

When I arrived a little early to my interview, no one was at the front desk. I waited in an empty room for some time, until a lady came around, saying she was running a meeting and was a bit late. That's no problem, but for nearly 40 minutes, my interviewer was in the next room giggling and talking about her weekend plans.

When it was time for my interview, there WAS no interview. She asked me when I could start working, and quickly became angered that I had no vehicle. It stated very clearly on their website not having a vehicle was not a problem. As it turns out, this agency is nothing but a scam. They pay barely $1 over minimum wage to do the job of a person who gets paid at least $5-8 over minimum wage. She stated as an...


Professional and Supportive

By: Cbmhome | December 18, 2014

I have just taken out my 3rd loan through BHM Financial. They have always been professional and supportive. I remember the time when all the banks rejected my loan application and I urgently needed the money to re-establish my business. At that time, they appeared as lifesavers. They helped me to overcome my financial issues and take my business to new heights. Now, I don't worry about money as I know I have you guys behind me who will take care of my money related issues. I have recommended BHM to my family and friends as well. Thanks a lot guys.


By: kmcshane | December 18, 2014

As a condition on the purchase of our home this past summer, we included the requirement the wood stove be WETT certified. We received the paperwork from the seller in which Lighthouse inspector Brian Shaw indicated the wood stove was in proper working order. This fall we had a chimney sweep clean the wood stove so we could begin using it and were shocked when he informed us it was IN NO WAY SAFE TO USE. It is missing baffles and half of the brick on the inside. The chimney sweep said there is absolutely no way an inspector could have missed this if they even opened the door of the wood stove. We have never owned a wood stove and unfortunately were relying on the expertise and honesty of the inspector. My husband contacted Brian Shaw and, amidst a slew of unprofessional and aggressive comments, was told it isn’t his problem and that if there was a problem with the wood stove we should have contacted him sooner. I guess there is an expiration date on his professional integrity? We...


Kitchen and bathrooms cabinets

By: Andrei | December 18, 2014

The worst company we met in Canada. Kitchen cabinets in our new house were not made according to drawings. All kitchen, bathrooms and laundry cabinets cracked, paint peel out in many spots. Furniture painted with brush and very unprofessional. Asked them to fix it but nothing has been done in 6 month. They never apologize and escape all contacts. Just wasted about $40 000.
We are going to bring them to the court. Avoid this company!

Worth Every Penny!

By: vvdeacon | December 18, 2014

I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants the best care for their pet family members. I have two beautiful felines who love their vet (how many people can say that about their pets' experiences?). Further, they understand my pets' needs as well as my own. They may not be the least expensive, but that's not what I'm looking for. I trust them with my furry kids and that makes them worth every penny.


By: normaljoe | December 18, 2014

Stay away from these people: terrible customer service and did not even deliver on the approx 600 orders we gave them as part of a kids fundraising event. They didn't even call us to bail, I had to track them down for her to finally tell me that 'maybe' they could produce the order next month. When I asked if Maybe meant 'for sure' she just cancelled the order and hung up! As a result, we had to scramble to find another last minute supplier which ended up costing the kids over $300 out their own pocket. Just a terrible all round experience start to finish. Save yourself the grief and look elsewhere.

This is the way it's supposed to be

By: non-member | December 18, 2014

We had 3 area rugs cleaned that sit on hardwood floors. The experience with Clean Freaks was perfect. Responsive, punctual, thorough, polite, friendly and very informative. The business owner did the cleaning himself and educated us on many aspects of carpet cleaning while he worked. It was terrific to have them come to our home directly to clean area rugs, and not have to remove them. The carpets were barely damp upon completion, there is no damage to the hardwood. We would definitely use this service again.

Vorob Craft splendidly did my Cabinets

By: LiciaOl | December 18, 2014

To purchase from Vorob Craft was one of the greatest deals for the past years, for me they were the best among all others, I felt the respect and in return Roman and his co workers got my trust, my confidence. I ordered bathroom cabinets and entire closet to rebuilt with new and stylish shelves to hide all my huge wardrobe, shoes, and much-much more... I'm very happy how they did the job, ....highly recommend.

Worst Customer Service

By: Runn | December 18, 2014

We had a terribly upsetting experience with DJ emporium. We had paid for a technician to stay in our room on our wedding day, to play all videos and take care of any technical problems. Our biggest fear was that there would be an issue with the videos played at our wedding, and that is why we paid the expensive cost of having a technician in our room to prevent this. On the day of our wedding, the worst happened and the video that was playing during the bridesmaid speech suddenly stopped, the technician was nowhere to be found, so they had to stop their speech. After a significant amount of time had elapsed, our own DJ, who is not part of DJ emporium, had to run out of the room and look for him. After another significant amount of time had passed the technician, took his time fixing the issue at hand. Needless to say we were pretty disappointed with this service and we felt we paid a lot of money for a service we felt we didn’t receive. Upon the return of our honeymoon we...


Worked on my car without permission...

By: rachelleda | December 17, 2014

I made an appointment to have my 2013 Genesis looked at when an engine light came on. I very clearly told them "do not do anything that will cost me until you have talked to me". Long story short: I was charged $230.00 without as much as receiving a call. Worse, that day my car started rattling in the foot area of the passenger side so I make an appointment to go back (stupid?) and am advised they would be happy to look at it but that it will cost me.
The customer service in the service department was terrible. The service manager was less than responsive making the person who dropped my car off responsible for their oversight. I found that the manager supported his staff regardless that it was clearly obvious his staff had made poor decisions. So when you go to Victoria Hyundai, this is what you can expect.

So bad i got my money back and walked...

By: revguy76 | December 17, 2014

In summary:

This dealership does not keep their appointments
New hires are poorly trained
Used car sales director does not keep his word
Management doesn't care enough about client satisfaction to even pick up the phone and follow up.

I walked away from a $40,000 vehicle and cancelled my deposit because I was treated so badly!


I made an appointment to come and drive the truck the following week. I should have known I was going to have a bad experience right from the start. When I arrived at the appointed time, Serge, the only person in view at the time, clearly had no idea that I was coming. The vehicle was not prepped and ready, and I was not greeted by a sales manager as promised in the email confirmation from customer service, and the vehicle was clearly not ready for a test drive. In fact, it was outside with about 4 inches of snow on it.

This was the first time (of 5 occasions) that Lasalle Ford, or...

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