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Professional,Friendly, QUICK.

By: RandiMarie | September 19, 2014

I called responders at about 8pm on a Thursday night concerned about having bed bugs. I live in a condo and there was concerns of some homeowners having them. After a BAD experience with the guy that my condo board brought, I decided too call RESPONDERS for a second opinion. Nick specifically came to my place within the hour and did such a thorough inspection, he checked under my furniture, lifted my bed(s) up checked under my shag rug carpet and looked inch by inch to find any indication. I did not expect this awesome of service. Luckily I didn't have any bugs. But he made me feel so comfortable with the process. Anyone worried about bed bugs PLEASE call these guys, such amazing customer service! Thanks again!

sales rep Mark Ried should be disiplined

By: tur | September 19, 2014

Mark Ried s lack of customer service made my purchase of a washer and dryer most trouble some. He failed to inform me of the need for hoses and metal vent, told me I was paying to have my old appliances taken away ( this was not done), failed to tell me that the new installation of the dryer vent through the wall was required. He also did not tell me of the 90 day Payment plan His lack of information created problems at the accounting desk as three different invoices were required before the order was correct. The accounts lady was super and very understanding.
The delivery guys were excellent given that their job became more diffecault because the work order did not include the proper information. The dryer could not be hooked up because my contractor was not given enough notice because I was only told about the venting by the accounts lady on Monday and the delivery was Thursday.
When you have such excellent employees as the accounts lady and the Delivery guys doing a sales reps job there should be some sort of internal action take.

Very bad experience !!!

By: ShoeReviewer | September 19, 2014

Be careful with their unwritten and untold policy. Once you buy an item from them regardless if is in good condition, sealed or not....which happened to me (lady shoes were in the same box and never worn), they will want to enter into their computer system your home address. I used debit as the method of payment and there was no need to enter my address. So...next time be aware...the manager assistant which worked during this time (September 18 2014 approx. 8:00pm in Burlington Mall, tattoos on the arm) really doesn't understand that this policy violates the privacy of a consumer by disclosing personal information. Not only that she does not understand why this policy is enforced, but she refuses to handle the situation even though she is told that she will get a bad review on net. I mean...if I was the assistant manager and I was told that the customer is pissed and will give me a bad review knowing that the customer owns a Computer company...I would try to solve the problem...


Ashley Shoes

Burlington, ON

category: Shoe Stores - Retailers

Can you ask for anything more?

By: non-member | September 18, 2014

Everything from cheap to high end naughty products at ridiculously good prices. Always check for promo codes, since you can often combine crazy sale prices with at least another 15% off.

Been buying from them for years and haven't had a problem yet. Shipping is usually very quick.

Great Work and Quality Product

By: non-member | September 18, 2014

I have a 12' X 8' second floor deck with a western exposure that over the years has had limited use due to the relentless summer sun. Gaudet's Aluminum installed a 'permanent' roof with a product manufactured by Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd, Ajax, Ontario. The color selection and style are perfect for my house. The 3 man crew who completed the installation in about 5-6 hours were consultative,respectful and professional. I am thrilled with the results and know I have a quality product at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Gaudet's Aluminum for your home improvement projects!

Excellent Care

By: non-member | September 18, 2014

In August my husband developed some type of condition in his eye. He went to a walk in clinic and was told it was a virus and to give it a few days. When he came home and I seen it, I told him we need to go right to Bedford Eye Care. We didn't call, we just walked in and that is when the wonderful care started. They identified my husbands eye needed attention at the VG eye clinic right away, as his pressures were extremely high, and the eye was inflamed. We had to visit the VG almost every day that week and three times the other week. Thank you Bedford Eye Care!!!

Employees mentioned in this review:

Great Customer Experience

By: non-member | September 18, 2014

Just wanted to say that my wife and I enjoyed a great customer service experience whilst shopping for a sofa and loveseat last Saturday. We had an excellent interaction with Mike, who provided insight into the wonders of leather aire. We were convinced enough to purchase a set of chairs for our living room before we left. Thanks Mike.

Employees mentioned in this review:

Excellent Armor Garden Window...

By: non-member | September 18, 2014

Comfort King actually delivered our Garden Window order two weeks ahead of schedule, at a competitive price, and installed it fast. The Installers created siding and trim that matched our decor and exterior, without any gaps or imperfections. Now we have a Garden Window that opens with an extension crank at the top and provides ventillation for our kitchen in all types of weather. The six hour job was explained to us in every step, and the installers covered everything with blankets; after the job, there were no other damages to the floor or exterior. Thanks Comfort King.

The price didn't change and...

By: daniellemisr | September 18, 2014

Thank you so much for your services, dont know what we would have done without you!
very happy and we would love to tell people about their excellent service!
Movers were very helpful, took a positive approach to solving problems,
and very careful not to damage house or contents.
The price didn't change and nothing was damaged or broken.

Dishonest and Bad Service

By: onegoodplace | September 18, 2014

The price on the menu clearly states $12 for nail cutting and filing,the lady charged me $15. An unfrienly staff member proceeded to do my nail and she started filing even without cutting. She told me no need to cut since filing is like cutting and I left in a haste telling her that I could easily file my nails at home myself!

Senior Citizen Scammers

By: ConConsult | September 18, 2014

Our firm is consulting and representing a client who was scammed into paying the full cost of the work before it was completed. Complete Builders hasnt been back to site since late 2013. The work is of poor quality, the paper work is not documented in an orderly fashion and their billing schedule/ estimate/quotes are dis organized and inaccurate.

We will be pursing both criminal and civil charges against the owners and their company.

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