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Poor Quality

By: billzbrat | September 20, 2014

The title says it all! Very Poor quality photos!!!! It isn't a business, It is a husband and wife with a camera. No other staff!
You are led to believe that they (the husband and wife) really care about you and your photo memories. The hold back the best photos and charge you more for them!!!!! Total SCAM!!!! Beware!

Worse company and should not exit in...

By: hoareus | September 19, 2014

This the worse Canada company, it should not exit in the world. 1) They offer to delivery only, and then you have to pay $10 to arranged the 3rd time delivery, otherwise the parcel will be return to the sender.
2) They have less pick up centre, plus the centre is far away from the town centre.
3) Do not buy anything from the seller if they use Canpar services.
4) Mostly from Ebay's sales GSP system. So, tell the seller we won't buy anything from him if they use this system.

I would highly recommend this based...

By: korilebimusa | September 19, 2014

I just want to take a moment to thank Kingsway Van Lines for moving my family and did a superb job
they were attentive professional and they treated our stuff very gently no damages no headaches no surprise .
I needed a lot of help packing as this was a fully furnished 3 bedroom home we lived in for the past 10 years.
The crew arrived on time and work non stop.
It was a real pleasure to see these young men take pride in the work they did.
All my stuff was in good condition and I was very happy with the timely response.
I was very impressed with the professional service I got.
I would highly recommend this based on my experience.

Best Eye Doctor Ever!

By: non-member | September 19, 2014

Not to be dramatic, but I am the hugest fan of Dr. Toby Mandelman and her staff at Bedford Eye Care!! So much so that, even having been living in Toronto for over a decade now, she is STILL my eye doctor!

Dr. Mandelman and her staff always go above and beyond and really take the time to listen to me about any concerns or questions I may have.

Dr. Mandelman is also always getting the most cutting edge equipment in to the office and using the most current techniques. She is always learning and passing that knowledge on to her clients. She is also one of the most kind people you'll ever meet. I am her biggest fan. I trust her absolutely and completely.

Also, the staff who work at Bedford Eye Care are really lovely and kind. I always find them welcoming and very helpful. I think it is telling that most of the time you can recognize people who have been working there for years and years. Everyone from the front desk staff to the folks you see before the...


Employees mentioned in this review:

Personal Training with Olesya

By: non-member | September 19, 2014

I took a leave from work for six months with the objective of achieving a better fitness level. Twice in two years I had experienced intense pain from a disk herniation. When I started training twice a week with Olesya, I was nervous about triggering pain and had never used gym equipment. She was able to guide me through exercises that made me feel strong and I didn't have any problems with the disk. I have also participated in a few of the classes offered; there is a schedule of various classes and the club is close to home for me. I can highly recommend Olesya as a trainer and I think most women I know would be happy with this club.


By: Filo | September 19, 2014

I had a problem with a wash machine and lost $6.25. I called the company 15x within a 2 week period and NO reply. I've gone to the store to hopefully run into a manager/owner however no luck!

I know for a fact someone goes by daily to empty the machines as well as to maintain the laundry mat so there is obviously a person "in charge". I'am now going to go the municipality and c if this is a legit business or what?!

I will NEVER give them my business or refer them to anyone. Let's just say it's the "principal" although its a small amount of $, it's still MINE and I had hoped for someone to rectify the problem.

There is NO excuse on the owner/managers part for not calling me back other than they don't care about there customers. I advice future customers to keep away from this place and take your business elsewhere.

The only reason you see a 1 star rating is cause there is no choice of a ZERO rating, I had to choose it in order to post my review.

Wedding Service is Appalling!

By: SareNicole | September 19, 2014

We used Majestic Limo Services this past August for our wedding. When we first met with the owners they were very pleasant and seemed as if they were running a great company. We soon found out that we were wrong! We had paid for the wedding package, which in our agreement had stated it would include red carpet service, a wedding sign just married, the driver to be opening doors, etc. We had paid for a package of four hours, and I had let the owner know we would be late coming to the limo if our pictures went longer than anticipated, however we were paying by the hour so we are entitled to take as long as we need. On the day of our wedding, the limo driver was in a foul mood. We ran 45 minutes later than our pickup time, and when we went to the limo, the driver did not greet us, there was not a red carpet, there was not a sign on the limo and the driver did not hold open the door. The service was absolutely appalling. The driver did not hold the door open once, our groomsmen had to...



By: schuie | September 19, 2014

They rented me a damaged car, told me it was nothing to worry about, then charged my credit card for the damages once I returned the car, (without warning, notification, invoice, NOTHING..) claiming it was my fault. They take forever to respond to messages (up to a MONTH, if they respond at all), they say they will 'call you back' but never do. "Reliable"?? I think not!!

They are sneaky, crooked scammers. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM - AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

Parquet Floor Refinishing

By: dianewitty | September 19, 2014

I recently used NewRidge Refinishing as I had a large family room that needed sanding, staining and refinishing of the parquet flooring. I was impressed with their fantastic reviews on the internet, and they were very reasonable compared to other quotes I received. Sebastian and team came promptly at 7:30 a.m. each morning and went to work. They did a fantastic job! It looks like a new floor! He was able to pick out the exact stain that I wanted with ease. They sealed the room with plastic as it was an open room to the rest of the house and I have to say the dust in the house was very minimal and their clean up was great. I would highly recommend this company!

Incompetent service dept

By: bmwed | September 19, 2014

As a result of our Honda Fit being rear-ended, I brought this vehicle in for some insurance body work on July 28, 2014. We chose not to proceed with the insurance company “preferred shop” as we felt the service and workmanship would be superior at Honda. The repair was to take four days, as specified by my insurance adjustor and the head of the service department at Meadowvale Honda. I called on Friday, August 1st and was told the repair was not completed, and it would be a few more days. I called again on Wednesday, August 6th and was told the repair still was not completed. Finally, after a number of calls, the car was finally ready for pickup on Thursday, August 14th.
I went with my son to pick up the car and noticed that there were scuff marks on the newly placed bumper, a scratch on the front fender (that was not pre-existing), and the driver seat was dirty from body filler dust. Needless to say I was upset, especially after having to wait almost three weeks for...


Right choice children entertainment...

By: wondermom | September 19, 2014

We had a horrible experience with the right choice children entertainment because they sent us a clown named Big Red who was abrupt and abrasive with the children while making balloon animals/figures. Big Red the Clown snapped at a young autistic boy at the party for being loud and yelled for the boy's mother to control her child. The mother was humiliated, the boy was in tears, and the other adults present were shocked and angered by the way the clown handled the situation. Big Red the Clown entertainment show was marginal, nothing exceptional. Balloon sculptures were big and eye catching and some children were excited to participate for a chance to get one from his' show. But after witnessing the way he conducted himself, several other parents and I refused to allow our children to interact with him - we didn't trust he would speak respectfully to our kids. Overall, I would NOT recommend The right choice entertainment based on their lack of entertainer's...


Professional,Friendly, QUICK.

By: RandiMarie | September 19, 2014

I called responders at about 8pm on a Thursday night concerned about having bed bugs. I live in a condo and there was concerns of some homeowners having them. After a BAD experience with the guy that my condo board brought, I decided too call RESPONDERS for a second opinion. Nick specifically came to my place within the hour and did such a thorough inspection, he checked under my furniture, lifted my bed(s) up checked under my shag rug carpet and looked inch by inch to find any indication. I did not expect this awesome of service. Luckily I didn't have any bugs. But he made me feel so comfortable with the process. Anyone worried about bed bugs PLEASE call these guys, such amazing customer service! Thanks again!

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