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Freedom From Addiction – Thanks You...

By: alandale | November 27, 2014

The day I walked in Freedom, the staff knew that their hands are full. I was a depressed, addicted mess with a crazy heroine habit. My family had lost hope in me. My ex-husband took off with the kids and I didn't felt the loss. That's when I decided that it was too much. My ex at least consulted some people and suggested Freedom. It was my first rehab ever and I was determined to make it a success. And choosing Freedom was a great choice. I was so morbidly depressed from the turn of events in my life that I walked silently for first few days.

I hated life and wanted to get back to my daughters as soon as I could. The lead counselor saw this as a courage and used this motivation to get me back on the road. The first few days of withdrawal symptoms were nothing like I ever imagined. But slowly the 12 step therapy started and I got into the physical fitness sessions. I was doing good cardio by the 6th week. After 8 weeks, I could talk confidently and feel the new...


Look Elsewhere

By: thejennij | November 26, 2014

Our wedding was held July/13 at Le Jardin. While I will admit my decorator and planners made sure the venue was made to look gorgeous, we all knew deep down it was fake. All of it. The sales people, the waiter's, the event staff, all of them. Biggest fakers out there. It's taken me over a year to write one single review of this place because my memories are so tainted with disappointment. Also I had way more important things to take care of but someone asked me about them and this is what I said: I wish I could take it back. I wish I never called them at all. Wished mine and my family's hard earned money went to people who actually care. I wish our wedding could have been any where else but there, but I digress, we booked and paid A LOT of money for this venue. More than usual. Ripped off is putting it mildly. Their own staff (who I will not rat out because they're still unfortunately employed there) told us to our face we were ripped off. They provided A LOT of...


Herkimer-a big disappointment

By: Subhideora | November 26, 2014

I'm a tenant at homestead Herkimer bld, and am totally frustrated with the lack of already showcased facilities.
The agents had showcased the theater room to coo tenants however the said theater is under renovation from more than a month and nobody has an answer when it would be ready.
Secondly one of homestead staff suggested that since the guest suite is not available yet we can use the guest suite of macdonald building,taking into consideration we called some guests however when we actually went to book the guest suite we were sadly informed that it's not allowed to use facility from other building, I mean how can a company with such prestigious reputation who claims tenants satisfaction as their utmost motive fool their tenants.
To add the list apart from construction noises, the elevator of the building is always on service so we have to take stairs more than often and with a kid and stroller its a nightmare.

Cabinets, Vorob Craft Cabinetry

By: NancyDon | November 26, 2014

How come we didn't find them before. Roman's attitude worths admiration. He is highly professional in cabinets for many years. I ordered multiple cabinets/shelves for my master's closet, for kitchen, bathrooms and basement. Each set looks quite different, solidly set, works smoothly, practicle, able to fit more than enough.

Very Professional and good quality

By: Tamira | November 26, 2014

After months of searching for what I wanted, I came across Walk-Thru and they were able to make what I needed for my house. Germain walked me through every step including what to measure on my existing door that I was replacing. He was able to save me money as well by using the rails from my old door. He sent me progress pics of my door being built and let me know when it shipped. I found my own installer and everything worked out perfectly. I get many compliments on my garage door. If you want a garage door with a man door built in, Walk Thru Garage Doors is the place....even if it has to be an international order.

Transported Natural Gas In A Safe And...

By: JenniferMartinez | November 26, 2014

The best way I know to connect natural gas to the regional markets, and this includes coastal and island locations too. The company developed an efficient Coselle System to safely transported natural gas in market today for consumers to be used. Great and efficient service you can always recommend!


Calgary, AB

category: Shipping - Service providers

First Class Limousine Service

By: John | November 26, 2014

A Celebrity Limousine is by far the most professional limousine service we have ever used. At our wedding, the driver went far above and beyond his duty and helped very much with our picture taking process and random other little things for our wedding party to make sure it all went smoothly on a sunny warm summer day. He knew exactly what to do and when and was very polite with a sense of humour. Also listened very well for small requests that we had. Our driver after the wedding was equally patient, polite, and professional. The limousines were in superb condition. First class service from top to bottom in all aspects. Two thumbs up!!!

Basement Renovation

By: buellerandbuellers | November 25, 2014

My wife and I googled "Ottawa renovations" and there's Dream Touch Renovations. I thought, "Yeah I want my renovation to have the dream touch." We saved up $70k for our basement so I wanted it to look amazing. From the start we met with Moe the CEO and he was very accommodating, positive and communicated everything we needed to know every step of our project. The job was generally clean, tidy, and the tradesmen did a great job. We're renovating our kitchen next fall and we're calling DTR for sure. We both recommend you do, they did a great job on our project!

You R So wrong Bmaster

By: sukitup | November 25, 2014

Don',t think you were at the hall you were naming, I drives all the way from Barrie to go there, because of the staff , and other members. You were saying they were standing around chatting , well yah because of people like you in your situation answering their questions. There are more people in the hall other then you that every employee there and management staff tries to cater to . So you being an ignorant and impatient person should of maybe lost your way there ,because of people like you is what give an awesome place and hardworking staff members a bad name, just like you just did.
P.S I'm not an employee , nor am I related to any of the staff at downsview.
Cindy K

Delta Bingo

Toronto, ON

category: Bingo - Place


By: thomlinson1999 | November 25, 2014

This is the WORST salon I have ever been to. Expect to be overcharged and expect an environment full of negative energy, from the owners down to the hair stylists and receptionist. They should be ashamed of themselves for how they treat their customers. They refuse to quote the cost for anything, they substitute stylists at the last minute and you are expected to pay whatever price that stylist dreams up when they're finished. DISGUSTED.


By: Mike356 | November 25, 2014


On September 27th I went into badboy located on Finch just east of Keele in North York and purchased a bedroom set, dining table with 6 chairs set and couch set along with coffee and end tables. After a couple hours of negotiating with the store manager Jeevan I was pleased with the final price. The order was then confirmed, I placed a deposit and was told 2 weeks were required for delivery. After 2 weeks had passed I was informed that the couches were not in stock and I had to wait. A couple more weeks passed with no response or communication from badboy. I received a call about a week later with the news that the couches were still not in stock and they could deliver the rest of the order which I didn't want. I wanted the entire order in one delivery. I finally received a call on November the 18th that the couches were in and arranged to pay the balance off in full and have the entire order delivered on November 21st. Upon delivery we noticed that...


Lastman's Bad Boy

North York, ON

category: Furniture - Retailers

Interior Door Replacement

By: richardhaskell | November 25, 2014

R & I Doors and Windows did a fantastic job of replacing the interior doors of my condo. I’d been looking for months for a company or contractor who would do this small job for me, but nobody seemed interested. The date of installation had to be delayed owing to bad weather, but Steve, the owner, told me he’d have the work completed the very next day. So I was a bit surprised when only one installer showed up. I needn’t have worried! He worked quickly and efficiently and was able to get the job done in a little more than 4 hours. I was also really impressed by his attention to detail. The new doors – a masonite solid-core six-panel type look great and fit beautifully. A huge thank you to R & I Doors and Windows for such great service; I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

Works for me!

By: tracylepage | November 25, 2014

I am a new mother and have found Hand Me Downs to be a godsend. I was able to purchase most of my daughters furniture and supplies at less than 1/3 the price at most retailers. My parents also purchased a highchair and stroller so I don't have to bring these over whenever I come. I will soon be opening an account to be a supplier. Interestingly, most of the supplier complaints on this site are clearly explained on the information that is provided to new members. It seems to me if they read it, they would understand. I have never had trouble with the girls that work there, they are delightful. This will be my primary source to keep expenses down and to be green through reuse as my family continues to grow.

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