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By: non-member | August 29, 2014

I have ordered several times from this company and they are excellent. Speedy service,had my product right away. They respond quickly to customer concerns,and great pricing.I have worked in warehouses before and i must say they have their act together ,being able to get my order together and delivered to my that quickly. Awesome, just awesome

Happy Triber

By: Spaz56 | August 28, 2014

Looking to add some variety to my fitness regime, I decided to join one of Joanna's TRIBE groups the beginning of August and I am so glad I did!! This program was just what I was looking for. Joanna is a very motivating, knowledgable trainer and focused on helping you achieve your goals. The small class settings provide for a fun atmosphere and pushes you above and beyond what you what you think is possible. After only 4 weeks I am feeling stronger and more fit. I am more energized and making healthier lifestyle choices. I am excited to see what the remainder of the program brings for me and I will definitely be back for next season!! Thank you TRIBE!!!

Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada

491 Appleby line Appleby Village Burlington, ON

category: Fitness Clubs - Place

Great experience

By: non-member | August 28, 2014

I had such a positive experience getting my wedding dress at Mona Richie. Trying on dresses was a lot of fun and it is clear that the staff are truly wedding dress experts. They pulled dresses for me that fit my vision and they knew what would look good on my body-type.

I was so nervous when my dress finally arrived and I went in for my first fitting. I almost fainted! (Literally. I’m not joking.) Despite my nerves the seamstress made me feel so comfortable. She was able to fix something I didn’t like about the dress and she was not satisfied until the dress was perfect. On my last fitting I thought the dress looked great but she noticed it could be taken in a tiny amount on the waist and altered it until it was absolutely perfect.

When we finally brought the dress home my mom and I were a little sad to say goodbye to the lovely ladies at Mona Richie. I really felt like they cared about my experience. I am so grateful it was such a positive and fun process. Thank you!

Mona Richie Boutique

4040 Steels Avenue West Suite 8 Woodbridge, ON

category: Bridal Shops - Retailers


By: Gen | August 28, 2014

I am currently going through hell with J.P. MOTORS! I recently bought a 2004 Jeep Liberty from them. It had a clear record and I felt reassured but just after a couple of weeks, she had varies problems one of which was a leak. I sent her for repair and was told that there was nothing wrong with her. Now it is about 2 months and she stop accelerating while I was driving her on the 403. I call JP MOTORS and they now tell me that she has a leak in the radiator and it is past her warranty and I have to deal with this issue myself. I reminded them that I did complain of a leak within her warranty time and was told that there is nothing wrong with her. My Jeep at present is sitting at the service center and I am waiting for the Manager, John McKey to return my call. I do not intend to pick her up till she is repaired for my previous complains. I really do not know where I stand but I am not going down without a fight!

J P Motors

2320 Fairview Street Burlington, ON

category: Used Car Dealers - Dealers

Great Sales People Make for Wonderful...

By: non-member | August 28, 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful shopping experience. Thomas Stewart is such a helpful and amazing sales consultant. In fact all of your staff was amazing. With Thomas's help, we bought a beautiful mattress and boxspring for our daughter who will be attending the University of Western Ontario in September. We needed the item right away, it was immediately located in the warehouse and the staff secured it to the roof of the car as we were only in town for the day. We also have a disabled son who made a bit of a scene in the store as he has autism and sometimes his senses become overstimulated. Rather than asking us to leave(the usual response) the staff asked how they could help and were very kind, understanding and welcoming. Our son soon calmed down and Thomas reassured us and shared some of his own experiences. Thank you so much for that and for your kindness, empathy, understanding and humanity. Sometimes shopping and in fact everything we do should be meaningful. Thankyou...


Mermaid Pools and Spa, Service, after...

By: non-member | August 28, 2014

Just wanted to share my experience with Mermaid Pools. Recently purchased a Spa, from the reception at the store to the installation and after sales services I have been delighted. Phil Morneault has gone the distance for us. From the numerous calls to the installation of the cover and expert advice all has been super. I would recommend Mermaid to anyone.

the owners are cheap

By: fireleosnake | August 28, 2014

this being said...very few building owners are not cheap these days.but this building has 28 floors, a lot of expences...and very little gets done...without of coarse tongue wagging janitors and busy body building staff. then there was that bed bug infestation a few years back...we had to fight and threaten to take them to the regie to get compensation for all the furniture we were gonna have to replace, and the movers, and the stress ,not to mention the constant bites. 500$ was all we were offered. so we left...mid lease. tenants should not be subjected to landlords greed and lack of willingness to do anything other than collect money. the obligations go both ways. something forgotten by the regie.

Hampstead Towers Inc

5120 Av Earnscliffe Montreal, QC

category: Apartment and Condo Rentals - Place

New valance for Rolltec Awning

By: Synthia | August 28, 2014

Just received my replacement valance via UPS and wanted you to know that I am very happy with it.It fit just perfect and surprisingly matches the material in my old valance very well! Especially considering this Awning is 15 years old which goes to show how your product stand the test of time ! So I appreciate your service and if ever need a new Awning or if hardware is good replace entire material, we will surely go through you .

!Loved It!

By: AlyshaB | August 27, 2014

Loved my reading so much just needed some advice on my career choices Amanda put me in the perfect direction I also was having trouble in my love life just couldn't have a steady man around me also the ones that were around me weren't treating me good enough...she spells to bring forth someone for me I'm still with him all seems to be good as of right now,

Psychic Amanda Canadas Most Power & Accurate Reader

818 Wilson Avneue & 328-A Wilson Avenue North York, ON

category: Psychics - Service providers

Beautiful Services and Friendly Staff

By: sara888 | August 27, 2014

My husband bought me a gift certificate for my Birthday from this spa for Massage and Body Treatment. Now I am their regular customer and I do my laser hair removal and Facial treatments here too. The services are very good and the people are nice.

Tina's Review - Cannot put the...

By: non-member | August 27, 2014

Tina is the friendliest sales person i ever talked with. She never ever rushed me to make a purchase just so she could make commission. She understands the customers and where they are coming from. She was like a friend to me instead of a sales person, Tina is the opposite of every salesperson stereotype. Tina is remarkable sales person i wish i talked to a person like Tina every time i walk into badboy. Whoever reads this i believe she deserves a promotion or to teach sales something huge for her because she deserves it.

Employees mentioned in this review:

Ripped Off

By: chachka | August 27, 2014

I took my three month old laptop here to ABC Exchange for a $70 loan. The cost to get my laptop back two days later was going to be $84. I lost my receipt, and was told my pictured ID, and signature, and any other ID I had was not acceptable, and would be charged an additional $10 for not giving them the receipt. I felt I was being taken advantage of. When I asked for the Manager, they said he was too busy. So, in order to get my laptop back, I reluctantly paid the $10 fee. I called their second location, and they would not give me the Managers name or Owners name to complain. I was ripped off by this sketchy outfit, and I will never ever go back. I would stay away from this outfit at all costs!!!!

Excellent Service

By: non-member | August 27, 2014

I took my Civic to Oakville Honda for scheduled service. I met with Val Kirchev at the Service Center. He explained to me what the code meant, what service each code includes and price for each service and recommendations. Val seemed to be knowledgeable. Dealership had nice waiting area with free coffee, muffins and oranges. In about two hours, my car was serviced. They even washed my car and cleaned tires.
I was impressed with the service department. Next time, I will certainly go to Oakville Honda for service.

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