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Great Job!!

By: ericabean2 | January 27, 2015

I used Across Country Movers in December and was entirely satisfied by the professionalism and courtesy these lads gave to the job at hand. A bad mover can ruin your day, but these guys were worth every penny and made the move stress free and painless. John and his crew were nothing but the best and I've been recommending them to my friends and they deserve the praise here too..


By: Elizabethch | January 26, 2015

I moved from Toronto to Edmonton for a job recently. The price was in the mid range for a moving company. I was real worried about my stuff being picked up on time and delivered as well as items missing and etc, you know pretty much the same concerns and fears that anyone would have as I have heard about moving problems. To make a long story short got to Edmonton and my place is not ready, good thing they have a storage warehouse to store it for free. Well, my stuff is being delivered in acouple of days and I will know then about the condition of my things. But, so far so good, I payed my security deposit for the move and after i receive my things then I will pay for the rest of it. Crossing my fingers..

A+++++ service from Lima's

By: coolkidvic | January 26, 2015

my bmw had a few paint chips and Joe offered me some options on fixing it. We decided that the best option was just to brush touch up it and Joe did it for free! Talk about top of the line customer service, if you want that WOW factor, come see Joe and his team. I will definitely be coming back if I need any auto body work.

technician and service department

By: nkarami | January 26, 2015

Took my supercharged civic si for an oil change this morning at 6:30am from Abby to Langley. The tech took my car for a nice 5-10 min joy ride. I said whatever and neglected it but when I opened the trunk I found that the box in which I keep extra brake pads, tools, golves amongst other things SCATTERED all over the trunk. Didn't touch it called the service advisor to look at it and denied the vehicle ever leaving the lot. When I pressured her to ask the tech and she came back saying yeah the tech took it out to check if its handling okay.WTF I booked an oil change why would you take it out without my permission. Really really disappointed cross my name off and never call me again! If you can't treat customers vehicles respectfully then close your service department or hire professional service. I have seen techs fired for this kind of behavior. Enough said! Jonker joy-riders best in the business

Terrible service, great food.

By: rusty1987 | January 26, 2015

As a regular at Barbarians, I thought that I would switch things up Saturday evening and try Michael's Steakhouse which came highly recommended by other lawyers at my firm. Unfortunately, this was by far the worst decision.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, my partner and I were seated at a lovely table with a great waiter who seemed extremely pleasant and accommodating. After 10 minutes, the hostess came over and said that she made a mistake and seated us at a table which was reserved by another couple who wanted this particular waiter. She moved us to another table after we had already been seated and served water at our present table. After meeting with our new waiter, I can 100% understand why the other couple wanted to be in the other waiter’s section. The service from this waiter was horrendous. After explaining to him that I had celiac disease and needed gluten free options for my side dishes (which I also indicated in my reservation) he started recommending...


Never open

By: mikef | January 26, 2015

I used to go to this store to buy used records many years ago. I found that half the time I went there the place was closed. There would never be a sign suggesting when they would be back. Well I became sick of this happening so I stopped going. I called them a couple of days ago to find out that they now sell new records. I went there twice on Saturday and again it was closed both times! I guess I'll go back to shopping at Records on Wheels and Alternative Audio in Dundas ON.


Oakville, ON

category: Record Stores - Retailers


By: Madd | January 26, 2015

Very Bad experience - Purchased a mattress and could not get delivered to our new house (due to prolonged renovations). In the end as the wait was delayed for a long time, they claimed it was delivered (which it never was), brushed us off, and took our $1000 without giving us our mattress. No willingness to help us, terrible customer service.Warning- do not patronize this company! Buy elsewhere.

project from vorob craft

By: VincentJJ | January 26, 2015

Initially the agreement planned to be signed with another company, but something went wrong. Vorob Craft Cabinetry won our trust. We discovered more ideas and much lower price. Originally we were going to start from bathroom only, so the company began from there. In the process we decided on kitchen. We got a high class quality cabinets. Very happy.

A not so safe haven for horses

By: horselover12 | January 26, 2015

I would like to begin by saying that i had been a rider at meadowlarke for many years and have seen the ins and outs of the business. What Anthea is doing is a very nice concept, she saves her animals from slaughter, rehabilitates them and turns them into riding horses. Thats all good. Now the bad. I want to start with the condition of the animals. The horses live in a grass/dirt paddock as most stables have, however the problem lies on the fact that the paddock is filled with months worth of manure and instead of having it cleaned out, they shove all of it into a giant mound in the center of the paddock. (which the students have a suitable name for). On some days the horses are up to their hocks in mud and dirt, inevitably causing diseases such as thrush. The horses are constantly ridden with little breaks, their stalls are filthy and are almost never mucked down to the matting (unless of course theyre hosting a trillium show that weekend). The horses mains and tails are brushed...


I trust SafeTech with sensitive issues:

By: Mr. George S. | January 26, 2015

I am writing to express Clipso Canada Inc. s satisfaction with the SafeTech Alarm Systems services we just set up.

I am the acting Director and owner of Clipso Canada. I chose SafeTech Alarm to install a security system and to provide monitoring for the Clipso office in Woodbridge. I chose SafeTech for Clipso not by finding them in the Yellow Pages, but instead because I personally am a long time customer of SafeTech Alarm Systems. I have a SafeTech Alarm system operating in my cottage and my friend's cottage. He followed my referral to SafeTech Alarm as a reliable and definitely high tech company in the security business.

My personal and business experience is that SafeTech Alarm Systems are a professional service with a friendly attitude. I trust SafeTech with sensitive issues such as security in the remote areas of my cottage and with such valuable premises as my office.

Amazing service!

By: Elainesmookler | January 25, 2015

Colbert deRonde, and sales manager Clint were a joy! Honest, helpful, patient, knowledgeable, engaged and caring. My first time shopping at Badboy, it truly exceeded my expectations. I'm back for more. Gratitude, guys! Well done :-)

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