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Great Laundry and Best sales

By: Cctw2008 | August 31, 2014

I bought new washer and dryer set. After using it for a few days, I am now comfortable to say how pleased I am with the product. The sales consultant - Susan suggested me to buy this laundry set because it was easy to install. Her warm and professional service impressed me. I will definitely recommend Badboy Scarborough to my friends because I meet a best sales person there.

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Do not use their installation services

By: ldrempel | August 31, 2014

After over three weeks from installation and much of my personal time, I FINALLY got semi-resolution. By that statement I mean that I compromised and accepted that they rectified the damage they caused, completed all items which should have been done at original installation, and I reluctantly accepted that they were not going to refund money to compensate me for all the time, calls, emails and stress I incurred. Yes, they tried to show that they learned from my situation....BUT I will forgive but not forget. They are weak in management. Management is evasive and tries to get the employees to rectify the problems...instead of management showing they care and accept your calls and followup. The limp handshake I received from an argumentative employee with unprofessional attitude showed me the employees are not trained...they are drowning and just surviving!

15% fees

By: carolem55 | August 31, 2014

Food was alright. Equipment and flatware worse for wear. We could accept these things because we did seem to be getting a fairly decent deal given it was last minute. What was dubious was a 15% surcharge for Canadian Catering Association and SIMON Fraser Health Authority fees. When questioned the staff knew nothing, referred us to owner Monike and said she would not send food if it not paid in full.
Monike the owner assured us would be present but was NO show. We left messages. No reapnse. We were short cash so made a check for remainder of balance. Cash only. red flag.
We have yet to find the "Canadian Catering Association" and FRASER health authority confirmed there should be no such charges on our bill. The suggestion was if no refund issued we report to CRA.
While my daughter and son in law wish to move on, never deal with monike again, and ignore fraud charges i cannot believe only they were charged these surcharges.
Have yet to see similar complaints...


too much banter when there is staff

By: carolem55 | August 30, 2014

My daughter in law went into ER late one Tuesday night with suspected broken finger. It was dead quiet. Staff chatting away and finally spoke to check in. Have a seat. Hour + later we are in. Two hours later after sitting in the dark a doctor appears after talking about his kids for at least an hour and says she needs an xray and nurse will show her where. 1.5 hours nurse comes in. "We haven't received your xray, why didn't you go to xray?". We respond we were waiting to be told when and where. Ugh she says and points us in the right direction. Another hour doctor comes in. Xray clear. Still we are sitting in the dark. And off we went. Wow. All we could hear was chit chat and laughing and horseplay while the few of us in there sat waiting.

Ridge Meadows Hospital

Maple Ridge, BC

category: Hospitals - Place

do not recommend for strata management

By: carolem55 | August 30, 2014

Being small a lot of well known large management companies were reluctant to accept our business. Ascent became our management company.
Thoroughly unimpressed. We are looking to replace them. Our assigned strata manager lacks communication skills, recommended his friends/associates for quotations and never helped guide our council. Management uninterested in addressing our concerns. I found out they have had 3 judgements against them and not surprised.
Do not recommend for strata management

Threatened by repair man at this...

By: Texy123 | August 30, 2014

On Saturday, Aug.30.2014, 2:15pm, I bought a defective pair of shoes that was 1.5 hours after purchase. I tried to get it repaired or replaced. The repair man tried to repair it and was it was unsuccessful. He started to give me a whole lot of reasons that my foot was the problem, it is a wide shoe that did not match the other, that it was a matching pair that he could not replace. When I told him that was unfair and why are we having this discussion and I felt robbed, he threatened to take me out side to fight. I left immediately and he followed me outside the store, so I called him an A-hole outside. DO NOT GO TO THIS STORE AS THEY DO NOT HONOR THEIR PRODUCTS ADN THEY THREATEN TO PHYSICALLY FIGHT YOU.

Ingeborg Shoes

Mississauga, ON

category: Shoe Stores - Retailers


By: royb8621 | August 30, 2014

This is a very bad Company to deal with, They say what they want you to hear, They say they will move your vehicle on certain dates, They do not even attempt to move your vehicle on the dates you ask, They simply do not care, I attempted moved my Vehicle with them from Newfoundland to Halifax NS.
It never happened I paid upfront for the Transportation of the vehicle, I had to ask for a Full refund, The Guy who runs the Business is Jamaine Sinclair, He will promise you everything in regard to your vehicle, but will deliver when he feels like it, Like me if you ask for a full refund, he will not send it. Like me you will have to take him to court.
Be careful he operates other transport Businesses under his name. sooner or later this man will pay the price under the law of the land, for his dishonesty.

Excellent Service

By: Hope7 | August 30, 2014

I recently bought a 2014 Toyota Carolla
Business Manager Kevin Khandan offered superior service.
I met with integrity, honesty and genuine care for my best interest.
I didn't feel like I was meeting with a sales person. It was such a blessed experience, I felt it was a good investment. My Family bought 4 new vehicles from this location (Vaughn) because of Kevin and also Marty Sison.
I Hope them continued success.
Thank You!
Hope Continuity

poor sales

By: Jimscroll | August 30, 2014

requested a 2014 manual accord sport and 2014 civic si to test drive. Received a response that the vehicles available for a test drive and made appointment. When i got there none of the vehicles were available. Sales person not friendly, showed no interest in selling me. Then promised that the vehicle will be available next two days and will contact me. Never contacted me. Wasted my time at this dealership. This is probably the worst Honda dealership I have been to.

This is one of the BEST Tree Trimmers...

By: mccraryebon2 | August 30, 2014

Tree Doctors removed four dead or dying trees on my back hill. The two man team came the day after Tree Doctors gave me a bid and performed the work capably and safely. The removal proceeded as it was described. The debris was cleaned up and they left the worksite as they found it. Meet Tree Doctors and ask them to assess your tree service needs. They won't disappoint you.

Nirvana Skin and Laser Clinic

By: jeren64 | August 30, 2014

Very nice and helpful staff. They make you feel comfortable and understood my needs. I had treatments on lower leg as well as my face. My underarms was free so I was very satisfied with service. The results are visible. Will continue to go back.

Bedford Eye Care

By: non-member | August 29, 2014

My whole family has been with Dr. Dobson for several years and we all enjoy the professional care provided by the entire staff at Bedford Eye Care. I can't say enough about how wonderful they are. We have had nothing but excellent service. This summer, however, when a challenge arose, the service went beyond excellent. Both Renee and Paul went the extra ten miles to provide what can only be described as exceptional care. Paul, both of my boys have enjoyed and appreciated everything you have done for them and I, as well. After everything that we endured, having the Maui Jim rep, the fabulous Vanessa, help pick out sunglasses was just the icing on the cake. I have always felt that not only do we get good customer service but it was always quality care. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Great job...

The best Caribbean caterer in Toronto

By: CassidyT | August 29, 2014

We first tried King Catering at Caribana in Toronto. They served jerk chicken, jerk tacos, rice, and more. The chef explained that they specialize in "Caribbean cuisine with a North American twist". My employer is now hiring King Catering for corporate catering, because the reviews have been great. Good food, quick service, friendly staff.

Amazing Staff

By: non-member | August 29, 2014

My mom and I spent the day searching for a new couch and visited numerous stores before ending up at Bad Boy. In all the other stores, sales staff seemed to used the same hard sell approach and this tactic just pushed us out the door. Our experience at Bad Boy was different. We were approached by Amber and instead of using the typical hard sell speech, she just listened and asked questions. Even though we spent a long time making all the decisions, Amber never made us feel rushed. We felt like she wanted us to take our time and be happy with our purchase. We ended up with a great deal on a beautiful couch. I would highly recommend shopping at Bad Boy and I would especially recommend dealing with Amber.

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