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Furniture and washer purchase

By: non-member | August 23, 2014

I was in Bad Boy, Burlington for the first time a few weeks ago. They informed me of the "invitation only" event that occurred today.
I was very pleased with the service from Nick. He related very well to my sons and had great knowledge of options that we wanted for our family room. It was a great experience to have him guide us through this purchase!
Carlos presented me with the features of many of the front load washers. He even dragged an extension cord so that I could see the display and options available.
We are looking forward to the delivery of our purchases.
I will be sharing my positive experience with my friends!
Also thanks to Debbie - hope I remembered her name! - who processed my payment!!!

Employees mentioned in this review:

Terrific Salesperson

By: non-member | August 23, 2014

I found Daniel very friendly, helpful, polite and also quite entertaining. He helped us very much with all of our questions and I definitely would ask for him again to assist us with purchasing items again. TOP OF LINE SALESPERSON!!!!!

Employees mentioned in this review:

Great Customer Service at Bad Boy

By: non-member | August 22, 2014

We had a wonderful shopping experience at Lastman's Bad Boy Superstore at the 1255 Finch Ave. West location in Toronto. The customer service we received from Bobby and David was remarkable! We got all the furniture that we needed for our new home at excellent prices. We would recommend this store without any hesitation to anyone wanting to have a great customer service experience with great products and affordable prices.

Thank you so much Bobby and David and hope to see you all soon.

Cheers from Carol & Sam.

Dundas St., Mississauga Store

By: non-member | August 22, 2014

Could I just say that 2 wonderful sles people (Sandeep and Elmo) treated my daughter and I kindly and were very knowlegeable
about appliances which we purchased.

Thanks once again

Louise and Holly Sanders

Amazing Service

By: non-member | August 22, 2014

Service from Reliable was really fantastic. I called Sean and he was very accomodating, came to our house quickly and did a great job. Very professional. Recommend Reliable to anyone considering service in the future. Joe

Two honest guys defence against Miss...

By: mikate | August 22, 2014

Miss Ellen Smirl took the 2006 mazda 3 129,175 km to her mecanic to have a presale inspection. after the inspection she came back with a list of repairs that were to be done. Upon further negotiations she chose to not have the 4 new rims and tires that were already installed on the vehicle.all the repairs were done and the original wheels were reinstalled. after she had taken delivery of the vehicle she complained about a squeek in the front end and two complete struts assemblies were installed at the time.(Over $500.00 in repairs parts and labour) After refusing the offer of the new rim and tire package for $500.00 which had cost us over $1,200.00 she went out and purchased new rims and tires for more than the $500.00. After recieving harassing calls from Miss Smirl we told her no and no and did hang up like any self respecting buiness person would do. You may call Miss Ellan Smirl at 1 204 384-5004. I know it has to be her because she is the only customer I had to hang up on that has not been reasoable. John Cachia 416 878-2277

Mikate Motors

2044 Kipling Ave Etobicoke, ON

category: Used Car Dealers - Dealers

Rude and "suspicious" owner.

By: president | August 22, 2014

I arrived at a friend's place just as this company was showing up to take a ton of my friend's possessions away in their trailer.
When I asked, "is one of these fellas Don Plato?", the two men looked at me like I was an alien. (I just wanted to know who the "boss" was.)
Plato identified himself.....and when I asked for his business card, he got real nervous-looking and asked "Who are you?"
Wow! That's no way to start a conversation with a prospective future customer.
And when I asked him where he did business.....did he have an auction hall or a warehouse or barn somewhere.....he asked me if I was my friend's "lawyer"!
Nice greeting.
I'd avoid this guy.

Don Plato Auctions

36 Courtleigh Rd St Catharines, ON

category: Antiques and Collectibles - Retailers

Highly Recommended

By: johnronald | August 22, 2014

It was fun riding with Paramount Limos. It was like a reunion. We all friends were meeting after a long time, so we hired a Limo service for night out. It was the most memorable night of my life. We had gala time. The chauffeur was very courteous and well mannered. Thanks guys for making our night out fun filled.

Paramount Limo

1243, Gelnashton Drive Oakville, ON

category: Public Transporation - Service providers

there are angels coming from the sky

By: non-member | August 21, 2014

I came to Oakville Honda looking for help to fix my old 1988 civic but I found out that my old little car was no longer driveable. I found a sweet and very nice girl that was willing to translate and explaing evrything I needed. I ended up in love with a better car. Thanks to Luisa, George and Ali I feel safe and very happy driving my new car.

Gracias chicos and Oakville Honda, you are adorable!

Nohora Rodriguez.

Thanks Much Love

By: olivine | August 21, 2014

I really was searching a long term relationship im in college right now and through high school I was really naïve boys gained my trust really quickly I would think they was the right one but I was wrong one to many times my reputation was tarnished because of this all the good men thought I was used and abused or trashy it hurt me so bad because that’s not me I was tired of being hurt I just wanted true love I shopped around at psychics I visited amanda’s studio she explained to me that I can have true love and how she would push love to me also how my chakras have been changed through this emotinal rough patch im in almost 1 year now with my sweetheart and cant do a day without him believe me this stuff really works!!!!

Psychic Amanda Canadas Most Power & Accurate Reader

818 Wilson Avneue & 328-A Wilson Avenue North York, ON

category: Psychics - Service providers

Most pleasurable company to deal with

By: henrybuckhal | August 21, 2014

I was recommended to Irpinia and right from the start found their designer Lynn Thomas to be most helpful and caring. The quality of their workmansnhip,hardware,installation, second to none. A highlight of the installation was their refrigerater understanding. Beautiful matching panels which are level with the cupboards.My wife and I are delighted. I understand we're the highlight in the street.

Irpinia Kitchen Manufacturing

278 Newkirk Rd Richmond Hill, ON

category: Cabinets - Manufacturers


By: clacker | August 21, 2014

THis is just a repost of my F.B. status .....again Thank-you .....(PLEASE READ) O.K. I have waited until it was officially fixed to make this post ......first and foremost NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SAMSUNG. This company is useless we we're actually told by a Samsung employee that they will just say no to any warranty issues and unless you cause shit they will just expect you to go away. When they sent out there technician to look at our T.V. he even wrote on the document "Not Customers fault" Call Samsung and they determend from the picture taken on the guys IPhone we had clearly thrown something at the screen. I called Samsung every 12 hours screaming at them for about 5 days and still got nowhere. Finally I could tell my blood pressure was suffering so we in one last attempt called Tepperman's who hd said if you get no where to call them back but there hands were tecnically tied due to our T.V. still being under MNF. warranty and told them everything ,...




Dear Clacker,

You'd be surprised at the number of people who post online complaints anywhere & everywhere, yet won't take the time to follow-up when a business (mine or someone else's) does everything that they can to make it right.

I'm so glad to hear that everything has been resolved to your satisfaction, and I'm grateful for your follow-up with us.

Thank you for being a Tepperman's customer, and for giving us the opportunity to make things right.

Sincerely yours,

Noah Tepperman

Rene Thompson, Senior Sales Consultant

By: non-member | August 21, 2014

Rene came to help us and asked if we were looking for anything in particular. We weren't. He allowed us time to look around and then when he saw an interest in living room furniture he again approached us to see if he could be of any assistance. He never pressured us but was available to answer our questions, resulting in a sale. Very pleasant.

Employees mentioned in this review:

Friendly but slow

By: Leddy | August 21, 2014

I have to make deposits at this bank for the company that I work for and I have to say although they are very friendly sometimes the lineup can move VERY slowly. On some days there are only two tellers working and if you're unfortunate to show up during the busy time, a small line-up can grow pretty fast. I realize banks can't determine how busy they will get during the course of a day but whenever I'm there, I see more financial representatives walking around than tellers. Nothing more frustrating than a bank full of employees but only two tellers working. And what really gets me is these financial representatives see how long the line-up is and do nothing to help reduce it.


734 7 Ave SW Calgary, AB

category: Banking - Service providers

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