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Friendly, helpful and go the extra mile!

By: kitycoem | October 20, 2014

I have to say the staff at Ruffins are fantastic! I have always had a friendly helpful person attend to my pet needs.

I once left my debit card in the debit machine and the gentleman working actually called me and drove over my debit card to me after the store closed! You won`t find that in the big city!

A pleasure to shop there!

Kim Pace

Ruffin's Pet Centre

Tillsonburg, ON

category: Pet Stores - Retailers

Great Service

By: non-member | October 20, 2014

The sectional that I purchased was a great deal especially for the quality of the furniture. The sales team was great, not pushy at all. Good group of guys to deal with who were very helpful and honest.

Very satisfied with the experience.

Terrible customer service, go...

By: anon888 | October 20, 2014

Went for a blowout and watched one of the owners, Derek, berate a client into doing something she didn't want, she was near tears when she left. At one point he said 'Um I've been doing hair for 25 years, how long have you been doing hair for, hmmm?' to her. It was awful. The expression on the other staff's faces when he was doing this clearly indicated this wasn't an unusual occurrence. Also watched him call a fellow staff member, a very nice guy who washed my hair, an idiot in front of clients.
Over priced, rude and just disgusted with this place.

perfect part of renovation

By: SaneiL | October 19, 2014

It took me a while to find a good cabinetry company. I needed some items to be ordered to pick up, then booked big project for my quite large condo. Roman advised me the best. He even agreed to do the job on weekends, - the best ideal great deal for me. They ended up as planned. Being myself picky I must advice them. Fantastic job!

Frustrating company to deal with

By: gea | October 19, 2014

Ascent was one of few property companies willing to serve our relatively small strata.

We had years of frustration and incompetence with one particular strata manager, no discipline, no communication, etc.

Once our strata finally told them we would leave they brought in a new strata manager who, so far, could not be more different. She is capable, willing to serve and overall excellent.

If it wasn't for the new manager they brought in - I would have been reluctant to give them even 1/2 a star.

Run from this guy

By: Mel342 | October 19, 2014

hired to install pot lights. Started work cut the power to 3 rooms in our house then told us the ceiling was not to code nor the electrical. If we took down the ceiling he could fix it all for $5600 or he would have to stop working. we asked for a detailed quote. He refused. We fired him got all the work done for $ 700 plus taxes but lost our $2000 deposit and have to pay to get a new ceiling though the old one was in fact to code and perfectly safe. Run from this guy...


Pointe-Claire, QC

category: Electricians - Contractors

I wish I could leave a negative star...

By: wwhyte | October 18, 2014

We had A James Wall plumber at our house to remove a clog from our toilet. The little chain had also broken in the bowl which allowed the toilet to lush when pushing the handle. They removed the toilet and removed the clog but didn't fix the chain because, "he didn't know it need to be fixed." Then he left a bucket full of all the debris from the sewer pipe on top of the bathroom counter next to our toothbrushes. Who does that? Really? I will have to throw out all of that as I could never allow my kids to use a toothbrush that was sitting next to a big bucket full of sewer remnants.

All this cost me $465.50.

Maybe if he fixed the $0.50 chain I wouldn't have been as livid as I am with this service call.

Oh, and maybe if he cleaned up after himself as well because nothing is better than feces on the bathroom floor. Horrible service. Never again.

Wedding October 4 2014

By: non-member | October 18, 2014

A Celebrity limo was amazing the day of our wedding. Paul was our driver for the day and he was super nice and very helpful. Made sure everyone was ok all the time. We got to the park for our pictures where it hailed and as soon as it stopped Paul got the red carpet out so I wouldn't wet my dress. ( super nice touch) We were able to do our family pictures after the sun came out. Overall experience with A Celebrity limo was exceptional! We definitely recommend them for any occasion. Rob and Paul thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a smooth ride!

Finally Got the Best Service from DVNT

By: pirus2013 | October 18, 2014

I have just finished my car maintenance service plus changing my winter tires from DVNT. This is the Best service I ever get compare to the previous time. Honestly really depends on who the Assistant service manager that you due with. I must admit this Assistant service manager has met my expectation. in fact more than my expectation. His name is PAUL TETREAULT. Following up email with a very reasonable time, friendly with smile service even he is very busy. And also He did respond to my concern that something is rattling on my Pirus 2013. Also his recommendation on the service I need for my car. And he never ask you to fill out the survey for giving him perfect. In fact, I myself really like his service. Again, THANK YOU Paul for taking care of my Pirus.

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