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Mermaid pools and spas

By: Denlav | September 1, 2014

I recently purchased a hot tub from Mermaid pools. Phil Morneault provided me with outstanding service and was very knowledgeable about the various products in the store. His easy going manner and friendly approach made the purchase of this high value item much less stressful. Following the delivery of the hot tub Phil came to my home to install the spa cover easy lift and make sure I was comfortable with the functioning of the spa, the chemicals to use and the overall maintenance. My overall experience was excellent and I would recommend Mermaid Pools and Phil to family and friends.

Pleasant, exceptional service!

By: ekumo | September 1, 2014

I recently made a visit to Bad Boy to purchase a couch, and the service I received from Milanka was nothing but extraordinary! No questions were left unanswered, business was done swiftly, and professionally, all while remaining very sincere and friendly. During our encounter, I felt I was being treated more as an individual, rather than your every day potential sale candidate. She has definitely shown me that customer service can still be conducted on a personal, and meaningful basis. I would personally recommend Milanka to anyone looking for pleasant and helpful service when purchasing items from Bad Boy. Thank you for your time, Milanka!

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By: anaconda | September 1, 2014

Warning!!!! This contractor not only does horrible work, When asked to fix his horrible work, he will tell you that you DONT have a warranty. Do not use this contractor for anything, he will shortly have numerous law suites pending and will soon be out of business as a result of them. John the owner has had numerous opportunities over more than a year to make right his poor workmanship. This company and its owner give honest contractors everywhere a bad name.

JMT Roof and Paint

New Westminster, BC

category: Painting - Contractors

Quinceañera! (sweet 15)

By: non-member | September 1, 2014

What an amazing night at Speranza hall! the venue, the food, the service, and the staff were without doubt excellent. there are not words to express our gratitude to Rodrigo Cugliari for making sure the night was perfect to the max. In my daughters wods she had an unforgetable and memorable experience,Id also like to thank Fernando Ciummelli for livening the party with music that made everyone dance. It was fantastic to see the youngest to the oldest up on the dancefloor enjoying the night. Once again thank you very much for everything. I would highly recommend Speranza to ANYONE having a special occasion.

Excellent Customer Service!

By: non-member | September 1, 2014

I accompanied my aunt to BAd Boys in search of some ideas for her new house. She really did not know what she wanted and was fussy with everything. We were attended to by Tine who was very patient with us. She took the time to show us several options at different prices. She was very friendly and informative without being pushy for a sale. …………….VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!

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Poor Install

By: garybroski | September 1, 2014

I ordered engineered flooring from Alberta Hardwood flooring. Gordon came out did the measuring, I told him to remove the baseboards and haul them away as I was putting new ones in and he provided a quote for all the work. Before the install I gave Gordon instructions for the installers to call me and I would meet them at the back when they got there so I could give them access to the condo building. It seems my instructions did not matter as the installers did not call me and I found them waiting out front.
They started the install and found they had to use leveling compound. I discussed this with Gordon and I asked what the extra cost would be and he said not too much and I told him I wanted the floor in and to proceed. A day later we discussed this again and Gordon said the installer used 25 bags of leveling compound and the cost would be an extra $2000 and I told him a $1000 was more reasonable. The installer started on July 15 a Tuesday and they were there on July...


Caplan's Appliances

By: Golfergolfer | September 1, 2014

I bought a cooktop, range hood fan, dishwasher, oven, microwave, washer and dryer...in my world, a lot of appliances at once. So far I've had 2 deliveries and 1 service call...and I have 1 more deliveries and 2 more services calls scheduled. So, if I'm lucky it will TAKE SIX (6!) calls to hopefully get functioning appliances, albeit with a fridge that's scratched and dented. And the customer service response to that - don't worry, it'll still work fine. Thanks. Far from exceptional customer service. And the customer service response to the SIX VISITS - we understand your frustration. Wow, thanks. Far from exceptional service.

Without question, a terrible experience

Amazing Experience--Highly Recommend

By: amanda30 | August 31, 2014

We were looking to buy the 5 major appliances for our first home. We had been searching for months at various retailers listening to salesmen try to sell us expensive items that we did not like. We decided to go to Bad Boy to continue our search. Sam Maaytah helped us. As soon as we meet Sam, we knew that this appointment would be much better than the other ones we've been to. Sam was kind, patient, honest, professional and knowledgeable. He listened to our needs and concerns. He was the ultimate salesman, because he wasn't just trying to sell us the most expensive item, to make the most commission he could, like so many of the competitors do; instead, he was selling us the items that met our needs. He did extensive research to find the particular washer and dryer we wanted. We stayed in the store past 9 p.m on Friday night. We told him that we needed to sleep on the decision. He promised he would call me on Saturday with a better price. Sure enough, promptly on Saturday...


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Danger, Enter at your own risk!

By: Scottwilson | August 31, 2014

Beware of vicious dogs!
Miracle ranch management gets uncontrolled dogs to attack anyone they dislike. Then after the dog attacks their is no restitution for the victims. The management will pretend the dog attacks only for legit reasons. On the ranch property highly dangerous dogs have broken a persons foot, cracked a persons tooth leaving 2 inch scaring on their face, yet alone the dog will jump on and bite a person when their back is turned. The owner and manager (Dave, alfreeda and fillis) will lie in every case to protect their reputation.

Great buying experience

By: G50S | August 31, 2014

While buying a new car is always exciting, I do not always enjoy the car shopping experience. Our experience at Lexus of Richmond Hill was different. The process was pleasant, professional and efficient. Our Sales Consultant, Anthony Sotoadeh was thorough, responsive and easy to do business with. We are enjoying our brand new vehicle and look forward to a long relationship with this dealership.

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By: non-member | August 31, 2014

I'm so old I can't even remember how many years I've been seeing Dr. Toby Mandleman for my eye care -- many for sure!!! She gives expert care and always has a smile -- she has also taken care of my children's eyes who are now almost as old as I am now...I've known her so long, she's like a friend and she puts us at ease whenever we see her. Her staff are very friendly and helpful as well...don't know where she always finds the best people to work for her. Her cherry personality must rub off on them. I just had my yearly check and will be getting new glasses shortly. Paul was the eyeglass specialist for me and he was fantastic -- didn't mind telling me if they didn't look great. I'm sure I will be happy with my new specs. Thanks to everyone at Bedford Eye Clinic.

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Do not use their installation services

By: ldrempel | August 31, 2014

After over three weeks from installation and much of my personal time, I FINALLY got semi-resolution. By that statement I mean that I compromised and accepted that they rectified the damage they caused, completed all items which should have been done at original installation, and I reluctantly accepted that they were not going to refund money to compensate me for all the time, calls, emails and stress I incurred. Yes, they tried to show that they learned from my situation....BUT I will forgive but not forget. They are weak in management. Management is evasive and tries to get the employees to rectify the problems...instead of management showing they care and accept your calls and followup. The limp handshake I received from an argumentative employee with unprofessional attitude showed me the employees are not trained...they are drowning and just surviving!

15% fees

By: carolem55 | August 31, 2014

Food was alright. Equipment and flatware worse for wear. We could accept these things because we did seem to be getting a fairly decent deal given it was last minute. What was dubious was a 15% surcharge for Canadian Catering Association and SIMON Fraser Health Authority fees. When questioned the staff knew nothing, referred us to owner Monike and said she would not send food if it not paid in full.
Monike the owner assured us would be present but was NO show. We left messages. No reapnse. We were short cash so made a check for remainder of balance. Cash only. red flag.
We have yet to find the "Canadian Catering Association" and FRASER health authority confirmed there should be no such charges on our bill. The suggestion was if no refund issued we report to CRA.
While my daughter and son in law wish to move on, never deal with monike again, and ignore fraud charges i cannot believe only they were charged these surcharges.
Have yet to see similar complaints...


too much banter when there is staff

By: carolem55 | August 30, 2014

My daughter in law went into ER late one Tuesday night with suspected broken finger. It was dead quiet. Staff chatting away and finally spoke to check in. Have a seat. Hour + later we are in. Two hours later after sitting in the dark a doctor appears after talking about his kids for at least an hour and says she needs an xray and nurse will show her where. 1.5 hours nurse comes in. "We haven't received your xray, why didn't you go to xray?". We respond we were waiting to be told when and where. Ugh she says and points us in the right direction. Another hour doctor comes in. Xray clear. Still we are sitting in the dark. And off we went. Wow. All we could hear was chit chat and laughing and horseplay while the few of us in there sat waiting.

Ridge Meadows Hospital

Maple Ridge, BC

category: Hospitals - Place

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