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RSA ...not a smart move

By: angel1 | July 22, 2014

Hey RSA....removing my comment for your story is not going to stop me telling the truth. This just confirms you are indeed an employee of trios and not a student. Let try this again. Never heard of a councillor position at brampton campus. Im studying at brampton too. The only time we know that the regional director is around is when we get an heads up from the instructor to wear the stupid lanyard. The campus director needs to address more student issues than flirting with the ladies over there. We dont even have a proper room for occupational therapy lab.we are moved from one room to another like dogs. The ministry should do surprise audits to enforce strict rules and policies. Also trying to bribe students with timbits and doughnuts before student survey is horrible. Im pretty sure they bribed someone outside to earn the best managed company award.

Beautiful Wedding Invitations

By: | July 22, 2014

I could not be more happy with my wedding invitations. Christine was such a pleasure to work with, personally and professionally. From the beginning, she was attentive to our ideas and opinions. She took the time to get to know us and that was apparent when we got our invitations as they were definitely a reflection of who we are. Her attention to detail and her creativity helped make the perfect wedding invitations. She replied promptly to our emails and ensured we received our invitations in a timely manner. Her prices are also fair. I would recommend Akiv Art & Design to family & friends!

Aktiv Art & Design

2104 Greenhurst Avenue Mississauga, ON

category: Invitations - Service providers


By: susanfran | July 22, 2014

I can tell you honestly being manual osteopath is the best profession and best choice I made. National Academy of Osteopathy offered me a chance to become manual osteopath by paying less in shorter time.

I paid about $5000 for tuition and studies 4 months. How can other colleges charge up to $45,000 is behind me. I studied same hours as other osteopaths (and more techniques actually!). I have same DOMP diploma as other osteopaths. Insurers pay me same amount as DOMP of other colleges.

Same as my schoolmate Jay mentioned below no way I could have afford $45,000 other colleges charge for tuition. I would have chosen something else. I have a good career now thanks to NAO and want others to have same. I referred many students myself to NAO because what NAO teaches is not found anywhere. Lectures are geared for clinical work. No useless material. Everything they teach you can use in practice.

Being NAO alumnus brought me a lot of benefits. I get access to...


National Academy of Osteopathy

3701 Chesswood Drive 325 North York, ON

category: Healthcare Schools - Schools

New Car First Inspection

By: michaelsoo | July 22, 2014

The complimentary car wash is not satisfied due to water stain all over windshield and both side mirrors, worst than before.
Maybe they thought, complimentary just free, customer didn't pay for the car wash.
As I'm the Lexus owner, I think I'll receive the same standard of service what you listed, I won't expecting will have free breakfast at the morning in Toyota side while I'm waiting for service, but free car wash won't have big difference between Toyota and Lexus. Hoping for the improvement when I have my next visit on 8000km.
Reception and Service Adviser is very good, Paul is excellence.

just got hosed

By: jsbyers1 | July 21, 2014

Went into the store to review and lower my bill. The manager reviewed and suggested a voice only plan. When I received my next statement in the mail, it also included an extra $200 bill for removing data! If that would have been mentioned I would have declined the changes. Now they won't answer their messages and the rate plan was $15 lower than it is now offered so my bill will go up $15 /month costing me $180 more per year. Thanks you bunch of bums at the Merivale Bell Mobility store...


1541 Merivale Rd. Nepean, ON

category: Cellular and Wireless Phones - Retailers

Subaru Calgary

By: reviewreview | July 21, 2014

I wish there was a third or fourth Subaru dealership in town so I didn't have to deal with the current two in Calgary. The sales at Subaru Calgary are not knowledgeable. I had dealt with two. I did all my research before I went and wanted some clarifications on the features of the car, but the sales were not able to answer my questions. All they care is making profits. Although I ended up buying a car from Subaru Calgary, it wasn't a pleasurable experience. The sales said he would do a follow up a week after I got the car, but he never did. When I emailed him with questions regarding the new car, he never replied to me. All they want is take money from the customers and then you will be all by yourself and being totally ignored. The customer service at Subaru Calgary is really bad comparing to Honda etc. where sales are more friendly, willing to help and care about their customers.

Subaru Calgary

1100 Meridian Rd NE Calgary, AB

category: Subaru Dealers - Dealers

no more shuttle

By: | July 21, 2014

Despite being told I could access the shuttle, and I was driven home once I dropped my car, I was then phoned once car was ready to say I could not be picked up because I was south of St Clair (by two lights).

First, I think Honda should have honoured their promise to pick me up, and second, they should expand the boundaries for shuttle.

MidTown Honda is in a very awkward location to reach by public transit.

Dad Drivers

By: 77up55 | July 21, 2014

I shipped my vehicle from Calgary to Toronto, the price was reasonable and customer service was very good. Afterwards discovered some scratches/marks on the front rims from the chain they used to secure the vehicle with. Also my GPS was stolen I left it in the CLOSED cabinet between the front seats. The inside of the vehicle was not left the way I dropped it off. Garbage was left behind. They seem to have careless /negligent drivers.
When I talked to Jermaine he couldn?t do anything?.
My advice is to take care of your belongings and don?t leave any valuables inside

Double Line Transport Systems

220 Rutherford Rd S 204 Brampton, ON

category: Public Transporation - Service providers

His Inspection cost us the Sale

By: jboucher | July 21, 2014

All the testimonials are very positive but why not also include the one's not so positive. The results of John Jaggers inspection cost us the sell of the home. He has been proven wrong on several different points that, in his opinion needed addresses. He needs to do a more thorough testing when claiming mould is present. There is a difference between mould and the discolouration of wood. More time should have been taken. He needs to determine the difference between a hole in the foundation and a crack. A couple of minor things he mentioned were valid but the main ones that cost us the sale means he should have done a more thorough examination & testing to determine fact.
Julie Makins-Boucher



Julie, we are disappointed to hear you feel this way about the inspection and its results. Should I assume from your review that you were selling the home we inspected? If so, and we were brought in by a potential purchaser, we are highly restricted by both privacy laws and our Contract with our clients from discussing the specific findings without a waiver. In a general sense, however, we do not inspect for mould, but we may recommend that people have the home tested when we find staining or other concerns with the home. It is then up to clients to determine what they will do with that information.

If, however, it was you that hired Lighthouse and were unsatisfied with the extent or accuracy of our findings, we would be more than happy to clarify and discuss matters with you further. Please email me with the address and date of the inspection so we can have Mr. Jaggers review his files and respond. We can be reached at info@lighthouseinspections.com
Jeannie Oropesa

Melanie Kenzie Masonville Animal...

By: pheec | July 21, 2014

I currently take my rabbit "Benny" to Masonville animal hospital. Dr Melanie Kenzie is Benny's treating doctor, whom I find to be an excellent, very compassionate, knowledgeable doctor. She is willing to work together as a parent of animal and herself as a professional. Her skills, knowledge and handling of rabbits is shown through her confidence and assessment skills. I would recommend, Melanie Kenzie as a treating doctor.

Masonville Animal Hospital

101 Fanshawe Park Rd E #8 London, ON

category: Animal Hospitals & Veterinarians - Place

Flood and Water Damage Restoration +...

By: GTARestorati | July 21, 2014

RENOVATION & GTA Restoration Toronto Water Damage Restoration Specialist!!!!!

GTA Restoration offer Quality Service in the following Fields of Expertise & proudly serves Toronto and the GTA with honest , reliable and affordable services such as:

Emergency Damage Services

? Residential and Commercial Restoration
? Water & Flood Damage
? Mold Remediation
? Fire & Smoke Damage
? Disaster Clean-Up 24/7
? Wind or Tornado Damage
? Ice & Snow Damage
? Vehicle Impact Damage
? Vandalism & Burglary Damage
? Thermal Imaging Services
? Art and Media Recovery
? Disinfecting, Deodorization and Irradiation
? Document Recovery Services
? Carpet clean-up
? Water, Fire and Termite Restoration
? Commercial Drying
? Acoustical Ceilings
? Personal Property Recovery
? Hail Damage
? Soda Blasting
? Structural Damage


GTA Restoration

18 Valley Woods Rd 414 Toronto, ON

category: Restoration - Contractors

Satisfied customer

By: tinapolski | July 21, 2014

I contacted tk appliance repair and was able to come and inspect my dishwasher the same day. He spent the afternoon diagnosing the problem but didn't have a working part for it. He came back the next day with the dishwasher part, fixed my dishwasher, and only charged me one service fee + the part. Overall it was an easy process and I am so glad to have a perfectly good working dishwasher again! I highly recommend tk appliance repair to anyone

Very Impressed

By: | July 21, 2014

I was THRILLED with my wedding at Atlantis. My contact was very helpful and quick to respond to my questions. Banquet staff assigned for the day of my wedding did an excellent job of keeping things running smoothly.
We've had our wedding reception here, both of us and our guest are impressed with the service and friendliness we received from the staff.

I love this place!!

By: Ravenus | July 20, 2014

Four years ago I was under going chemo treatment for 2 years and in that 2 year period my hair was weak from the chemo. Kim, Lance and there staff were very gentle with my hair when I visited. Their workmanship and products kept my hair healthy along with tips on how to keep it healthy. Today I am a healthy woman again and have beautiful hair. I get so many compliments and it's all thanks to you guys, especially Kim.
Thank you so much for making me feel and look beautiful!!

Element Hair

350-1 The Boardwalk Waterloo, ON

category: Hair Salons and Stylists - Service providers

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