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Clean and excellent

By: Sash | November 28, 2014

Jeff and Dave came to my home and you can tell they care about your health even after they cleaned it they double checked to make sure everything was perfect,I can breath so much better in my home and my sleeping has improved breathing in that fresh clean air, I'll be calling you guys from now on, I highly recommend these guys

Limo ride from Hell!

By: JackieJ1772 | November 28, 2014

Firstly! The limo driver was extremely rude upon arrival and the first thing he said to THE BRIDE!! was "where's my money?" he drove like a maniac down the road weaving in and out of traffic and almost causing the bride to vomit!! When we arrived at the venue he slammed on the brake and began yelling about the "idiot" behind him who 'didn't know how to drive' (who was the maid of honours husband)... he was extremely unprofessional and rude and yelling about the driver behind him who according to him cut him off..? however the driver was behind him. The bride was extremely agitated and stressed out from the drivers incredibly unprofessional behaviour who continued to yell about the driver behind him until screamed at by the bridal party within the vehicle to stop yelling and to be professional and to just do his job!! What a beautiful moment for the bride he completely ruined and continued to mutter under his breath and act like a childish fool at the...


Just incredible

By: Heather24 | November 28, 2014

Let me start off by saying I never give 5 stars as there is always room for improvement.

However this company and it's president, completely blew me away :) along with being kind and accommodating, they did an amazing job on my car. They even went the extra mile to make sure the inside was spotless. I had an extra dent on my car I couldn't afford to fix and they went the extra mile to have it fixed and not cost me an extra dime.

It's so hard to find old fashion good customer service and get a great job done on your vehicle with the way times are now and how busy places get, and this place did exceptionally great in both areas...I could not be happier, thank you!

Worst dealership and service EVER!!!

By: MOOOOO | November 27, 2014

This dealership must be hiring the most incompetent group of mechanics.

Work performed that was not required, damages to car, failing to give back parts as requested....etc...

In the end problem was never resolved with a huge bill to pay.

Thanks for the big bill for never fixing my car.


By: sabrinafrantowski | November 27, 2014

Hey yall,

I was referred from a client of Toronto Matchmakers to see Linda. She was very knowledgeable and qualified to do her job.. also very easy to talk to. Let me tell you I was so nervous going for my appointment I wanted to make U-turn. I've been divorced for 2 years and to open myself up to love again was scary.

Iunno, something in my heart just pushed me to go to the appt and glad I did.
My girlfriend mentioned great things about em' and especially with Linda. I thought really, what do I have to lose? Lets go.

Ya you guessed it. Im currently in a common law relationship with the gentlemen they introduced me to. so crazy how this all happen but I am happy it did they were all so helpful.

I shipped my Mercedes S Class from...

By: milosszabo67 | November 27, 2014

I shipped my Mercedes S Class from Toronto to Vancouver on November 3rd.
I dropped the vehicle off at their lot in Etobicoke and it was on its way to Vancouver
by November 4th. I chose the rail option as going by truck would have taken significantly
longer. The gentleman who accepted the car did a complete walk around and took several
pictures of the surface scratches I had. I thing the job he did was a little too thorough but I
guess those are their coverage requirements.

I was advised once the vehicle was on the railcar and given a tacking number which provides
vehicle status and ETA online. There was no live GPS available but the agent advised that
such option is not available when shipping by rail.

The car arrived 2 days later than I expected, which is not the end of the world, but did mess
up my weekend plans. All in all the shipping took 13 days which is still good considering I have
heard some people experience 30 day...


Excellent Service

By: pandb43 | November 27, 2014

I needed service for a plugged main drain on Nov.24. The telephone receptionist was most polite ,helpful and efficient in handling my request for service and a technician arrived on site within 90 minutes. Jeff ,the technician, diagnosed the problem ,quoted a firm price ,completed the work and was gone in shortly over one hour. To me the price was not excessive given the prompt service, the equipment needed to do the work and the expertise of the technician. I am only too happy to recommend this company to anyone who appreciates friendly and competent service.

Freedom From Addiction – Thanks You...

By: alandale | November 27, 2014

The day I walked in Freedom, the staff knew that their hands are full. I was a depressed, addicted mess with a crazy heroine habit. My family had lost hope in me. My ex-husband took off with the kids and I didn't felt the loss. That's when I decided that it was too much. My ex at least consulted some people and suggested Freedom. It was my first rehab ever and I was determined to make it a success. And choosing Freedom was a great choice. I was so morbidly depressed from the turn of events in my life that I walked silently for first few days.

I hated life and wanted to get back to my daughters as soon as I could. The lead counselor saw this as a courage and used this motivation to get me back on the road. The first few days of withdrawal symptoms were nothing like I ever imagined. But slowly the 12 step therapy started and I got into the physical fitness sessions. I was doing good cardio by the 6th week. After 8 weeks, I could talk confidently and feel the new...


Look Elsewhere

By: thejennij | November 26, 2014

Our wedding was held July/13 at Le Jardin. While I will admit my decorator and planners made sure the venue was made to look gorgeous, we all knew deep down it was fake. All of it. The sales people, the waiter's, the event staff, all of them. Biggest fakers out there. It's taken me over a year to write one single review of this place because my memories are so tainted with disappointment. Also I had way more important things to take care of but someone asked me about them and this is what I said: I wish I could take it back. I wish I never called them at all. Wished mine and my family's hard earned money went to people who actually care. I wish our wedding could have been any where else but there, but I digress, we booked and paid A LOT of money for this venue. More than usual. Ripped off is putting it mildly. Their own staff (who I will not rat out because they're still unfortunately employed there) told us to our face we were ripped off. They provided A LOT of...


Herkimer-a big disappointment

By: Subhideora | November 26, 2014

I'm a tenant at homestead Herkimer bld, and am totally frustrated with the lack of already showcased facilities.
The agents had showcased the theater room to coo tenants however the said theater is under renovation from more than a month and nobody has an answer when it would be ready.
Secondly one of homestead staff suggested that since the guest suite is not available yet we can use the guest suite of macdonald building,taking into consideration we called some guests however when we actually went to book the guest suite we were sadly informed that it's not allowed to use facility from other building, I mean how can a company with such prestigious reputation who claims tenants satisfaction as their utmost motive fool their tenants.
To add the list apart from construction noises, the elevator of the building is always on service so we have to take stairs more than often and with a kid and stroller its a nightmare.

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