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Vorob Craft splendidly did my Cabinets

By: LiciaOl | December 18, 2014

To purchase from Vorob Craft was one of the greatest deals for the past years, for me they were the best among all others, I felt the respect and in return Roman and his co workers got my trust, my confidence. I ordered bathroom cabinets and entire closet to rebuilt with new and stylish shelves to hide all my huge wardrobe, shoes, and much-much more... I'm very happy how they did the job, ....highly recommend.

Worst Customer Service

By: Runn | December 18, 2014

We had a terribly upsetting experience with DJ emporium. We had paid for a technician to stay in our room on our wedding day, to play all videos and take care of any technical problems. Our biggest fear was that there would be an issue with the videos played at our wedding, and that is why we paid the expensive cost of having a technician in our room to prevent this. On the day of our wedding, the worst happened and the video that was playing during the bridesmaid speech suddenly stopped, the technician was nowhere to be found, so they had to stop their speech. After a significant amount of time had elapsed, our own DJ, who is not part of DJ emporium, had to run out of the room and look for him. After another significant amount of time had passed the technician, took his time fixing the issue at hand. Needless to say we were pretty disappointed with this service and we felt we paid a lot of money for a service we felt we didn’t receive. Upon the return of our honeymoon we...


Worked on my car without permission...

By: rachelleda | December 17, 2014

I made an appointment to have my 2013 Genesis looked at when an engine light came on. I very clearly told them "do not do anything that will cost me until you have talked to me". Long story short: I was charged $230.00 without as much as receiving a call. Worse, that day my car started rattling in the foot area of the passenger side so I make an appointment to go back (stupid?) and am advised they would be happy to look at it but that it will cost me.
The customer service in the service department was terrible. The service manager was less than responsive making the person who dropped my car off responsible for their oversight. I found that the manager supported his staff regardless that it was clearly obvious his staff had made poor decisions. So when you go to Victoria Hyundai, this is what you can expect.


By: Irene1 | December 17, 2014

Able Translations hires translators as independent contractors in order to get out of paying them. When you contact the Labour Board since you are not on the Able Translations payroll, they cannot help you get your money. You are expected to take them to court. Shame on them to have such embarrassing reviews and shame on the president Wilson Teixeira who by the way also is on the Board of Directors for the OLG. It’s shameful to have such a dishonest man on the Board of the OLG.

So bad i got my money back and walked...

By: revguy76 | December 17, 2014

In summary:

This dealership does not keep their appointments
New hires are poorly trained
Used car sales director does not keep his word
Management doesn't care enough about client satisfaction to even pick up the phone and follow up.

I walked away from a $40,000 vehicle and cancelled my deposit because I was treated so badly!


I made an appointment to come and drive the truck the following week. I should have known I was going to have a bad experience right from the start. When I arrived at the appointed time, Serge, the only person in view at the time, clearly had no idea that I was coming. The vehicle was not prepped and ready, and I was not greeted by a sales manager as promised in the email confirmation from customer service, and the vehicle was clearly not ready for a test drive. In fact, it was outside with about 4 inches of snow on it.

This was the first time (of 5 occasions) that Lasalle Ford, or...


Scam Artists !!!!

By: matta7769 | December 17, 2014

Run from this Place !! Dave Hotrum and Jason Affleck are scam artists !!

Joined in May 2009 cancelled in July 2010...Continued to charge us...sent a written cancellation notice...still charged us...sent registered letter on advise of attorney ... still charging us...to date they have over billed us $5000.00. We closed the bank account and then they started debiting spouses, closed that account and know they are debiting my teenage daughters .... legal ???

When asked for copies of contracts showing we renewed surprisingly they cannot find, however they did inadvertently e mail them all to me showing no signatures and computerized notes of all our cancellation letters (thanks ditsy front desk Vanesssa !!)

I have now had to retain legal council and will be seeking refund, legal costs and damages...

What a complete waste of my time and energies,

Great service for our mattress set...

By: Marilyn Brockett | December 17, 2014

Delivery by Jason and Sean was well handled and they were friendly, very polite and respectful. I thought they would be a little grumpy because we ended up with a late delivery and it is raining but they were the opposite, lots of smiles. We had a mattress set delivered and an older mattress set taken away. They had to be tired after a long day of deliveries but there was no sign of that. Very satisfied.

Give them a call

By: non-member | December 17, 2014

Hi, I just wanted to say a couple of words about DVP Storage I've knows Sue for about I'd say 15 years. I've used storage all over the city but I find them to be the most efficient, personable. I used them for when I was living in California, now i use the to store everything, they are always here for me, they have trucks like U haul which is great, um anyway yeah, just give them a call and you wont be disappointed.

Laser Hair Removal

By: AM29 | December 16, 2014

Terrible. The technicians provided false and contradictory information. Upon complaining, the head technician said I should have done all the opposite things that the person who I was initially led to believe was one of their best people instructed me to do. She then said there was nothing she could do to rectify the issue as I had followed the instructions of my assigned technician. FOUR years later, I am still attempting to undo the damage they caused to my face. It has been an unnecessarily expensive and arduous process considering I initially went there for a small service. Their execution and customer service is deficient & lacking.


By: tiggerchick17 | December 16, 2014

found DRUG COOKING SPOON by my bible. smoke detector did not work, blanket stained, tub not cleaned. No slippery when wet sign in the building, careful walking in if you stay in this drug den. front desk had nothing to say but sorry we will put a star by your name so we know your next say is in a clean room. Owner mr. Manuel refused to speak with me. This "hotel" has lack of parking, for $11.95 a night. wireless internet for $11.95 for ONE device for 24 hrs. Stayed at this hotel at least 5 time in 6 months and will never step foot in there again.

Awesome law firm!

By: delaneyslawfirm | December 16, 2014

I founded Delaney's Law Firm in 2006 as one the province's first paperless offices. The firm uses cutting edge technology to stay ahead of the competition. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. If you need a real estate lawyer, personal injury lawyer, or family law lawyer in Ottawa this is a great local choice.

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