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Finally! Beautiful clothes for a 3X...

By: mickif | November 24, 2014

I am a large gal and I have a very difficult time finding clothes that aren't just large enough, but also long enough, while being stylish and comfortable at the same time. It's a tall order and Roxanne at Qualicum Clothworks has filled it. I visited her awesome shop in Qualicum Beach and was very skeptical about finding something that would work for me. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to find clothes I could look and feel good in at my size. She designs, sews and dyes the clothes herself. She was very kind and helpful as well. I found Roxanne through her Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/qualicumclothworks . I am very impressed overall and will definitely be returning to purchase more in the near future. Micki

Qualicum Clothworks

Qualicum Beach, BC

category: Womenswear - Retailers

Outstanding service

By: natashakimgeorge | November 24, 2014

Dear Larry B Friendly,

Thank you again for your amazing service. This was my first purchase with Bad Boy and due to you kindness I will be back. Your patience, efficiency and knowledge has not gone unnoticed. I loved the fact that you put service first before sales which in many stores including your own it is not always in that order.

Best Regards,


Employees mentioned in this review:

A very satisfied customer

By: Orlyoziel | November 23, 2014

The way Jessica renew my damaged hair was like magic. She brought back the shine to my hair with the most beautiful color and highlights since then I go to Jessica at the cut above Promenad for over six years and I can't see myself going anywhere else to do my hair. Jessica is amazing and most professional she is always fully booked and there is only one reason for that, she is just a great hairdresser. My son is also cutting his hair for few years now with Andy at the same salon. Andy is amazing. - Thank you. Orly O.

The greatest

By: pnpenney | November 23, 2014

Lilac Grove was recommended to us by a friend and we decided to give it a try when we need a vacation.I was meet by Wendy , the owner and could tell right away she was a workaholic who loved what she does.The first impression of the kennels was impressive . The place spotless and you could not tell that any animals were there but for the noise . All you could see and smell was *clean*.. I had no problem leaving my new pet with this place. They look after all pets as if they were their own . my dog was happy and healthy when we got her back and I will continue to use this place as I know my pet will be looked after...Thanks Wendy and thanks all the great staff.

Paul and Lynda Penney

Dan Valley North (Lexus / Toyota and...

By: twhlee | November 23, 2014

This is the 2nd car I buy from DVN - the 1st one being a Lexus GS back in 2006 and now a Santa Fe XL recently in Nov 2014. I am very happy with both purchases. In both cases, the salesmen gave me very intuitive insights and helped me to make final decisions for which I did not regret. I bought used cars in both cases and they carry the right models with choices.
This time around, my salesman Mr. Kevin Cai, was very down to earth. He started by assessing my needs by asking a few questions. He then asked me to test drive and consider a smaller and cheaper Santa Fe Sport before showing me the XL. I have done a lot of research and visited several Hyundai dealerships before coming here to check whether there are any good deals for the outgoing 2014 XLs. Kevin showed me 3 Hyundai Head Office Executive Demos in very good condition with low mileages and good discounts from new ones which I cannot find in other dealerships. I was shown the service department and introduced to the...


Employees mentioned in this review:

Very Friendly Service

By: Tahereh S. | November 23, 2014

Very friendly service from Mohmoud and Moni. Very good prices! Associates were very happy to adjust to our needs and problems. They were great at judging our sense in furniture and recommend the perfect pieces.

Employees mentioned in this review:

Theft on Premises

By: mcbean2477 | November 22, 2014

Since I cannot give this company ZERO stars, I must resentfully give it 1 star.
I signed a contract for a medium unit and started off by storing about 12 boxes of leather-bound books in the unit. I was selling my house and moving and planned on storing a lot of my belongings to un-clutter my house to make it more presentable for showings. Shortly after this, I broke my right foot and could not walk up to my 2nd storey unit anymore and did not manage to move in anything else. I asked the company if they could move me to a ground floor unit but I never heard a word back from anyone at Sentinel. After my foot healed in 2 months, I brought some more things to my 2nd storey unit to find that 1/2 of my books had been stolen. The lock was in place and there were no signs of breaking and entering. I had purchased one of Sentinel's locks that was displayed at the desk when I signed my contract and thought that there was some kind of security at this facility. I am always careful when...


Get It Together, Garamark

By: sjc1 | November 22, 2014

Given my experience, I would not recommend entering a tenancy agreement with Garamark Property Management. Maybe they're good to their employers, but they're terrible to the tenants, and their chain of command is out of order.

My building has a landlord, yet my landlord doesn't even know what her responsibilities -or- to what extent authority is vested in her. Garamark posted a bulletin stating tenants are no longer allowed to post notes on vehicles improperly parked in their stall (a growing issue ever since Garamark began managing), and that we should take our issues straight to the landlord. Well, when I did that a few weeks ago, the landlord wouldn't call the tow company, told me there's nothing she can do about it, and that I have to call the tow company because she doesn't know if she's allowed to. Garamark, if you will not allow me to protect my own rights to exclusive access to property
I pay for, then it's your responsibility...


Great job

By: happymickey | November 22, 2014

Your staff were on time and polite. They cleaned my home from top to bottom using the same products I buy from Safeway. I have tried many maid services who never showed up or tried to clean with a bucket a mop and a spray bottle or something clear. The cleaning products you use make my house smell nice and looks clean. I am going to have my house cleaned by your company all the time.

Be careful what you eat

By: DesiCandi | November 22, 2014

I was extremely excited to try this restaurant, in fact coming from Durham region with 3 others just yesterday. Disappointment to say the least.

The atmosphere was a plus and we didn't have to wait to get seated on a Friday night (always a bonus).

I went straight for the butter chicken as that's my favourite Indian dish. I had one bit of chicken that I loved and the second bit of chicken didn't go down so well...come to find that it was pink! Undercooked and I couldn't even pull it apart with my hands to be sure. Once I cut it with a knife it was brought to the attention of our server who then told us he'd make the manager aware. The manager didn't come out until we had reminded our server again. I have never complained at a restaurant before but I felt a little ashamed having eaten chicken that was clearly pink as it was covered in sauce so I couldn't tell.

The night continued and our server was extremely polite. He'd...


Tandoori Flame

Mississauga, ON

category: Indian Restaurants - Place

Hidden gem in downtown vancouver

By: Niko89 | November 22, 2014

I found this place after being fed up with paying over 20 dollars for uneven haircuts or not getting what i wanted. I tried EVERYWHERE! I eventually found this place and was greeted by Peter (owner) and his friendly staff. Not only did he surpass my expectations, he took his time to make sure it was perfect! Even with 2 other people waiting specifically for him! I always recommend my friends to come here and all of them have never changed barbers since. Now Peter just fills me in on how everyone is doing when i don't have time to hangout!

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