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Ami--fer Boutique

6782 Rue St. Hubert
A warm, courteous, and professional staff awaits you. Over 2,000 gowns assures every bride-to-be the gown of her dreams. Over 500 gowns are presently on promotion.



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    Ami-Fer disaster!!

    I had read the comments about AMI-FER before visiting the store figuring I would see it for myself since they seemed to have a nice selection on there website. This was the first store I went to and it could not have went more disastrous!!! Within seconds of being in this store we were barked at to remove our shoes and go upstairs. Once upstairs we walked into the middle of a screaming match between 2 employees. I had written down the number and designer of the dresses I was interested in trying that I found on there website. The woman was extremely rude and told me she didn't know where these dresses were! when I told her they were on her website and asked if they had internet so that I could show her she told me she was too busy ad she was with a bride. She then found 1 I had written down since it was on display and I pointed it out to her. She then tossed it at me and told me to go put it on (with no help) when my friend tried to come and help me she yelled at her and said I...

    By: BRIDE2BE2014

    Stay away or ruin your...

    I had an absolutely despicable experience at this store with my bridal party. We were 6 girls and we spent several hours shopping for dresses. The saleslady we dealt with was quite nice but when the manager started "helping out" we were all quite taken aback by her rudeness. When asking about prices and trying to bargain, I felt that the manager's aggressive tone was too much to take and I voiced that I was not sure about buying from them due to her rudeness. At that point, the other owner looked at us and proceeded to say, "Get the fuck out of here! We don't need to kiss your asses!" Wow!!!!!!!!!! We all left speechless...
    Thank God we didn't actually buy any dresses there!!!

    By: arimonti


    I was thrilled with the service and professionalism of Ami-Fer. I purchased my wedding dress there and despite the how busy they were the sameswoman made me feel like the only bride in the store. I was so happy that I purchased my bridesmaid dresses and my mothers dress there too.

    As for the negative reviews the store is crazy busy because they are great. If it was a bad store they wouldn't be as busy.

    I highly recommend this store to all future brides

    By: non-member

    Very band experience. Trust me :...

    I ordered 4 bridemaids dresses, and I had problems with 3 of them. One was very too small, one had been ordered with the wrong colour, and one had a very weird chest... I had to negotiate a lot to have the alterations for free for the dress that didn't fit at all (the one too small), and they didn't even want to negotiate for the alterations on the one with problems at the chest... I don't know if I had lost my mind, but I had the bad idea to order ties from them, and they made me pay more than double the price that is on the Dessy website.

    Please girls, believe me : DON'T GO THERE!

    By: anonyme11


    worst experience ever!!!!

    they ordered the wrong size dress for me and made me pay to take the dress out with no discount or inconvenience freebee. plus the guy was rude blaming me for getting fat when in fact the size they ordered was wrong as per their size chart.

    By: shelleyco

    Not so AMI-cable..

    I called during the week to see if I needed an appointment, they said to just show up...which we did, my mother, my sisiter and one bridesmaid. The were quick to come to my aid. My sister showed a picture of a dress that was the style I was looking for and the sales lady sadi ''well who's this by?'' we had no clue and then she says 'well then how is this supposed to help me?' It was rude... It was the style of dress I was looking for, when I told her my budget she seemed huffy about it and told me that I could not afford the type of dress I was looking for. They set me up in a dressing room with another brides dresses in it. She left me alone to get into the dresses and I had to call out to her when I needed help. She seemed annoyed by the fact that mom and bridesmaids were giving they're opinions...

    I did not feel special there, I tried on 4 dresses and will never go back. I bought my dress elsewhere that day.

    By: non-member


    This was my worst shopping experience ever!! The fact that we were buying 8 dresses might have encouraged some shops to provide good service but definitely not in this case. This shop is a zoo, it's disorganized and extremely chaotic. But even worse than that it's a complete SCAM. None of the dresses were properly fitted. One of my bridesmaids was charged an extra $80 to buy a larger dress and then charged an additional $150 to down size it (the dress itself was only $250). They have different seamstresses on staff that charge different prices and do vastly different calibers of work. There were mistakes made in the ordering of the dress sizes, which they took no responsibility for, and the girls were often left ignored and frustrated when they went for fittings even though they had made appointments. Honestly, don't shop here but if you do definitely get your alterations done elsewhere if you value your sanity and your wallet.

    By: soontobe
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    A warm, courteous, and professional staff awaits you. Over 2,000 gowns assures every bride-to-be the gown of her dreams. Over 500 gowns are presently on promotion.

    6782 Rue St. Hubert




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