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7469 Edmonds Street
I bought a 1999 corolla from them. after 1 month , the steering wheel started to turn left itself. After 2 months, three bearings had been worn out and i spend $1235 to fix them. However the sales didnt mention anything about it when i bought my car!



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    Fraudsters don't go there

    Jay Shadob did not disclose to me the car has a rebuilt status. He simply checked the box on the paper, which I noticed after driving home.
    In the transfer form he did the same thing and never tell me about the status.
    I called next morning and demanded to return the car, but he started to yell at me that it was my fault. I told him that by law he is supposed to disclose it to the buyers, but he still didn't want to take the car back.
    In a little bit I found another person with the same experience. We are considering legal actions.

    By: non-member

    very happy and good experience

    my budget was $4000 to buy a second hand car, so looked at about 10 different dealerships, but I was only offered junks until I found Auto Villa. the sales man John offered me a beautiful 2002 Mazda protege5 with all brand new tires and brand new breaks.
    It works great no problems with the car. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

    By: Anita77

    Jay's Service with A Smile :D

    Jay's service was great and he was honest. Unlike any other sales person I have met. He gave us a great deal while patiently putting up with us as we tried to get a discount like everyone would. I highly recommend asking for Jay when you go to Auto Villa. I bought a 2011 BMW 323i and it runs great.

    By: non-member

    useless warranty

    The third party warranty that they give away with the car is useless and not worth the paper it is printed on. It has a deductible and a $1500 limit. There is 2 pages of fine print. They cover some parts of the engine and not other parts. When you have a claim you will be really fortunate if they cover you at all.
    very frustrated after dealing with this. I was told the camshaft is covered but the cam seal is not eventhough the warranty was supposed to be for the entire engine. WTF

    By: patrick99


    This place scams! The main salesperson/owner Jay implied that the car I was looking to buy was only in a minor fender-bender, when it was written off as salvage. He showed me a false document of cost of the repairs made, and a month later when I asked to see the same document, he said he didn't have it on file which a dealership is legally responsible to have and to show. Received the paper stating the car was salvage a month after purchasing the vehicle, when it's legally supposed to be kept with the insurance/transfer forms at all times. Also added fees which are supposed to be included in the advertised price. Wish I had not been so quick to purchase but with 3 jobs, I needed a car asap, and they completely took advantage of my inexperience with dealerships.

    By: natwiebe17


    off site sales
    dont declair rebuilt status
    very dishonest

    By: non-member


    By: NATWIEBE17

    Hey, I had the same thing happen. Going against in small claims, if you wouldnt mind meeting to get your story, I'd love to use you as a character witness to help stop these jerks from scamming people.. I'd suggest you do the same thing.

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