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    Don't recommend

    Recently had a very high quality fiberglass floor installed by Barkhouse. The sub floor was approved by them before the installation. Installer did a very sloppy job with leveling compound and glue and had to come back to try and fix. Due to time constraints with other contractors and the mess that would be caused from reinstall, we went for second opinion to make sure this was the absolute last resort. Barkhouse then went back on their agreement to replace the floor, dropped us as customers and refunded our money. Left us in a huge mess with the expense of removing their shoddy work. I have since had the floor replaced with the exact same product. This time went with Ritchie's and experienced installers. Floor is perfect. Ours was not the first Barkhouse job they've had to fix. I'll never recommend Barkhouse to anyone as there's no point dealing with a company that thinks screwing the customer is acceptable.

    By: non-member

    Barkhouse Flooring Ltd.

    Nice selection of products good prices - staff are kind of upleasant & grumpy -especially the lady in the office- she's really not the kind of person who should be answering the phone.Perhaps they should take a course in human relations - it could help their sales a lot if you didn't get the feeling that they are mad at you for wanting to know a bit about the products you are interested in. I went with another company who gave me the impression they liked the idea of me buying something from them - and their prices were higher.

    By: non-member
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