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Beach Kids Dentistry

2271 Queen St E
M4E 1G5
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    I took my 8 year old son to Dr. Gillanders for a second opinion about a tooth that my family dentist wanted to extract. He had a filling put in less than a year ago that was too big and he got an infection. I really didn't want to have the tooth pulled out but after listening to Dr. Gillanders thorough explanation and reassurance, we decided to go ahead. What a great experience! She managed to calm my son down and was able to put in the needle without him seeing it, so he was fine. He was really nervous and worried about the whole thing, but she showed everything to him and explained everything before she did anything. She was very caring and gentle with him and I will definitely be going back again. Yes, it is more expensive, but the whole event was so stress free for both my son and I that I think the extra expense was well worth it!

    By: Xanadu

    go somewhere else

    I went to Dr. Gillanders last year for a cavity for my child who, in all fairness, was apprehensive about dental work. We were referred to them because they were "excellent" with children. They are a children's dentistry after all, and definitely charge accordingly and generously for this specialized service.
    You would think with that labelling (and cost) they would be proficient with handling any situation, but Dr. Gillanders in particular was a dreadful.
    I did read the other past reviews and she seems quite good at her job, but it seems she may have lost her way. Perhaps at some point in her career she enjoyed what she did, but I only saw a very impatient, rude, ignorant person who has very little people skills.
    We tried an attempt at filling my child's cavity using gas and it wasn't successful so we ended up with: a temporary filling; unpleasant staff; and a large bill…..AND we still needed to make a proper filling. After speaking with my child...

    By: non-member

    Don't believe some of these...

    My kids have been going to Dr. Jane for MANY years and we've had nothing but positive experiences. I have appreciated the reminder calls a month or so before appointments (often booked months ahead, when no one knows what their plans are, allowing them time to rebook). I've never been treated rudely by anyone in that practice. Regarding the fees being higher by 20%, Dr. Jane, as noted is a specialist and ALL specialty practioners charge more than a GP. Be grateful, other specialists charge double or more than a GP. Important to note: The ODA Fee Guide, is simply that, a guideline and all dentist can set their own fees. I know, I work in dentistry (not for Dr.Jane) and can vouch for the specialty fields of which I speak. What is important is that the office runs under excellent infection control procedures-sterilization and PPE-personal protective equipment (gloves, masks etc) using current practice standards. Regarding the fluoride being sprayed on, unless they've...

    By: non-member

    Excellent Service, Professional,...

    My daughter went in for her very first dental exam at Beach Kids Dentistry. The office is very nicely decorated with beautiful colors, and has a cute little play area for the kids to play in. It was very clean and kid friendly with a beach theme. The staff was very polite and courteous. Being my daughter's first time, Dr. Gillanders took her and I on a tour of the office first and explained what everything was in the office. She also took the time to explain to her what all the instruments were prior to using them. I was very impressed with our whole experience there. Also, Dr. Gillanders took her time to explain her findings, giving me an opportunity to ask questions, and we didn't feel rushed at all. Even though my daughter was a little nervous at first, they made a point to make her and I both feel as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend this dental practice!Loved it!

    By: Angelic

    Totally mean and unprofessional!

    Living in the Beaches makes me so happy because it consists of its own little community and it's very easy to "shop local". When my children were old enough to see the dentist, I was excited to take them to Beach Kids Dentistry. The first visit was cold, but fine. What I mean by cold is that I totally agree with the previous 2 comments about the staff and Dr. Gillanders being abrupt and rude. The second visit was a complete disaster. My daughter (3 1/2 at the time) was nervous at the prospect of going to the dentist again (she probably didn't remember her previous visit), and she always does well by knowing what's going to happen next. She sat in the chair for about 5 minutes before the dental assistant and Dr. Gillanders joined us. They 2 of them proceeded to have a debate about something, all the while brandishing the metal "picks" in my daughter's face. Of course, by the time they decided to end their debate and look in my daughter's mouth, the...

    By: nchegrinec

    Good with the bad.

    My son has been a patient of Beach kids for almost 2 years. He loves it there.
    If you want a fantastic, clean comfortable facility, go there. If you can stand the snobbery of the staff and Dr. Gillanders herself. I find the staff and Dr. G often rude and holier-than-thou. If you can look past that, it's great, especially for kids who have a fear of the dentist.
    Beware however, dental care is 20% higher than most dentists, because they are a "specialty" denist (i.e. pediatric)....and they will charge you for every possible service.

    By: blackmagnoli
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    2271 Queen St E




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