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Bochner Eye Institute

40 Prince Arthur Ave
M5R 1A9

Bochner Eye Institute specializes in PRK and LASIK vision correction. Bochner Eye Institute Reviews



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    Expertise in Laser Vision Correction

    Our family has been delighted with the care and expertise of the surgical staff at the Bochner Eye Institute. I am the 13th member of our family that has undergone LASIK. Everyone is doing well! We initially chose the Bochner because of the surgical experience of Dr Raymond Stein and the advanced technology that they offer. We recently took a family photo of all our family members that underwent LASIK. We are all delighted with this life changing procedure and thank the staff at Bochner for their kindness and surgical expertise.

    By: FrankBowers

    Best Decision of My Life

    I had a severe cataract in both eyes that created blindness. My optometrist referred me to the Bochner Institute. I was informed of all the surgical options and decided to have laser cataract surgery with Dr Raymond Stein. The surgery was easy and the recovery was very quick. I can now drive a car and see my grandchildren clearly. It was all an amazing experience! I highly recommend the Bochner Institute!

    By: waynefullers

    Exceeded Our Expectations

    My wife and I both had LASIK by Dr Raymond Stein a few months ago at the Bochner Eye Institute. We are thrilled with our results and the quality of care. We were impressed with the care and service from our initial consultation, the day of surgery, and followup care. We researched all the centres in Toronto and we felt we made an informed decision about the technology and the skill and experience of the surgeon. This was probably the best healthcare decision we have made. By the testimonials on the wall it was apparent that Don Cherry and Syrena Ryder also made an excellent decision by going to Bochner.

    By: edlastman

    Terrible Aftercare service

    I had laser eye surgery here and expected better care from a clinic that charges much more than others. The pre-operative consultants were very kind, thoughtful and accommodating before I had surgery, but the post operative care, if you are not one of the "success" stories is lacking. This clinic does not offer the superior service that they advertise. Even with top notch lasers, the risks of not getting the results you want makes any elective surgery a not so smart choices. Don't let any of these Doctors here at Bochner convince you they are better.

    By: bluereview


    I had my PRK procedure done 1.5 months ago at Bochner downtown. My consultation was done in Scarborough with Lynn and I must say she is a very responsible and reliable consultant!! She reassured me with a lot of information and clearly stated the entire process from pre-op to post-op.

    The staff downtown was fabulous when i went in for my procedure. They were all very attentive to me from when I entered to when I left. (I even got chocolates!!)

    My vision prior to surgery was:
    Right (OD): -6.25 with -1.75 astigmatism
    Left (OS): -6.00 with -2.75 astigmatism

    Now, its 20/25. This was the result of my vision check after 1 month.

    I have created a blog detailing my journey from the consultation to the recovery stages. Check it out and hopefully I can help some of you in your research.

    All in all, it was the best decision of my life!!


    By: non-member


    Been going to the Bochner Eye Clinic for over 30 years, had laser surgery 10 years ago, my eyes have never been the same since, vision is still not correct, after numerous treatments and going back for check ups, nothing. Had cataract surgery last year, which was gauranteed by the clinic WRONG AGAIN, my eyes had to be lasered after cataract surgery, never heard of before. Even after thirty years, no one even looks up from the desk anymore, just health card please, more personal service would be nice, considering we spent so much money and put our trust in them. Already had one eye done at the Herzog clinic and a major difference, with the vision, nice facilities, young doctors, some should retire at the Bochner, and overall better care. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS CLINIC

    By: ibah60

    Great Choice

    I was seen on an emergency patient by Dr Raymond Stein at the request of my optometrist. Although I had to wait 30 minutes in the office because my doctor called that morning, I found the care to be excellent. Dr Stein diagnosed me with a corneal ulcer secondary to my contact lenses. He prescribed an antibiotic drop that gradually cleared the ulcer and improved my vision. I am very grateful for the excellent care. I am now considering having laser surgery at the Bochner. My optometrist already had LASIK by Dr Stein.

    By: fredvoss

    Couldn't ask for more!

    I first visited the Bochenr in 2008 for my initial assessment however, I didn't proceed at that time as I wasn't ready. I called back in October 2011 wanting to arrange for a surgery as I felt ready to go forth. I was very impressed by the fact that the consultant had wanted me to repeat a consultation once again before proceeding with surgery to ensure that my eyes/tests were stable, and to review and refresh my memory about what to expect during the recovery time period, and how the surgery works. Looking back, I'm really glad that she suggested this second appointment as I really did not remember all the fine details!

    On the day of surgery, of course I was anxious...to say the least. The staff were all very helpful and assisted me through the entire process. The lady who did my pre-op tests took the time to teach me how to use all my drops, and review with me about the things that I should avoid doing. I found this really, really helpful.


    By: SIERRA607

    Fabulous Care

    I was seen on an emergency patient by Dr Raymond Stein at the request of my optometrist. Although I had to wait 30 minutes in the office because my doctor called that morning, I found the care to be very compassionate. Dr Stein diagnosed me with a corneal ulcer secondary to my contact lenses. He prescribed an antibiotic drop that gradually cleared the ulcer and improved my vision. I am very grateful for the excellent care. I am now considering having laser surgery at the Bochner. My optometrist already had LASIK by Dr Stein.

    By: garyhowe


    Vision is something that is imperative in my role as a martial arts instructor.

    It's not possible to compete with glasses and not unusual to lose a contact lens when sparring. Without the ability to see an attack, I was constantly at a disadvantage.

    PRK laser eye surgery has given me the opportunity to make sure I am never at a disadvantage again. My balance, reflexes, depth perception and overall martial arts technique has improved –allowing me to grow as a martial artist…with perfect vision.

    A giant "Thank you" to Dr. Stein and the Bochner Eye Institute.

    Jamie Kerr

    By: non-member

    Fabulous Service & Care - I Made the...

    I went to a few different laser centres before making my decision. The staff at Bochner were amazing. I visited with Dr Stein who confirmed that I was an excellent candidate for LASIK. The surgery was easy. Although I was nervous everyone at Bochner talked me through the procedure. I can't believe how well I am seeing after a few days. I am so so pleased!!!! Just go to Bochner. They have incredible technology, great staff, and amazing doctors.

    By: garytein

    Cheskes was phenomenal.

    Asides from the freezing beginning to wear off slightly near the end of the procedure, everything went great. Nothing a calming and reassuring Doctor couldn't help you get through. Left eyes vision is flawless, I go in for enhancements on my right in the next short while. Not only were they very professional, but receiving a gift basket a few days after my surgery did wonders for my morale during recovery. Was an incredible surprise. I recommend anyone and everyone go to Bochner.

    By: ayearstj


    By: LADDY1

    I spent $7,000 on implants and didn't get so much as a phone call to see how my recovery was going. A year and a half later I am stuck wearing bifocal glasses.

    Tried to talk with Dr Stein about my situation but he was in a big hurry to get me out of there. I actually got the bum's rush. Bet the 'celebrities' ,whose pictures are on the lobby walls, didn't get treated like I did.

    I lost all confidence.


    If you are lucky and the surgery is successful from the first time than you are happy patient. If not, like in my case then you have to go for the second time, if you are a candidate. The problem is post op care. Very bad, once they took your money, forget about post op. I wish they care more about their patients :(

    By: me7


    By: LADDY1

    It is absolutely true...once you pay they forget you.

    I recommend people go for consultations at other facilities before going to Bochner.

    Unless you have a 'famous' name and a lot of money so that they can use your photo in the lobby, believe me, they don't give a cr*p about you.

    Great doctor, equipment, and staff!!

    I did my homework and then chose the Bochner Eye Institute and Dr Raymond Stein. I had LASIK for a high prescription 9 months ago. I am thrilled with the outcome and the service. Since the surgery both my wife and daughter have had surgery by Dr Stein. Other than marrying my wife this was the best decision I have made.

    By: non-member

    Assembly Line

    I also think the service at Bochner is lacking. They make promises regarding surgery results and then when you point out that your vision is blurred, they continue to tell you that your eyes will "settle down". More than a year later, my distance vision is blurry and my reading vision is blurry and I still need glasses.

    I am not sure any of the other clinics are better, but Bochner, at the time of my surgery, was the most expensive clinic in Toronto, so I expected a better level of service.

    Dr. Ray Stein appeared to be completely disinterested when examining me and gave me very little information about the post-surgery experience. Bochner gives you an information package and if you have questions, they seem taken aback that you weren't totally informed by their promotional material.

    The chocolate box doesn't make up for the lack of beside manners.

    By: results



    please contact the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to make a complaint and have your opthalmologist investigated. We can't have these guys messing with peoples vision.

    Bochner eye Instituate

    Hi I just had my surgery last week March 2010, I found Dr. Stein to do his job great, all his staff along the way were also very reassuring and comforting. A very pleasent experience. My vision was almost perfect the next day. i am waiting for the night glares to go away, but they say it is normal.
    Very confident about this facility, and hopefully a life time of good vision.

    By: non-member
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    The laser centre houses the latest technological advances in laser vision correction including the Allegretto Wave and VISX Star S4, as well as viewing facilities for educational purposes, which also enable relatives and prospective patients to watch live procedures. Sophisticated tests are also part of the Bochner tradition.

    40 Prince Arthur Ave




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