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Calgary Impound Lot

400 39 Ave SE
T2G 5P8


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    UNCARING CLASS ACT (thievius humanis)

    I was out of town for the week and my car (honda civic) got stolen. I reported it to the Police after coming home and they told me it had already been recovered but had to be impounded. I called the impound lot (having never dealt with them before) and was mortified to hear that I had a bill to pay. Problem is that my car was retrieved the same day it was stolen and had been impounded for 7 days at a cost of close to $30.00 a day, but... Not only that the woman on the phone said there was all sorts of other fees involved. Total balance was close to $630.00 to get a car out that was only worth about $1000.00. I could not come up with the money so the car sat for another month collecting more fees. No one at the impound lot not even Calgary Police Service contacted me on the day the car was found, its sad that a city would stoop so low as to run this kind of system on its tax paying citizens, its a scam that is legal. The clerk I dealt with was very ignorant and unfeeling she had...

    By: marxxus


    My son is selling his motor bike. Parks it near a busy street with his PHONE NO on the bike... The bike gets towed - but no one lets him know that it was removed...Days later he is finally informed that the bike is in the bill: $ 590.00...Oh, the reason he was selling it, he needed money...The bikes break petal got broken and some new scratches...Waiting in line, we got to hear other horror stories...this place is belongs in Orwell's 1984...

    By: non-member

    Rude people without hearts

    Yesterday I going 30 km to pickup my car at 11 pm by my nose they put the sign "close" . I can't believed those people not give me car back . I just was only person at that moment, Before cops told me "this place is open 24/7" and I can pickup my car at any time. So I waste my money for taxi for that trip(60 Dollars).
    Today I try again.

    By: non-member

    Rude and ignorant

    They don't call you, and when you call to find out why they didn't call you they are rude, they won't listen to you and they cut you off and they are extremely sarcastic and nasty. This needs to be brought to the public attention, it is highway robbery. They should be made to call you when they are actually taking your vehicle so you have the option to come and get it right away. My son ran out of gas and had no money, so he is now made to pay an addiontal 231.00 plus 4.00 per hour plus tax to get his vehicle, on top of being made to feel like a criminal. Thanks alot City of Calgary.

    By: non-member


    I get a call weeks after the car was towed saying that each day they had it was 25 dollars. Thanks for waiting so long to let me know. These people need to get a real job so thier kids dont see this trash

    By: non-member
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