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    Its a set price by the government if you dont like the prices then dont get animas or go to school and become a vet and do it your self

    By: dreamer2000



    Set by the government are they. Vet prices are all decided on through governed paper pusing are they. My message to every vet I have conversed with - Enjoyable discourse, thank-you for your ambiguity and obfuscation.

    Regards fadedjeans


    After having a friend (who is also a vet) he quite readily admitted that the vets set their own prices, they do belong to an organization and they do recommend a pricing scale, but they are NOT regulate by the government and if a vet chooses to price his or her fees below those recommended....they (the org) will do their utmost to put this vet out of business..saw it ran a practice out of his own home. Didn't do needless procedures...very reasonable..all of our pets did very well under his care...they (the other vets in the area) ganged up on him, had him under review so his license was almost suspended..the man ended up having a heart attack and retired..but he quite openly admitted that he couldn't deal with the other vets..who were bullies.


    I was a new client. All I needed was a weight-appropriate heartworm med - the bill was $170.. Will NOT be going back to Callbeck...

    By: OhDawg



    wow! that's expensive


    dont you think you would need to know if your animal was healthy enough to be on those meds? think about it. bloodwork that is negative = healthy. therefore you can have the heartworm meds.

    you should know how much it cost per year if you actually did this every year. callbeck animal hospital knows what their doing. goodluck searching for a new vet that will charge you the exact same amount.

    callbeck animal hospital

    the wonderful staff and veterinarians at this hospital are the most helpful and kind and understanding group of people i have ever had contact with... i recently had to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to my 17 year old cat smudge... she was starting to have some health problems and with the excellent information given to me i felt comforted and confident i did the best thing for my best pal... one week later i was to find out that my other cat had diabetes... still devastated from the loss of smudge i was really shook up about this new was i going to start giving injections to an almost 16 year old cat... once again the staff and dr. callbeck were there for my pet and i and all is going well .... please make this the vet clinic of your choice

    By: non-member
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