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Cambridge Country Manor

3680 Speedsville Rd
N3H 4R6


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    cambridge country manor

    Cambridge Country Manor is an older building , out in the peaceful surroundings of the countryside. While not having all the 'bells and whistles' of newer, larger facilities, it is absolutely wonderful in the care provided to residents. The staff is terrific, always cheerful and encouraging with the people who are fortunate enough to live there. No smells are noted, food is varied and 'home-made', residents are urged to work with staff as much as possible to retain/regain mobility,etc. After having my loved-one there for 6 months there is no way I would have her move to another location.

    By: non-member

    Cambridge Country Manor

    This place smells of urine and feces all the time.No matter weekday/weekend/day/evening visits.The building is old and has had a few minor fires.The loving care they speak of on their webpage is non exsistant! Total hell hole for your loved family member.Things go missing all the time there and if you ask one of the staff,they just dont care.They say oh well look for it , never turns up.When your loved one is told that they are going to receive a special kind of care for their disabilities, it never comes true.Im sorry i sent my family member there.She was getting MUCH better care at her other nursing home.Her health has gone way down hill since being at Cambridge Country Manor.She is on a list to be moved.Make sure you make several visits to this place unanounced and youll confirm whats be written about this place.

    By: btrcare

    Cambridge Country Manor

    Unsanitary conditions with persistent foul odour. Residents are left unattended for so long that they lose the ability to walk and develope bed sores. Often understaffed. Inability to correctly diagnose/treat medical issues by ignorant doctors/RNs/RPNs. Hairdresser refuses to cut hair if resident is MRSA positive (discrimination). Administrative staff is often difficult to work with. Residents experience loss of dignity and lack of privacy due to the setup of the ward rooms. Not child/family friendly. A feeling of complete isolation experienced by residents and visitors due to location. Building is very outdated. An absolute nightmare for your loved one.

    By: lstoedc553
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    3680 Speedsville Rd




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