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With 7-11 too expensive and the warehouse store next door to Safeway more for big families or businesses, we are at the mercy of this small, older Safeway.

Yes, there are Save-On's close by in both directions, and a Superstore. But for one or two things, it's convenient to have Safeway close by.

Also, the selection is not as good as the larger Safeway in New West, but that is due to the size.

The service is hit and miss, depends which cashier you get. There's a hi sometimes at checkout, but often is inconsistent when it comes to asking for Safeway/Air Miles cards. Eye contact is inconsistent too. Some days they look at you, some days they don't.

The last time I came across a really good cashier was months ago, in the morning.

Eye contact, a smile, asking for the cards, and a thanks are all I need. It's so simple, and yet some of the younger cashiers forget a few of...

By: xoxo
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