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Canadian Tire

6670 Meadowvale Town Centre Ci
L5N 4B7

Quality brand names, guaranteed low prices.



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    All you people who write reviews lol

    Received nothing but great service, half the people that wrote these two expensive reviews or took too long are ignorant impatient people , there's not too many places where u can just walk in with no appointment and have your vehicle looked at, all the people who have written the reviews are broke old people or cheap middle eastern fresh off the boaters with piece of shit vehicles that get serviced once a year, and then they think it's Canadian tires fault that their car is a hunk of shit, here's some advice.... Don't waste thousands of dollars on a vehicle if your too cheap to spend 40 dollars on brake pads lol

    By: non-member

    Dishonest service

    I'm so angry that I'm going to call the Better Business Bureau and see if this store can be charged with fraud. Paid in full for NEW Coleman Gas BBQ and for delievery*(2 blocks).

    The BBQ was scraped and damaged(it was delievered at night so I saw the damage in the morning.When I called to complain the manager wasn't around(he never is) and was transferred to Ida.To make a long story short they delievered a floor model(nice try) and tried to pass it off as new. Ida offered $100.00 off or I would have to wait while they found one in another store, assembled and delievered it.I went to the store and demanded a written letter that they had sent knowingly sent me a floor model which she refused to do. I've lived in this are for 22 years. The service,apathy and dishonesty in this store is legendary.Will never buy more than a paint brush here. Disgusting behaviour.

    By: shamas

    Brakes at Canadian Tire

    After reading some of the reviews I think I'll add my 2 cents.
    Short and sweet. Canadian Tire inspected and adjusted my brakes,front and rear. 2 weeks later I hear grumbles and squeels when stopping.Took the car back to them and guess what? Not under warranty. The rear brakes gone. The pad had fallen off of the shoe,need new brakes and machine drums.Didn't they see this when doing inspection/adjustment 2 weeks earlier? I'm a sucker for CT simply because of convienience,they got ALOT of money from me in the past.Got new car now,only GM will fix it. Canadian Tire? More like Crappy Tire.

    By: Cheech1

    Concensus is in the service ranges...

    I have only put a 1/2 star as it must be filled in to submit. I recently used this service center because my dealership was closed on the night I broke down on the 401. Was towed here as it was closest to my home. Thursday nite to Friday tests were done and it was determined that the Crankshaft position sensor had to be replaced.(according to my dealership this can ONLY be done PROPERLY by removing the Timing Belt) according to the managers at CT they are miracle workers and can do this without removing it.
    Took the car home Friday afternoon and on Monday on the way to work, the car dies again. Back we go thinking it is the same problem or at least related.
    I have been fighting for the last 4 days to have this repaired PROPERLY by them as I sincerely feel they are the reason for the additional work. Cost of initial repair $930 with sparkplug change, Estimate on the new work $2540. yes I got screwed.
    Not happy at all and will not be going back.

    By: non-member


    Yesterday I had an unpleasant experience having 4 all season changed to winter tires. Ever grumpy Dave said, it will take 30 minutes to bring my car in and 1.5 hrs!!!!! to do the work. I have opted to get their shuttle to get me home and Dave told me they will call me when the shuttle shows up.An hour and a half later I thanked Dave for driving me home and he responded that my name is on the board and they will call.....Than the mechanic tried to convince me to do car brakes with the price escalating from $150 to $505..........It took 2 hrs 50 minutes to get my car back including 30 minutes wait to get my car key.
    Dec.13.2010 (Thanks God it was not Friday)
    Never Again Customer

    By: non-member


    This place was absolutely awful, I took my car in for an oil change and they stole my GPS system. I spoke with the assistant manager and was told that the guy doing my oil change was on lunch and that I would receive a call at home. It's been 3 days and I'm still waiting for that call. I've now gotten the police involved.

    By: non-member
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    Canadian Tire has proudly stood the test of time since our founding in 1922. What began as a small but bold entrepreneurial concept has emerged to become Canada's most-shopped retailer with more than 1,000 stores and gas bars across the enterprise.

    At Canadian Tire, we have a proud history and a promising future. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading and how we are going to get there; To get as much money out of our customers as possible, to hell, in a handbasket.

    6670 Meadowvale Town Centre Ci




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