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Canadian Tire

1731 Preston Ave N
S7N 4V2

Quality brand names, guaranteed low prices.



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    Overcharging and lying

    So the power steering pump kept going empty and it's winter and I can't do it. Took it to Canadian Tire, they took the car in at 8, by 10 a guy calls needs new pump and hose $609. + taxes so I said ok. Noon the car is done bill $837. I was charged 5.5 hrs,$54. Shop supplies $237 for the pump then $109 off for exchange, the part cost at the counter was $95. The hose again was $10 my than the over the counter price. And I was dinged another $53 for " inspection" ?
    I asked to see the parts and was told that would cost an extra $100. The new hose they said they replaced had the same old black dirt as the original, I suspect it is the same one. So they charged 5.5 hours over a maximum time of 4 hours and I think the only thing they changed was the pump and added new fluid.

    By: non-member

    good service

    i was in shopping about a week ago and it was very busy,,a women working in the garden centre(janet) asked if she could help us,,she was very upbeat and cheerful and helped me out,i was kind of grumpy when i came in but she cheered me up just with her smile and caring a big thank you to herthis was at preston crossing in saskatoon

    By: non-member

    R. Nepper

    I must say that every time that I've been in any of our canadian tire stores, I've always had someone help me with shat I've needed. I have worked in reatal for 30 years and I've found that the staff are knowledgable and if they don't know the answer they will say so and get someone to help. Way to go Canadian tire.

    By: non-member

    crappiest tire

    i bought some 3- vent covers..i knew i should probubly not have but i thought id take a chance..they barely lasted a year on top of my rv before they broke down from the uv's from the sun..they basically turned into small wafer like peices that looked like crakers..the worst plastic junk ive ever seen,,and they were 40$ each not to mention installation..whats my time worth?..i will never go to crappy tire ever again as long as i live..tired of the junk they sell..this was the quesnel crappy tire in bc..i wrote a review on these vent covers on thier website and they never published it

    By: gotama1900


    I actually worked there many years ago when it was new and at that time they did have a many talented mechanics but many of them either retired or left soon after due to the poor wages and bad management. They started to hire young apprentices and mechanics with little experience and skills who were willing to accept the pay which sounds like it is still going on to this day.

    The Service manager at that time was the owners son who had no mechanical knowledge and very little to no managment training which was a major problem that was never addressed. He caused so much unnecessary stress to the employees and to many valued customers over the years ...such as shame.

    By: automax


    Recently my car had a problem with an oil leak so i decided to take it into the Canadian tire service shop since my girlfriend works there and i could get a 10% discount. The next day i get a call from the shop telling me the diagnosis and that its going to cost about $800, i agree to this high price but the next day i get another call giving me a different diagnosis and that their first was wrong and the price has gone up to $1200 they tell me they already have a used part ready to go that they will put in. once again the next day i get a call about how the used part is broken and yet another new diagnosis with the price over $2000. at this point i am so angry, my car has been in the shop for close to a week and nothing has been done except for wrong diagnosis i know about cars and what it took them a week to figure out i could have done much faster. i talk to the supervisor who is very rude and unhelpful he says that he will speak to his manager and call me back the next day to...

    By: nonmember7

    Never ever go back

    We were up in saskatoon for he weekend, we blew our tire on the highway it was after midnight our spare would not come off so it was towed to canadian tire on confederation drive in saskatoon. sunday contected them severeal times we needed toget home to our kids anyways, talked to four differant people one phoned me said truck was get there and nope still in parking lot so the extent to our truck was severs they blew torched our spare off got careless with the blow tourch we thought every thing was ok they put spare on paid 270$ which was unreal drove the truck all the way home 5 hour drive take it next day to get tires you guys are lucky we never got killed or killed someone else 2200$ under truck in cluding the axcile to hold whells on they could off flown off NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!! so please beware off what kind off people they hire they may be cheaper but please take your vehicale to your local dealership i will never step foot in a canadian tire again ! and we have talked to others to that have had similier stories

    By: jd68


    By: JD68

    soory it was preston avenue

    Canadian Tire Auto Service

    I recently went to have my oil changed at the Milton Canadian Tire. A few weeks later I noticed one of the caps for the air valve was sitting on the floor of my car. It was surprising since I hadn't checked the air pressure in my tires in some time. I then noticed that all of the caps were missing and of course the last time anyone had checked the pressure was during my servicing. I can no longer find the remaining caps and when I called the store all they did was tell me to come in and get some new ones. I dont have a problem with that, but the associate didn't even bother to apologize for the inconvenience. I definitely will not be using Canada Tire for my auto maintenance and repairs in the future.

    By: non-member



    that's crazy. I can't believe someone would write a paragraph complaining about this.

    This place is a dump!

    My car would stall once it was operating temp. I took it in they charged me $300. I drove off and 10 min into the drive the same thing. The car stalled in the middle of traffic in rush hour.
    I went back the next day and they took it in again and told me that I have to replace something else now.
    Well, I usually do all my work on the cars etc so I am not just like anybody else out there and know a little about car. So I asked them what they wanted to change and how much it would cost me. They said something with the ignition coils and about another $300. So naturally I asked why they changed the part that I paid for already. They said its what the computer told them. So I refused to let them do any other work and talked to the manager about it. After a long fight I managed to get all but $60 from them.
    I am pissed at them because they wasted my time and my money for a part that was working just fine.
    So I had the same old problem after a couple of days of going back and forth and I was down $60.

    If you like to fix your car please avoid Canadian Tire. Those guys in that place have no idea what they are doing and how to deal with their customers.

    By: non-member

    I feel cheated

    I took my car to Canadian tire, 1731 Preston Ave. N, Saskatoon on 24th January 2009 to fix the gear stick in my car. After their initial inspection they called me around 6PM and told me that it will cost you 270$. When I confirmed after calling them back as I had no other option although knowing that it is a high cost; I was told that we are closed for the day and the repair will be done on Sunday. On Sunday at 9AM they called me that the repairment is done. When I went to pickup my car I found my total bill is 388$ + taxes in which 360$ was labour charges. After paying the money I realized that I was cheated as the 3 hr work was never done because on Sunday the store opens at 8AM and the work was completed before 9 AM. Next day when I tried to start my car it was not running. After trying for three days without any success when it started it showed check engine. Then I went to Canadian tire and told them the whole story including the extra money they charged me. They gave me some...

    By: abhat



    WOW i hate that place will never go their again

    A sad experience

    I had a car battery replaced today at Canadian tire. Altogether, it was a very frustrating experience, and I came away quite angry. I was quoted a price for the new battery plus installation. Later, when the work was already done, I was told that the price would be much higher because of the position of the battery in my particular vehical. The difference was substantial. I was quoted about 160 dollars before the work was done, but they charged me over 200! For a very typical procedure in a very common model of car, I would expect that a large buisness could give me an appropriate estimate of the cost, and respect that committment.

    Furthermore, they could not tell me where in the parking lot they had put my vehical. When it is minus forty outside, that parking lot seems awefully large!

    I feel like I have been tricked or mislead by this experience, and would either urge the buisness to correct their procedures for future customers, or for customers to go elsewhere.

    By: non-member
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    Canadian Tire has proudly stood the test of time since our founding in 1922. What began as a small but bold entrepreneurial concept has emerged to become Canada's most-shopped retailer with more than 1,000 stores and gas bars across the enterprise.

    At Canadian Tire, we have a proud history and a promising future. We have a clear sense of why we exist, where we are heading and how we are going to get there.

    1731 Preston Ave N




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