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Convenient, Conscientious and Pretty...

(I'm writing this review for those of you who invariably feel heartbroken at leaving your dog anywhere. I hope this helps)

Wonderful, wonderful place. And it's not easy to please us: we've been through our fair share of Calgary-area kennels. Our dogs are very attached to us, and very different (the small one is shy, and the big one is high-energy). Yet both of the dogs do well here, which is a lovely sight to see. We were recommended here by our vet, who thought the absence of kennels would help with their anxiety, which we think works. For a boarding place, the staff are surprisingly on-the-ball and certified, which we didn't know to look for before (oops). We think it's a riot that they have so much for the dogs, like the jungle gyms, and that means less tears from the kids, which is a relief.

By: Naddy
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