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Colors Hair Studio

304 Main St #202
T4B 2B7



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    Awesome experience

    I have been to many salons in airdrie. I have never been as pleased as I was when I went to colors hair studio. There is a young girl there name Karaleigh who is absolutely wonderful. I have never been to a hair salon where the stylist actually shows you how to use a product and actually explained why it is perfect for your hair. I would recommend Karaleigh to anyone looking for a stylist who is knowledgeable.

    By: SuperPleased

    Vanessa is amazing!

    Vanessa saved my hair! I was originally a blonde who decided to try being a brunette for the winter. Then now that the sun has decide to grace us all with it's presence I was really missing my blonde hair! I was new to the area and had no idea who I should trust with such a task seeing as your hair can get severely damaged when going back to blonde from brown. I sat on my computer googling hair salons in Airdrie till my eyes burned. I call colors hair studio and they had asked if i would come in for a free consultation. I laughed because I hadn't even thought of actually talking to someone up front before, as sill as that sounds. I went in and sat down with a young girl named Vanessa. She assured me she could get me blonde with as little amount of damage as possible. I took five deep breaths in and decided to put my fate in her capable hands. Boy was I relieved when she turned me around and I looked in the mirror! Not only am I blonde but I am the BEST blonde I have ever been!!!! I am so happy and believe me so is my husband ;) I would recommend Vanessa to anyone looking for a hairstylist!

    By: Mcollins


    I just found out my favorite hair dresser in the whole world has finally returned to Colors Hair Studio from Mat leave!!!!!!!! My Hair stylist is Monica and she has been for quite some time. I am ECSTATIC she is back and would highly recommend her to everyone!

    By: LBlast

    way over priced

    I took my daughter to colours to get a ombre color done. She got the top of her head done in a light brown and the rest of her hair was already blond so she just got a few highlights. She was in the chair for a little less than 2 hours. They tried to charge me 200 dollars. I complained and they took off 22 dollars. I paid 178.00 which was still too much for the time put in.

    I have taken my daughter to other salons and she has had more colouring done and been in the chair for 5+hours and I still paid much less. I would have paid 130-150 and walked out thinking, "not cheap but thats how much hair is no a days" but this was ridiculous.

    By: grandmac

    Kayla is AMAZING!!!!

    Kayla is a young stylist but man does she do amazing work! i get my hair cut and colored by her and it turned out to be exactly what i was looking for, it was almost like she just knew and was able to give it to me! she is one of the nicest girls i have ever met and i will gladly go back to her time and time again!!
    i recommend this girl to everyone!! go check her out!!!

    By: kitkatj

    Aly is amazing!

    I have had my hair cut and colored here many times by Alysha and she does an amazing job! So friendly,professional and confident in her work, I have never been disappointed and always leave happy. I highly reccommend her to anyone!!!!

    By: non-member

    Diane Rocks

    Diane, I can't say how much I appreciate the care you have shown myself and my family. You know your craft and it shows in all you do. Thank you! You are a stylist I will faithfully follow.

    My only negative comments are for the management. Please stop changing appointment times without first checking with the customer. How frustrating it is to plan your day around an appointment set up 4 weeks in advance only to find out that the time has changed.

    By: non-member


    Today my wife waited for someone who was double booked but when she asked what the delay was she was treated like complete crap. I drove down to the store and cancelled an appointment that was a month away and explained why. I have never seen a staff member so satisfied to remove an appointment as if she had "won a battle" or something. She even asked what phone number my daughters appointment was listed under so that she could remove this one as well. We have paid a relatively high price and tipped at least 15% on every visit. What a wonderful thank you to good customers. They will never see us in thier store again.

    By: MTP

    non member

    I have been a few times to this salon and have received good colors and cuts. The prices are a little high however. I like my hairstylst Jacklynn. She is friendly and very competent. However a few things that constructively, management might consider are these. 1. As a customer I am aware of when you double book and I have to wait long wait times while you are busy with your other customer. 2. Being on the phone talking, doesn't make me feel you are focusing on me. 3. You can't help but listen to the conversations going on around you and at times they are really inappropriate when you are striving for a certain professionality.

    By: non-member

    hair magic

    i went to many salons in calgary and in airdrie and never seemed to get what i wanted. i went to colors after a friend told me it was good . i got jacklynn, she was awesome. i am so happy with my new do and i think those who say its bad are crazy. these girls are great and it didnt cost me a fortune a double bonus. thanks ladies!!!! i will deffinitely be back

    By: non-member

    Love My Hair Again

    Tricia is THE best stylist I have ever encountered! She listens to what you want, takes her time to make sure everything is right and that you are happy, and is just a really nice lady. I highly recommend this studio! Their prices are fair and their stylists are terrific. Thanks so much Tricia!

    By: non-member


    i have to tell you i FINALLY found someone who can do it right. i have been to many salons in airdrie and havent been able to find a stylist that can handle my thick crazy mane UNTIL i found Jacklynn! the girls there are bubbly and fun, my stylist listened and asked tons of questions that no one has ever asked me. in the end i got the best color i have had in FOREVER and an amazing cut. if you are looking for a great place to go this is it. 2 thumbs up!

    By: non-member

    Worst customer service ever!

    Between them over-booking themselves, the 100 smoke breaks their staff take(they all reak of smoke!) and making we wait for almost 1/2 hour as I watched people walk in and get seated even though they DID in fact tell me that my appointment was made before those people and then their horrible excuses after. It really feels like the inmates run the asylum at this hair salon and they are super expensive to boot! I will not return there ever, there is a lot better hair salons in Airdrie that are waaay more professional!

    By: non-member

    what a nightmare

    This was the worst hair salon I have ever been to in my life. I am surprised they are still in business. I wasted for over an hour to get my haircut and finally walked out with a wet head. After reading some of the other reviews I should consider my self lucky that I only wasted and hour and a half of my time, at least I do not have a butchered hair cut as well.

    By: julie999
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