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    She loves it.

    We have been bring Jazmin to Countryside a couple times a year for the past 5 years. She loves it. As soon as we mention Puppy Hotel as we call it she runs to her leash and wants to go now. Never had a problem and sometimes when we come to pick her up she cries because she doesn't want to leave.

    By: non-member

    Great place, but not the right fit...

    I would highly recommend Countryside, but like anything the owner must decide their personal preferences. I have brought my dog to Countryside a number of times over the last year, ranging from daycare to 3 nights. She's a medium-sized border collie mix, very high energy. She always comes home tired but very happy. There is lot of playtime there. If your dog is delicate, nervous or not especially active, they may find this open environment tiring after the quiet of home. That said, my girl is always thrilled to go back!

    By: non-member

    Our Dog Loves Countryside!

    We have been bringing our dog to daycare here for several months. The staff is friendly and Elsa always comes home exhausted (a sign that she had lots of fun!). We have also boarded her for up to 2 nights with daycare during the day and she seemed her normal self after we picked her up.

    By: non-member

    NEGLIGENT!!! Bad buisness! If u want...

    I have a very large dog, so I specifically booked a SUITE. When I arrived they DIDNT put him in a suite but in a very small cage! They assured me that he would be moved in minutes, only right after they switched some dogs around (excuses an lies!) because when I arrived to pick up my dog he was STILL in the same small cage! They lied and said he had been in the suite and charged me for it anyway! Lies lies lies! Plus, his pee was very dark and he drank like crazy, lost a lot of weight! I feel awful for having left my dog there it is obvious he didn't have water, wasn't properly fed and wasn't put in the expensive and large suite I PAID for. NEVER USE THEM!!! THEY NEGLECT ANIMALS because the animals can't tell us what is really happening. I hope their buisness flops!

    By: Firefightr


    We are so glad to have found Countryside! My husband and I have been bringing our Boxer to doggie daycare at Countryside for a few years now, it started off just a few days a week but since we both work out of town we have been bringing him 5x a week for over a year now - we looked into dog walkers but they cost more for a 1/2hr walk (which isn't enough for Baxter) than we spend for a whole day at daycare.
    Baxter LOVES going to his second home, he gets to socialize all day, he comes home tired and the staff at Countryside treat him like their own, he is greeted every morning with a loving smile which makes my husband and I very happy!
    Baxter had knee surgery back in January and needed special attention for a few months and the staff at Countryside was amazing to Baxter during this time (glad to say he is fully healed!) – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
    We love Countryside and recommend it to all of our friends with pets! We also love how pictures are posted everyday so we can see just how much fun Bax is having :)

    By: JGOMES

    Puppy Mom

    My puppy has been going to daycare at Countryside 5 days a week, since she was 10 weeks old. Now, at 10 months, we are thrilled that she is so well socialized with both people and dogs.

    We adored our previous dog, but she never warmed up to other people or most other dogs. We were determined not to let that happen with our new puppy because it had detrimentally affected our ability to invite guests to our home.

    Countryside's daycare program puts Sophie in the daycare group that matches her activity level (non-stop playtime!) and personality (a bit of a tease). The staff at Countryside has helped her learn to tone down her aggressiveness with more timid dogs and to respect alphas.

    Sophie hops around every morning after my husband leaves for work because that's the signal that we will soon leave for daycare. When we arrive she runs to say hello to the staff and then sniffs the leashes and collars hanging just outside the door to the kennel to...

    By: PuppyMom

    I will never subject my dog to these...

    I have boarded my dog at this kennel on a few occasions, never for more than 24 hours and only when my first choice kennel is booked. I have always noticed that my dog is not nearly as happy after being picked up from countryside as he is when I pick him up from his regular spot, and after the last time I think I now understand why. The last time he was there, I packed his food in a tupperware container with enough dry food for a night and morning feeding (in the past I have always just sent the whole bag)and a fresh unopened can of wet food. I left specific instructions on how much of the two types of food were to be mixed together, but when I came to pick him up and his belongings were given back to me, it was obvious to me, based on the amount of food that was still in the containers, that he had only been fed once; and not even enough to equal my instructions on one meal. When I questioned the staff on this,I was at first lied to...told absolutely they fed him twice, and...

    By: mgingrich

    Countryside: A Great Place to Board...

    We have boarded our golden retriever at Countryside at least 10 times in the past 2 years, and each time have had a great experience. Our dog always races out of our car, trying to get in the front door as fast as he can. Countryside offers standard overnight boarding in kennels, but also has optional 'day care' (boarding with other dogs in a large indoor building), extra walks, washing/grooming, etc, as extra-fee add ons. In the Kitchener/Waterloo area, Countryside's prices put them in the middle of the pack - not as cheap as no frills 'kennel only' places, but not as expensive as other places (e.g Country Paws Breslau). At the risk of driving up demand for their services even more, Countryside is the best place I can think of in the KW area to board a dog!

    By: GoldenOwner
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