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Curtis Carpets LtdOwner Verified Business

1280 Pembina Hwy
R3T 2B2
Carpet Installation, Carpet Cleaning, Duct Cleaning : Winnipeg



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    Worst company in the city

    We had chosen Curtis because they had done some carpet in our basement 8 years ago and it went well. We decided to have the tile redone in our kitchen, we went back to curtis selected a tile and they came to measure the room.

    We agreed on a price, even though we thought it was higher than we were expecting, they started the job 4 weeks later.

    After completing half the job they didn't show up for the second day. We called 4-5 times wand took off work to be home, no call back.

    Next day no call back.

    We ended up hiring another company a few blocks away to finish the job.

    Curtis will never get our business again.

    By: non-member

    Would never go through Curtis Carpets...

    We ordered a kitchen floor with installation - they didn't even bother to call us to notify us they weren't coming on the install date- when I called to see if they were coming as they were late for the install ( as I had to take the day off work) I was told that the flooring didn't arrive on the truck to the store b/c there was some accident- this happened a second time to us, and finally on the third install date they arrived. Terrible customer service and seemingly dishonest.

    Wrote a letter of complaint to the company and never received a response. I tell everyone I can- use a different company!

    By: non-member


    I can't say too much, as we're still embroiled in dealing with Curtis at our builder's insistence.
    Do EVERYTHING you can to avoid dealing with anyone at Curtis Carpets. This organization is rotten from inside out, and you will definitely get screwed - it's just a matter of how exactly they will do it. (They have several tricks that end up costing you thousands of dollars more than you would pay anywhere else). They've almost admitted to us that they can do whatever they want, and our builders don't want to hear about it. We're stuck with them - you should try not to be.

    By: non-member

    Another Curtis Carpet Nightmare!!

    We had a housefire in April 2009 - the contractor used Curtis Carpet. We decided to change from wall to wall carpeting to hardwood. We could never get a straight answer from them about the price - the intallers were horrible and when they were done left a huge mess that we ensded up cleaning. Before we even moved back into our house the flooring started to warp. We went back to them over and over again and got nowhere. Tell EVERYONE to never use curtis carpet - they DO NOT deserve your business!!

    By: franny1234

    Bad customer service

    We too had built a house and had to use curtis Carpets by our builder. The intial picking out of our carpet, hardwood and vinyl flooring was good. Gail was great with helping us pick our colors, style ect...and the end resuls were good.
    We are developing our basement and were told that we could get the same pricing as we got from the builder when we were ready. So on July 23 we ordered our carpet. Gail was on holidays so we were directed to another sales person. It is now September 10 and we still do not have our carpet. After numerous calls we just keep on getting the runaround and one sad excuse after another. All we want is our carpet...why is that so hard to get ???

    By: Curtis

    Curtis Carpets

    To all residents of manitoba who are planning on installing new flooring please listen very closely. Friends of ours who built a house with the best Winnnipeg builder in winnipeg had no choice but to use Curtis carpets as their flooring company as the builder has tunnel vision and cannot see straight, that Curtis carpets has the worst PR ever. The owners of the company are the worst condesending and very rude and tend to backstab their own customers and builders and say terrible things behind their backs. The end result of their installation isn't at all great and there are so many flooring companies out there.... dont waste your time and money with Curtis...they are deplorable. The owner Wayne has no idea what he is doing and apparently his hardwood supplier changed and he had no idea which it turn effected the customers outcome and their floor is all uneven, now what kind of an owner does not know the mill has changed where he is purchasing product from!!!!!!!!!!!! duh!!!!!! how stupid can people be?? NOONE CAN WRAP THEIR HEAD AROUND THIS STORY!!.

    By: bella73
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    Curtis Carpets is one of the largest Carpet Installation store in Manitoba. If you are looking for Carpet Installation in Winnipeg Call 204-452-8100 now!

    1280 Pembina Hwy

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