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Delainey's Casual Dining Inc

930 Woodlawn Rd W
N1K 1T2
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    Not Recommended! Bad Service!

    This place looks decent on the outside and inside, has been around for a long time, but it has changed!! It is not the place that it used to be. Whether it's new management or they've just stopped caring, the service is terrible, they undercook everything, and then give you a hard time when you complain. When they finally take the food back, they re-heat your piece of meat and give you the same one!!! They don't even re-fill your side dishes and give them back cold. What kind of service is this??? You are paying top dollar here, and they treat you worse than McDonalds does! At least McDonalds hands out free meals like they cost nothing!!

    By: jimbo491
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    930 Woodlawn Rd W




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