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2121 Carling Ave
K2A 1S3

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    Barrhaven Location

    Probably the worst service I have ever had. The store has more than enough staff working in it, yet all the employees have lost sight of why they are actually there. I dealt with a toothless wonder cashier who actually shut down her cash while I was standing in line because she had to go to finish stocking the shelves?! She kept saying 'whatever, whatever' 'I have to stock the shelves you know'. The manager could care less too. I would not spend another penny in this store. The owners need to re-evaluate their hiring process and axe a few people too...

    By: badbarrhaven

    Terrible and unprofesional

    By far the most unprofessional ppl work at St.Laurant shoppping centre location. They hire little kids who can't even count the proper change to give you back and after pocketing $10.00 of my money they refused to count the cash for an extra 10 that they owed me. The young immature girl stood there with the nastiest smurk on her face while the manager argued with me saying they are not over by 10. By far the worst customer service ever recieved.

    By: non-member


    I shop here occasionally, and it's probably one of the most organized locations. I guess what they lack in customer service, they make up for in cleanliness.

    This is more of a response to Carol from AUUSS on her essay "DISSAPPOINTED IN DOLLARAMA"

    Shame on YOU Carol, according to Better Business Bureau, AUUSS is not so squeaky clean! The dollarama you've complained about has a better rating than your charity.

    As for customer service, are you really surprised? For one, it's a dollar store. What do you expect, a red carpet? Half the employees are kids and people who don't speak English regularly. A job is a job, they need to start a career somewhere.

    Second, it's a retail location, of course they don't do charitable donations! (Unless you represent a well-known organization, there's nothing in it for them, no financial gain) C'mon now, stop whining and do better research...

    By: aroscoe

    horrible experience

    I shop at dollarama occasionally, and its great i love the stuff, its cheap and good quality. However, i went to the dollarama at malvern mall located in scarborough ontario and the cashier was very rude. She threw my change at me, and did not give me a bad when i asked for it. When i told her she was being very rude she replied " I'm not slave i do not have to pack it in the bag for u." Her manager was standing there and laughing. This is unacceptable and I will never shop there again, let a lone i will let everybody know that dollarama service is utterly rude.

    By: non-member

    Disappointed in Dollarama

    I have been shopping at the Dollarama stores for as many years as they have been in operation here in Ottawa. Although the products and prices are great, I have met with some disrepectful behaviour from staff memebers at various locations.

    I am a volunteer worker for an organization that supports our deployed soldiers over seas. I have contacted by phone and in person various Dollerama Stores asking to be directed to the head office management team to see about charitable dnoations or discounted items that I might purchase for my men and women soldiers.

    I have been spending hundreds of dollars every month to make up these care packages out of my own pocket. All I have ever asked staff for were the names and numbers of people in the organization so that I might be able to plead my case for a good cause, only to be given the brush off at every turn.

    How difficult is it to give a regular customer the number or email address of...

    By: non-member
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    2121 Carling Ave




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