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Dr. Jeffrey Brown/ Weightloss Through WellnessOwner Verified Business

10 Disera Drive, 220
L4J 0A7
Medically Supervised Diet/Anti-aging Program. Treatment of Women and Men Hormonal Imbalance



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    Dr. Jeffrey Brown

    Dr. Jeffrey Brown is not only a great doctor but he provides an amazing health plan that is suitable for your body. Not only did i lose 20lbs, but i also improved my health a lot. Dr. Brown was able to diagnose and treat my illnesses, even though other doctors couldn't. He made a good vegetarian plan that helped me lose weight and increase my health. I recommend Dr. Jeffrey Brown to anyone that is looking to lose weight and improve their health.

    By: non-member

    Dr. Jeffrey Brown Review

    Dr. Jeffrey Brown is a great doctor with an amazing health plan, suitable for everyone. I didn't only lose 20lbs but i improved a lot health wise too. No other doctor has been able to figure out what health issues I have, but Dr. Jeffrey Brown diagnosed and treated them. I feel and look great, plus I am also healthy now. I highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Brown to anyone looking to improve their health and lose weight.

    By: non-member

    Dr Brown's clinic

    It is worth the money if your willing to put in the effort, but you need to be creative. The diet is restrictive initially and you need to come up with food choices that are palatable, and follows the rules--they do not really help with this so you're on your own.

    You spend a lot of time sitting in their sterile office waiting room to either get weighed in, see the nutritional counsellors or the doctor, and this is very tedious. It would be nice if there was pamphlets or other stuff like food samples in the wait room, or before and after pics instead of picaso pics.

    By: bunnyhop


    I did Dr. Browns program 3 years ago. I lost @80pds. Dr. Brown and his team are strict and to the point.Initally I was offended but when I saw the plan working and realised the I was losing weight and sticking to a plan like I have never ever before done. I understood the philosphy. He is treating food addicts. I found the progaram to be forward thinking because now all plans are similar to what Dr. Brown was doing.

    By: non-member


    I was a patient for Dr. Brown for 2 ½ months. During this period Dr. Brown did not care to make time for me during my early visits and paid most of his attention to his nurses. Every time I went in for a weigh-in which I was very strict about – Dr. Brown was extremely negative and blamed me for not losing weight. He would accuse me as a “cheater” which I thought was extremely rude and inappropriate for a doctor who I paid a lot of money too. During my final visit I had made my decision from the past month that I would not be returning. When I notified Dr. Brown about that he was extremely rude, and would not provide me with additional info to a simple question – when I had asked him what I should now add to my diet – he told me this was for my “OWN SAFETY”. Which I don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean. After visiting my family doctor – he was extremely upset knowing that Dr.Brown had given me potassium pills knowing that my blood levels were fine. I...

    By: non-member

    Grab a life jacket and get on board

    Dr. Brown is authentic, strict and to the point.
    His diet was so helpful and life changing I will never forget it.
    Look at it as if he is handing out life jackets, either you put it on or you don't. The diet may not be for everyone, but if you need help getting your health in check and your weight off and stable he is the guy to do it.
    He is down the hall from synga, try them out for a ride! spinning will help with weight loss as well.
    Get Healthy!

    By: lisa1966


    Dr. Brown is a life saver
    I have been on the program for 14 weeks and lost 37lb I have tried all other diets/weight loss programs but was never able to stick with them or commit.... This is not a diet it is a way of living a change to your way of thinking about food. THNAK YOU Dr. Brown you changed my life by giving me back my life.

    By: hortenssmith
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