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Dr. Joseph King, MD FRCSC- Lasik SurgeonOwner Verified Business

4710 Kingsway, 1020
V5H 4M2
LASIK, PRK, i-Lasik, all laser vision correction. Most advanced technology, Over 100,000 procedures. Free consultations, financing available.



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    Life Changing

    After looking into laser, i decided to do the consult with King Lasik because i didn't feel like they were trying to sell me anything and they were extremely professional. The consult went smoothly, they are a series of tests and each person spent as much time answering my questions as was necesary - not once making me feel like they were in a rush or that I had to make a decision about booking the procedure that day. I left feeling reassured and impressed.

    I called the following week to book the actual procedure and when the day finally came, I was once again made to feel at ease and taken care of. Everyone took their time making sure i was 100% comfortable and answered any last minute questions. Meeting Dr. King before the procedure made me feel much more at ease and confident. In the actual room, everyone was super chatty and friendly before Dr. King began and he was extremely efficient, quick and thorough. It was over in less than 10 minutes and...

    By: non-member

    Edmonton Kinglasik

    I had laser eye surgery using the Intralase Lasik with Wavefront technology, just over a year ago at the Edmonton location. I was able to enjoy a hockey game at Rexall Center "glasses free" the day after the procedure. The freedom it has given me is priceless! Although I still have some minor side effects such as halos and starbursts, I would do it all over again without any hesitation. The procedure was very quick and relatively painless. Dr. King and his staff were pleasant, organized and answered all of my questions truthfully. I have been recommending them to all of my glasses wearing family and friends.

    By: mraf


    I had my eyes done 6 months ago by Dr. King and I couldnt be happier. I have 20/15 vision and no side effects (halos, starring, etc). The proceedure was relitivly stress free and everything was well explained beforehand. The staff was great and the followup appointments are all included with the inital fee. I would strongly recomend Dr. King to anyone looking to get their eyes done

    By: non-member

    Can't be happier!!

    I had my lasik surgery in November. This procedure has completely changed my life. Amazing. The process maybe took all of 20 minutes and recovery time was maybe half a day, but now I can see 20/15 with both eyes. The staff at King Lasik were top notch and Dr. King was very professional. Anyone thinking about this procedure or hiring Dr. King should not hestitate. Money very well spent.

    By: non-member

    clearly lasik

    I had lasik in September and am very pleased with the outcome . DR King and His staff have made me very comfortable every step of the way. I would recomend clearly lasik in Kennewick WA to any one thinking about lasik

    By: non-member

    Everything is clear now!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Joseph King and his staff for their professional services. They are top notch. I am very happy with my 20/15 vision. Everything is clear in the distance now. I am glad I do not have to wear glasses. I had my surgery in the Edmonton office.
    Tom Chesterman
    Edmonton AB


    No better experience in my life

    It's been 4 months now, since I had my surgery at Clearly Lasik.
    I couldn't be more pleased. It changed my life. Dr. King is the most patient, professional, and nice doctor I have ever met.
    The staff are the same as good and professional as him. Professionalism can be smelled once you enter in the clinic. I really eternally appreciate having won the lottery of perfect vision. Thank You All! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    By: non-member

    Great for over 40's!

    I was told by a lot of people not to bother with eye surgery once I started needing progressive lenses. I am so thankful I did not listen to them! I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and only need "readers" when it is dark or the print is tiny (for now). I can't believe all the benefits the surgery has brought with it. No more blind encounters in swimming pools, no more steamed glasses at the gym, and no more headaches because my progressive lenses weren't perfectly aligned. I always wore contacts until I aged and my vision changed enough that I had to move into progressives. Contacts no longer worked well for me and my optometrist recommended Clearly Lasik in Victoria. What a great experience. Their office is extremely professional and you feel like you are in great hands!

    By: non-member

    Better Now than Later!

    My whole experience at Clearly Lasik in Victoria, BC was wonderful. The staff are attentive and friendly, doing all of the pre-op preparations and post-op care efficiently and thoroughly. The facility is modern, comfortable and located in a convenient part of town. Dr. King was really great, very kind and answered all of my questions in detail. Before the surgery I was quite nervous but everyone was patent and supportive, making the whole process quick and easy. Now I wish I did it sooner! Thank-you Clearly Lasik, I have perfect vision now!

    By: paleah1234

    Excellent Experience

    Two of my cousins had been to Clearly Lasik for corrective surgery before I decided to undergo the procedure. They both spoke very highly of their experiences there and now I can as well.

    The entire staff including Dr. King made me feel at ease from start to finish. I am incredibly happy with my perfect vision now and highly recommend this company.

    I had no trouble getting by with glasses and contact lenses and for a while was put off by the apparently high cost of the surgery. When I compared it to replace my glasses and had run out of contact lenses though, it makes sense. What a luxury it is to have perfect vision! Why are you waiting?

    By: ptichelaar

    Knowledgable and helpful staff

    Everyone that I came into contact with at the Victoria Corneal Laser Centre were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. There were no complications with the procedure with time in the "operating room" being minimized to what seemed like a matter of minutes. I would highly recommend completing your follow up care with their office. It is convenient and you could not have better care. I am completely satisfied with the results, 20/20 vision within 2 weeks of the procedure!

    By: non-member

    Great Experience by Phil W

    I have had RK and LK at another clinic several years ago. It worked well for a while, but RK tends to fade after about 10 years. I decided to try DR. King who did a treatment over my RK. It worked beautifully, and the staff was first rate on customer service.

    Phil W

    By: non-member

    Great Experience

    I had been thinking about Laser eye surgery for a while. I met with two other places but after meeting with Dr. Kings team I decided to go with them.

    They had friendly staff, it was on the skytrain line which made it convenient. They've been great at organizing my follow up meetings.

    Had a friend who went to another place and she said it felt like she was part of a herd of cattle getting ushered about.

    I really recommended Dr. King.

    By: huwc
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