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EnWise Power SolutionsOwner Verified Business

5525 Eglinton Ave W, #100
M9C 5K5
Offering a full line of home energy saving solutions including ENERGY STAR furnaces, boiler, air conditioners, tankless water heaters plus insulation and air sealing packages that qualify homeowners for the most government grants and rebates ever available. The smarter way to save on home energy.



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    A nice sounding word with a great promise. It conjures a perception of fairness and a sense of propriety. And that's what you expect when somebody knock on your door with such urgency.

    Today, two representtives from Enwise came knocking and pressing our doorbell. One guy asked if we have a rental water heater. They wanted to see what model it was and I obliged. After seeing the water heater, the other guy wrote down the particulars while the other was filling out paperworks. The paperworks were to enable us to transfer to them our business. But at the onset they were portraying themselves to help me, the homeowner,to be able to get a new more efficient heater. And they will make the arrangement with Enbridge to gacilitate the transfer. At first glance, the gesture was noble until you are asked to sign an application for transfer of you business to Enwise. Then you realize that you are making them your water heater rental provider. Underhandedly..................


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    5525 Eglinton Ave W




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