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    In response to WHAYAHSEH

    In response to Mr. Gales accusations of our incompetance, I can tell you that the Rolex watch that was brought in for repair was 80 years old. Rolex Canada declined to service the watch and suggested he try Damiani Jewellers. We tried our best given that no original gasket, crown or crystals have been available for this watch for 25 years. The watch came to us worn out to the point it required bushings. The lubricant was dried out and the watch had not been worn for many years. It was definitely not working perfectly before he brought it to us! Why bring it to us if it ran well? He also was informed by Rolex about the parts situation and the limitation that would bring. We cationed the customer that even after we replaced the gaskets, crystal and crown with the best fit rolex parts we could not guarantee it water proof since original parts are not available and any waterdamage could not be repaired. We gave him a watch strap since he complained that we were charging him to...

    By: non-member


    I have to agree with KevinD. Olin is a joke. I asked him if i could loop a medallion through a link on my chain (instead of having it slide on the chain) and he cuts the loop without my consent and says "oh ya it will work" at that point i refused to purchase it and Olin said i have to buy it because work has already been done to it. I never told him to do that. Idiot.

    By: non-member

    Forget the caution...just avoid them!

    Follow up to earlier review.

    Rolex watch went back to Damiani and I dealt with Frank himself.

    Bottom line? A watch that worked reliably and kept good time and was waterproof before going to Damianis is less accurate (though better the second time than the first) not waterproof (took their word on that one) and worst of all stops! When I told them of the these shortcomings both times they tell me I need to wind a self winding watch that did not need winding this time I wound it....and it still stopped.

    They gave me a wrong sized dirty gaudy coloured Hirsch bracelet for my trouble...and claimed the 25 dollar retail price item was worth 160.00.

    So...a whole pile of headaches, a thousand dollars at least 4 trips to their store and I still don't know what time it is...except that it is time to recognize damianis for what it is.....and that is as far from good service and good value as possible aside from losing the item entirely...

    By: whayahseh

    response to kevin D

    In response to Kevin Dorgan [] comment that we jack up the prices. We will sell Kevin Dorgan the ring in the case as is for the price on the tag. If Kevin wants us to make him a new ring in different size with a different top them we will supply him an estimate at the going rate. Platinum and gold prices change everyday and thats why we prepare an estimate for a special order. If he doesn't like the price he can shop elsewhere but be assured our prices are competive. We can't go back in time and buy gold or platinum at the old price. Assuming we can doesn't make any sense. I ask Kevin if he got a better price elsewhere?

    By: non-member

    Untrustworthy Jeweller - Avoid At All...

    Do not try to do business with this place. Once you see something you like at their store they jack up the price. I was given a quote by one of their employees; two weeks later I was told by Olan the manager that the price had increased by $1,000. I asked him why the price had changed so much and he said it was because the price of gold had gone up. But get this - there was no gold in the ring, it was platinum! Do not trust these guys.

    By: KevinD
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