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Global Credit & Collection Inc

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    Maffia tactics

    I was contacted by Nick Thomas 905-258-2834 asking me to call him back concerning my son. He did not tell me he was from a collection agency or any other information other than he was looking for my son. Refused to tell me what is was about or who he was representing. Arrogant-ignorant-rude. totally mob tactics. Ihad to call him back to find out who he worked for and the address of the company.

    By: non-member

    Rogers Global Credit Collection Scam-...

    I paid my final Rogers Wireless bill years ago. I confirmed with Rogers representative that they got the final payment and I was assured on that phone call that I owed no other money to the company. I was glad to get rid of a ridiculous company that I practically had to phone monthly because they overcharged me. I signed up with one of their affiliates on a family plan and every month the bill was not reflective of the family plan.

    After I paid my Rogers bill I never received any notification that I owed anything, because I didn't.

    Global Credit Collection sent me a letter threatening me on a bill I have paid years ago and that Rogers acknowledged and never sent me any further correspondence that I owed anything.

    This is a fraudulent company who seems to have obtained a list of past Rogers customers trying to con us out of money we don't owe.

    Read this Alberta BBB Alert on the Alberta Government Findings that Global Credit Collection...

    By: scamalert

    To get them to stop

    If you want them to stop calling you then send them a registered letter telling them to stop contacting you and if they think you owe money then they can take you to court. They can no longer contact you after they get the letter. If they do contact you keep a record of dates and times.

    By: non-member

    We are going through what your going...

    My boyfriend and I just applied for a mortgage and discovered a debt on his credit bureau that was paid off in 2010. The website is not legit. The phone number listed is not legit. This company has horrible reviews. THE REAL NUMBER IS 1-866-350-1405

    We are giving the real number to our bank today and have explained to them the little scam this company has going on. PLEASE DO THE SAME AND SPREAD THE WORD!

    By: non-member


    This company keeps calling me, asking for me but using misspelled name which looks suspicious.
    I have a perfect credit, don't owe anyone anything but these morons must be going through some outdated papers and harass people.
    I know for a fact that they are asking for money that is not owed as I once (about 7 years ago) had an issue with a company, resolved it but when I told these guys to call the company to verify it, they refused and said they want me to pay them and that they don't care.

    Really bizarre business model.

    By: non-member

    Gang de stupide

    Bomjour j'ai essayer de vous appeler pendant 1 mois pour avoir des infos sur mon compte et personne repond au tel et persone retourne mes appels so j'en conclut que vous etes tous des imcopetents et que vous ne voulez pas vous faire payer

    By: non-member

    Amazing fools

    I received a letter from a lawyer retained by them, and I had never received any communication from them whatsoever.

    My issue came when the recession hit. 4 years later I receive this letter. They never had my contact information, I don't know how they even found me after 4 years.

    I don't use Rogers anymore, refuse to because of their B.S.

    And with all these negative reviews, I've contacted the lawyer, will not make any payments without guaranteed receipt of payment.

    Why do they pay thousands of dollars to retain a lawyer for a bill less than $500? Is it really worth it?

    This foolishness makes me sick.

    By: non-member


    Paid this off 4 years ago and have been trying to get in touch with someone at Global for quite some time. Always no answer or the phone hangs up when you try to dial an ext?? Have the receipt from lawyers office to prove it...Answer your phone!!!!!

    By: non-member

    paid in full, no receipt, still...

    Husband was a fool when he was younger. He had a debt and Global Credit contacted him to big deal, Made arrangements to pay each month for 18 months. They took it out of the bank, on time, every month until July of 2010 (end of 18 months) is now April 2012 and we cannot contact them nor have we ever received a confirmation of payment and the Debt still shows on the credit bureau. Now a different company is contacting us telling us we owe the SAME debt

    Anyone else think that is strange?

    By: non-member



    this is the exact same dates and EXACT same situation as what we are going through

    global credit collections

    This is a scam !!!! I think think there is an really company named Global Credit Collection.. But they send you letters asking for money.. The police must do something about this!!

    this is their website... fake website trying to steel your money

    By: non-member

    where the fluck is my proof of...

    well , I guess you have an idea of my grievance, EH! it appears that it"s not the first one either, is it??? look you people need someone to field calls from the very people that you're harrassing in an illegitmate mannner. they actually want to cooperate with you, but it appaers you're too afraid to. what else could it be?? So, as far as i'm concerned, you are going to get paid, but i've decided to pay you $1.00 per month. how's that!!, until i get a receipt of some sort, O.K.

    signed, Riley Brennan ( stratford, ON.)

    By: pyssd


    A very annoying pre-recorded message 'screams' at me when I answer the phone at a PLACE OF BUSINESS. I tried to call back and ask them nicely to STOP calling the business number but the extension I was put through to wouldn't allow me to leave a message, so I tried to call back again and at least speak to an operator with no success. I understand that these people are trying to do their job but when they harrass me at a place of business and I have nothing to do with their reason for calling, I have reason to be annoyed.

    By: non-member

    Brainless twits

    I have been fighting with these idiots for 2yrs now.....they say I owe monies to some company i have never heard of....I have asked for documentation of this bill and this company....all I get from global is a letter from THEM with a holding companies name on it saying I owe $$$$. I ASKED FOR A BILL FROM THE COMPANY THEY CLAIM THEY ARE COLLECTING FOR NOT A LETTER OF COLLECTION FROM THEM!!!!! We are not all as stupid as they are....I want specifics I want a DETAILED bill of sale for whatever it is I apparently bought and never paid for....this is not brain surgery people....WOULD YOU PAY A BILL YOU HAVEN'T SEEN TO A COMPANY YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF??????


    These people are bottom feeder...

    Do not deal with these people they are bottom feeders buying collection reports from the final bucket of people who owe money, they harass anyone they could to get money on a debt so old that nobody even remembers the debt, they will call family members, elderly parents, kids, aunts uncles, hoping for someone to pay up to avoid problems for the person who owed the money 15 years ago....they don't stop and won't stop, they set their phones to auto dial and harass people 7 days a week, call them and you can never get to speak to anyone, they are bothering my parents about a grandson who doesn't even live in their province of choice.....they should be reported and shut down, but that happens everyday, they just open up under another name, take a look at the New York/Ontario borders (Buffalo) and these jerks have offices all over the place, even high felons to collect....BONEHEADS!!!!!!!!!!

    By: notanidiot

    Wrong Number!!!!!!

    Global keeps calling asking for a gordan this has been going on since Nov/Dec, but there is no Gordon here. At first we were polite, but when the calls didn't stop we got frustrated. Even when we phoned back telling them this number is wrong and to take it off, they were like this number doesn't exist! well of course it does they called us from there. Finally calls did stop for about a month and just today they start it again. Asked to speak w/supervisor, supervisors attitude was RUDE!! so that just fed my fire even more. She said that it was taken off today, but we'll see how long this lasts. NO Wonder why people swear and are rude to them. We have never been in collections and this harrassment is ridiculus. It's so maddening that it's actually getting to be funny! Even though they said it was taken off I think we're going in for round 20 tomorrow. GLOBAL IS A STALKER!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i wouldn't even give them 1/2 a star rating but it's making me :(

    By: frustrated12

    Kept Calling

    These guys were calling me about an account that was real old.
    You can't expect me to pay for something from 5 years ago!!!
    I tried talking to them but they didn't seem to get it.
    I googled their company name "Global Credit" and found their website.
    I sent a request to stop bugging me. A manager called me back a couple days
    later and told me they were closing my account. The website is

    By: nealM

    nothing new

    I am in agreement with everyone but the perfect person with no credit problems. These people are clueless. They never answer the phone, unless you know an extension, and even then you almost always get their voice mail. When you do get through to a human being, they don't know what they are talking about and they transfer you onto another person, in which you get a voice mail. RIDICULOUS! I took care of my account with them over a year ago, and yet my credit report shows that it was never handled. Okay, so where they heck is my money!

    And, in case anyone is interested, the BBB rated them an F on a scale of A+ to F

    By: peimum

    No return calls

    I have called this company numerous times about an outstanding debt I did not remember having from years ago that is holding me back from getting my mortgage. I have left messages saying I owe money and would like to take care of it immediately and no phone call have come back. I have been trying for 2 months and am fed up with it. I have taken care of outstanding debts with them before and have never had a pleasent time. They never mailed out any info proving that I have paid off my debts despite them promising to do so.I know it is my fault for not paing the debt off on time but when I am trying to pay it off and no one calls back despite numerous messages the blame gets passed onto them. Do your jobs!

    By: mccall0515


    By: PEIMUM

    I paid mine off with them over a year ago, and it still shows on my credit report that I still owe the full amount. They never sent a receipt even though they promised to, however, my credit counselor told me that the paper I faxed to them with the information for payment and the statement showing that the payment cleared is equal to a receipt. Thank God for that!

    is this for real

    global collections, the guys phone 5 times a day want to pay a visa account with another credit card? Then this Mathew Locycero writes a letter saying congratulations!After reviewing your file, we will split your debt into monthly installments if you qualify, qualify for what? I not applying for credit. I think all that work there are ???? ups.

    By: non-member

    Over 4 months of calls

    We received a new number from Rogers and ever since the calls from this company have been non stop for over 4 months. We were polite in the beginning but it's gotten totaly out of hand. We've explained to numerous people from this company that we are not the person they are looking for and have been told after every call that our number will be deleted from the computer. This is all a pack of lies. If you have problems continue with this company and you don't owe them any money phone the manager every time you receive a call from them. Call Anthony Pillay and complain!

    By: non-member

    Stupid Company

    I have recieved calls from this company for the last month. They have call me 17 times in one week and they call every hour on the hour sometimes they call 2 times back to back. A man named Warren called me I told him what was going on and he called me as if I never talk to him

    By: non-member


    I just want to say that it isn't the collectors fault that you owe money, everyone has a job to do and that is a collectors job to call you and try to get you to pay your bill, I agree with you all when saying that they shouldn't be rude when doing so but if you listen to yourself sometimes and understand the stress that they go through everyday having to look after your problems with money then you will realize that they aren't being rude and it is really you and your problems.

    I have been in that situation where i owe money and by speaking properly with the collectors you will get things straight and with no hassle, i also have been a debt collector and i understand both sides of it, so think to yourself, if i want the calls to stop or to be treated with respect, what do you i need to do....

    PAY YOUR BILLS bottom line.

    By: non-member


    By: PAYBAX

    No I dont have collectors calling me, and YES that is a part of my current job description. BUT, get it right! If you call a few times and they say that it is the wrong number, you must verify the number you are calling through other sources, that IS your job too. If you care calling someone that is not remotely related to the client of interest, well you are illeagaly harrassing that person. And FYI that is a federal statute with serious penalties. Yes you ahve to do your job, so do I, but if the information is incorrect then figure it out. Validate your information before you go off with a torrent of calls.

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