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Good-Eyes Optical Inc

4300 Steeles Ave E, Pacific Mall Unit E62MarkhamON
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    Fair Comments- Simply The Best

    This is the second times I have dealt with Good Eyes Optical at the Pacific Mall. I always deal with Sean Hou who is the optician of the store. He had never disappointed me. I was impressed by Sean's professional advices. Last time when I picked up my prescription glass, he double checked with me to make sure everything was ok. He found out the the lens were not focused properly. He took it back and sent back to the factory. He placed an urgent request and three days later I got it back with a new pair of lens. The price is right. The service is great. That is why I go back to them again.

    By: non-member

    Horrible Service and Product.

    But then again, what did I expect. Ordered on Monday and they said it would be in by the end of the week. Today is Friday and I haven't heard anything so I called to check the status. They said they'll call me back. Two hours pass...no call. I call again and they again say they'll call back...no call. One last time, I call, they say they'll call back. I think they finally got the point since they called back and told me it'll be ready before close. I call at 7pm and the lady says "Yes it's in...you can pick it up tomorrow." Tomorrow?! If you know anything about Pac Mall, you don't want to go there on a Saturday so I told her I'd like to get it today. for which she simply responds "ok".

    It takes me 30 minutes to get to Pac Mall and I get there at 7:45, before they close at 8pm. The optician then decides to check my RX at THAT time, rather than checking BEFORE I got off the phone with them. Lo and behold, he tells me...

    By: djmasse

    Poor service and blames dedicated eye...

    A patient of mine has to have a redo of her henses because her prescription changed drastically. I spend much time to verify that the change is valid and told her the importance to adapt to it! Somehow she couldn't and unfortunately i had to purposely lower it but she won't see as sharp. Good Eyes blames me for giving her wrong numbers and wants the patient or ME to pay for the redo ($150). Sorry but if she were to go to Lenscrafters, Hakim, Pearle Vision, Sears optical (or wherever) they would redo doctor's change NO-CHARGE, NO FUSS. Highly do not recommend this optical or others like it with poor re-do policy for their clients. Btw, i rarely have to re-write my patient's prescription (which is not so straight-forward as you might presume).

    By: non-member

    Great Selection - Great Service

    We found this store by chance because they carried a brand we liked. They are always very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and turnaround time on orders is always faster than you expect (2 days on average). Prices are also far below a typical store. We have ordered 4 pairs through them and will definitely go back in the future.

    By: non-member
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    4300 Steeles Ave E




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