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Gregg's Plumbing & Heating

503 51st St E
S7K 6V4
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    Would never use Gregg's again.

    We purchased an AC from Gregg's a few years ago and then the AC stopped working. Technician told us the part was covered under warranty but not the labour - $700! Never heard from them until May of this year. They came June 1 to put new part in, it was the wrong size. Said it would be here in 5 to 10 days. After repeated calls to find out what was happening as they would not call me;we were extremely frustrated. Finally on 1 1/2 months later they installed it. They had no problem insisting they be paid prior to the technician leaving and no discount.
    From a customer service point of view they were awful. I teach Customer Service training and I have never been so frustrated with a business. I asked to speak to the manager and kept being referred back to Doreen. Had they returned my calls and perhaps offered some form of remedy or seemed to understand waiting for over a year, they may have kept a customer. The technician was wonderful to deal with and very...

    By: 45678


    By: GREGGS

    Hello, I appreciate the feedback. Sorry to hear the service did not live up to your expectations. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so please call me directly to discuss. – Eric G.

    They are Scammers

    Really, they are out to scam you. Luckily I am only out a couple of hundred bucks with them. Something was wrong with my air conditioner/furnace, I called them, they came out immediately - which I thought was great- really they don't want to fix anything, just sell you stuff. Brett refused to give me a ballpark figure on how much to replace the air conditioner. Said he had to measure each room in the house first (everyone else I had in afterwards didn't). Didn't want to do the quote without my husband there. I guess they wanted to talk about "men" things - I don't know.
    Afterwards I talked to another lady on my block and she said the they did the same thing. She wouldn't recommend them either.

    By: non-member

    A/C coil fixed

    Took Gregg's over a year to get my a/c fixed. I'd call daily to find out when it could get done. Spent one whole summer without it. Then in May of this year I started calling again to get it fixed. They always tried to blame the manufactor. So I decided to call them and see what the hold up is and it wasn't even in their records that my a/c was broken. So I called back and mentioned it and they reply I don't have a/c in my home to just open my windows at night to cool the house off.
    Finally after making me wait over a whole year for it to be fixed. They send Brett in and very rude and unprofessional to say the least. I'm talking to his boss on the phone about cost. He's standing there lisening into my conversation. Then I hang up and he starts getting mad at me and just being plain rude. Going as far as calling me a liar. ( Cause when my a/c was first installed 8 years ago, the worker at the time started my furnace room on fire and then ran out of the...

    By: sherbear



    By: GREGGS

    Hello, I appreciate the feedback. Sorry to hear the service did not live up to your expectations. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so please call me directly to discuss. – Eric G.


    I see alot of hatred for the people that do the furnace work at greggs, i have a newish house it is 14 months old now, we had some problems with our tap in the powder room and the kitchen tap(both made by delta) our new home warranty expied after 1year, talking with the office lady, she agreed to send out one of her plumbers, well if it didnt end up being the same guy we saw installing our dishwasher, very easy to talk to and seemed very knowledgable with his job andstuff he fixed, well it turned out that we neded new cartridges in both taps as tgry had some kind of debris stuck in them and wouldnt come out, the plumber said that he will make sure that this repair doesnt cost us a dime as the cartridge is lifetime warranty but the labour is not...i need to say thay there is always someone who complains and not enough who praise, what a time we live in everyone complains, i have had NOTHING but great appreciation for greggs people!!!

    By: non-member

    Outrageous Pricing and Get you when...

    The pricing was outrageous compared to a lot of other companies and when we inquired as to why we were told by not one but two people that the filter selected was worth $1000 dollars. So when we said we did not want it and would deduct that amount from our bill they backpedaled and told us that the source abatement (duct cleaning) and the filter together were valued at $1000. I asked how much they charged for duct cleaning alone (which we had scheduled for the next day) they told me $599. I told them to cancel the duct cleaning and had it done by Powerbrush the next morning for $205 tax in. I also found the filter they said was worth $420 at Home Depot for $89. We were in a bad situation as my husband was out of town. They came that day said they could put the new furnace in in 4 days providing we gave them a $2000 deposit. So in a panic we did it only to realize after we paid almost double the rate. Our bad for not shopping around. But please know you CAN keep your home comfortably warm with space heaters and a nature gas or electric fire place. Don't rush or panic like we did!!

    By: Lovelylola


    Beware - Gregg's will try to sell you a new furnace even if you don't really need one! If you need a part replaced they will charge outrageous prices and then tell you they will take the cost of the expensive part off the purchase of your new furnace. But, you will have to make this decision on the spot, sign up for a new furnace and leave a deposit. If you agree, the new part will then be removed and used to repair another customer's furnace. If they don't have the part in their vehicle at the time of repair, it will cost you extra (by no fault of your own). I had a tech spend no more than minutes trying to persuade me to purchase a new furnace and did not discuss options but went straight to the Premier model and did not leave any brochures nor did he tell me what brand of furnace he was selling. He told me that all of the furnaces are made by the same company. Greggs offers an apples to apples guarantee where if you find a comparable installation for less,...

    By: neveragainfu


    By: KEVINK

    I like your review.
    What you just found out is that Straightforward Pricing is not what it sounds like. It is not straight forward at all. What we consumers do not know is that these companies are highly trained in how to maximize profits. They have bought into this trade marked "Straightforward Pricing" concept and they pay monthly fees for support and training on how to make even more money.
    Diagnose fees, uniforms, little booties, and up selling is all part of their training. No parts are itemized on their bills, no labor rate is itemized. How does one compare their quotes? They talk real nice but the bottom line is their profit, make no mistake about that.


    You sound like a disgruntled employee

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    Will NEVER recommend them to anyone!

    We had our furnace and A/C put in and they have been back twice..once because A/C leaked all coolant after one year which they charged my 500.00 to fix...and a second time for furnace...well today we found out that natural gas has been leaking slowly since they installed it...Sask Energy is here fixing there idiotic mistake...When they installed it they didnt put the gas fittings on correctly! Nice!

    By: Heather100

    Very impressed with our furnace service

    Just wanted to say how impressed and pleased I was with the furnace service I received from the serviceman with Gregg's Plumbing & Heating. We had 2 furnaces to be serviced and the serviceman worked on our furnaces for approx. 3.5 hrs. which included replacing a damaged flame sensor (after he explained this problem to me, quoted me a price, and asked if I would like this done). I believe that this part needed replacing because our furnace had quit working last winter and we had another company come out and "clean it off" but stated it didn't really need replacing. Thanks again for the great service.

    By: purplelw

    Good Service All Around

    We have used Gregg's Plumbing and Heating for ten years. They have installed our furnace and gas fireplace insert. They have maintained already existing gas fireplaces and our furnace. We have had the plumber fix a leaking shower drain. All the service was done professeionally by knowledgeable personnel. All are courteous, friendly, considerate and explain the details. The office staff is helpful and friendly. They even have do emergency calls. We highly reccommend them!!!

    By: non-member

    Warranty service call

    I just had one of your technicians come in and service the furnace we bought from you. Your technicians are always very knowledgable, polite and always put booties on their shoes which is a nice touch.
    After he finished his inspection, he came upstairs and asked if he could go through what he did.
    I have never had any problems regarding your company, the service you provide and your polite technicians.
    Keep up the excellent customer service!

    By: gizzy

    Not cheap but good service

    I had a plumber from Gregg's come out to my house because my toilet kept running and running and I tried to fix it myself, but I couldn't figure it out. I grabbed the yellow pages and sstarted looking for a plumber to come out - so I called around and most of the places I called it sounds like the plumber is driving down the road in his truck. I was lucky to get to Gregg's plumbing and they had really nice ladies answering the phone. I wasn't crazy about haivng to pay $99 to have a plumber come out but nearly every place I called was charging a call fee raning from $49 - $109 so I figured that's what you have to pay for a plumber. The guy that came to my home didn't speak the best english, but he took the time to explain how all the corrosion in my toilet had eaten away at the parts and then told me that my toilet was already thirty years old so maybe it would be time to look at a replacement. So I bought a new toilet for around $500 and I know that I could...

    By: Lepinsk
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