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    Charged for services not recieved.

    My cat recently developed some strange bumps under his chin. I was concerned and called around to find who has the best price in my area for a complete checkup. I was told that this hospital did a full exam for something like 70 dollars roughly. This was the best price I had found, so I made an appointment. I went in, and the vet checked under my cat's chin, and explained what the bumps might be, and gave me a prescription. He then said I'm all done, and left. I was told that for the price I was paying that it was a full examination. He didn't check my cat's heartbeat, ears, nose, mouth, or anything. I paid 70 dollars for him to touch my cat's chin and send me on my way. I believe that if they said the price is for a full examination, that I should have recieved one. I'd rather pay a bit more and go the place I used to go: Cat Clinic of Niagara. The service is much better there.

    By: kitkat270


    this vet was terrible!!! since they moved they raised their visit charges without informing me. I took my dog in for her annual vaccination and could not BELIEVE what what added onto my bill without informing me! I ended up walking out paying $300!!! Also when i got there i was in the waiting room for about 20 minutes. The vet didnt discuss or explain anything to me she just went along doing stuff and added it to the bill! Never taking my dog back there again! their shaddy!

    By: non-member
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