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8234 Yonge Street
L4J 1W6
Serving York Region by offering Premium Pet Care since 1998. Dog Daycare, Cagefree Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet Visits, Cat Sitting, Grooming. Have peace of mind, knowing that when you go away, your pets are getting the best in care and comfort.



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    review from category: Pet Walkers

    Holiday Pet Care is a great place to leave your dog for a few hours while you are at work or even while you go on vacation. I leave my dog there when I have to go to school for long hours because I hate to leave her in a crate at home. When I bring her in, they already know her by name and I just drop her off and I know she is safe. They have special doors that can only be opened by the secretary, which really helps to ensure that no dogs can escape. The fences in the back are dug deep into the ground so that no dogs can burrow their way out. Each dog is pre-screened to make sure that they have a good temperament for this environment. They also have a special air filtration system to help prevent the spread of infections and fleas, although each dog who comes must have flea protection. I think they take the dogs outside about every 2 hours to prevent accidents inside. They have 2 rooms inside. The downstairs room for crazy and rambunctious dogs and the upstairs room for the calmer and older dogs, or dogs who are not allowed to exercise. When I come to pick up my dog she is always sitting by the secretary, which I hear means they like them best! :) Then when my dog gets home, she eats her dinner and then passes out til the next morning. A tired pooch is always a happy pooch. I always know my dog is getting enough exercise when she goes to doggie daycamp! Holiday Pet Care also does dog walking in the area as well as pet visits for cats and petsitting. Cageless boarding is available for any length of time but remember to book early for christmas and new years as they fill up fast! I'm going to leave my dog there while i go away for christmas and for new years and I know she will have a blast. She will even have some of her friends there!
    Overall, Holiday Pet Care is an affordable way to ensure your dog will be happy and safe when you can't be with them!



    • By: RUTH
      Great Place to Socialize
      December 3rd, 2007

      I also believe in doggy daycamp, as it teaches our dog to get along well with others. This place seems ideal. Thanks for the info.

    • By: HILARY
      December 4th, 2007

      I have heard great things about Holiday Petcare from others as well. Sounds like they have a great reputation.

    • By: DAVE87
      December 4th, 2007

      It breaks my heart to leave my dog at home! Finally a place where she can go and have fun! I'll check this place out! Thanks!

    • By: DANAM
      December 7th, 2007

      I take my dog here and she loves it! It is such a great place for dogs to make friends and just have a fun time while you're at work!


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    8234 Yonge Street



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