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Holt Renfrew


50 Bloor Street West

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Best of Everything

Holt Renfrew has the best of everything. If you ever need a dress for a special occasion this is the place to go. You will always find just the perfect thing. And, believe it or not, not everything is highly priced. I have seen designer dresses that would be perfect for prom for under $300. At sale time, if you have the patience to go through the racks, you can find some really good deals. $500 dresses can be bought for $200.

I love the makeup. I use Yves Saint Laurent makeup and this is the only place I can get it. I have used similar makeup by other brands (also high priced brands like Chanel) but they don't measure up. The sales staff really know what they are talkimg about and are really helpful.

Admittedly the cost of most of the stuff prevents me from going too often, but even at Holts, bargains can be found and if you are not looking for a bargain and are willing and able to pay the price, the quality you will get will be the very best.

By: Ruth



Wow, you really do have great taste, Ruth :)
I have to admit, I've never gone into Holt's b4 becuz it's so well known to be higher end & I had thought it was completely out of my price range.
However, after reading your review, I'm going to give it a chance, especially if I could find a great bargain! ( I just absolutely love finding a superb bargain!)
As well, I had no idea that they sold makeup there. I love makeup & am always experimenting with new & exciting products so I'd luv 2 see what they have :)
Thanx once again for sharing some amazing information with the rest of us!


Make sure you go at sale time like after xmas or August.

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