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Kensington Animal Hospital

6620 Hastings St
V5B 1S2


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    Caring and considerate

    I came home from work one day to find my puppy barely able to breathe and coughing incessantly. His simple case of kennel cough had worsened during the day. I called my regular vet and was told they were closing for the day. I called the Kensington next. They told me to bring the dog right away and the vet would wait for me. Once there they were very caring and concerned-spent time with the pup, gave him medication immediately and waited to see how he reacted. I was given clear instructions on how to care for him and told to call next day and let them know how he was doing. Needless to say, I've dropped my old vet and stayed with this one. Over the last three years, I've never received anything but excellent service-from the receptionists to the vets. I would highly recommend them.

    By: tankenn

    No Respect for this vet clinic!!...

    I had an emergency with my puppy over a year ago. He became very ill suddenly while I was driving home to Port Moody from downtown Vancouver. He was vomiting and had diarrhea in my car. It was very scary because he was so ill. I was caught in rush hour traffic and I knew I would not be able to get to my vet in Coquitlam before they I stopped at Kensington Animal Hospital (which was on the way).The vet just glanced at my pup and then recommended I take him to the emergency overnight hospital in Coquitlam. The vet did not do one thing to help my dog...and had the gall to charge me for the so-called checkup. How cruel! He didn't even do anything to help my dog and charged me for it. Money-grubbing vet! I was so distraught over my dog that I paid the bill...but afterward I wished I had just walked out of there!! Pure example of no compassion or empathy! Just out for the buck! Please do not take your beloved pet here.

    By: vday
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    6620 Hastings St




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