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1900 Broadway W

Office and print services.



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    Quite pleasedQuite Pleased

    I have had to do printing at Kinko's recently. Their computer that kept track of how much the service cost was being repaired, and so as compensation, they rounded down my total bill to the nearest dollar and took me at my word on what it cost. They were cheerful polite and much more helpful than the other kinko's locations I have been to in Vancouver.

    By: non-member

    They have BAD and LOUSY customer service

    Kinko is very famous in their BAD customer service; I've heard alot. I go to the Burnaby location and they are not bad... NOT until I came to the Broadway one. This lazy and impatient customer service rep kept complaining and sighing while helping me printing my work. He even told other customers unprofessionally that I used up all his time (one of them happened to be my friends at kinko). If I wanted to count how many times he sighed in front of me, I would say it was not less than 10 times. At the same time, he kept saying I was supposed to do it myself and he wanted it to finish asap. BUT, he forgot how many times he did the printing wrong and clicked on the wrong buttons, so that he wasted my time as well. I mean, I paid him and when the computer is not functioning well, he as a customer rep was supposed to HELP ME! Let's not talk about being "served" at Kinko; at least I don't want to be complained and humiliated by their reps!

    By: dora41
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    FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Centres have the document production expertise you need to create and produce high-quality, professional documents. What's more we can provide completely scalable, affordable solutions no project is too big or too small.

    1900 Broadway W




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