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Kobi's Auto

1156 Main St
R2W 3S6
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    All Kobis auto is good for Is lies...

    So I toke my 2003 hyundai tiburon to mpi for a saftey and it failed of course
    It had 2 leaks in the exaust and the head lights needed to be replaced because the turn signals didn't have the orange on them
    I had hid low beams on my car when I toke it to the shop for them to fix it
    So I just picked up my car and my hids are gone they have me shitty regular lights and kept my hids
    I'm so sick of Kobis auto I regret buying this car from day one
    When I first bought the car it was running like shit come to find out it needed a full tune up and a new air filter
    When I finished my down payment they told me oh we put a brand new kn&n air filter in the car for u lmfao that was a lie of course
    Paying 1000 dollars for warranty screw that there never touching my car again I'm having tranny noise now and I told them about it but of course they didn't do anything about it
    Worst dealership in this city
    All there good for is stealing stuff that other people buy
    They wanted to change the hids they could of at least put them in the trunk or somewhere in the car as they knew I bought them but not there gone

    By: Tiburon

    Record every contact you have with...

    For people thinking of buying a vehicle there, when you take it for a test drive, take it straight to a creditable car dealership and get it inspected. It will save you lots of money in future repairs. I currently have a car from them and its at their garage right now needing major repairs, the car was crap from the beginning so we took it to mpi and had it inspected and failed miserably, we told kobi's this and all they did was threaten us but we had more supporting documents backing our claim (plus a recorded conversation we had with Kobi's)so they ended up fixing most but not all of the problems. If you drove your vehicle under 9000 km since you bought it, get it inspected and keep all documents, if it fails safety record all the repairs you had done and tell kobi's that if they don't fix the vehicle, you will report them to mpi. Make copies of all document and keep the originals. I don't know anything about cars and it was the first time I bought one, so it's always good to go with someone who does. SO WHEN DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE, GET IT INSPECTED AND KEEP ALL DOCUMENTS AND RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION.

    By: non-member


    my sister bought a car from there recently... brakes are failing, alternator went on it...rpms rise when the car goes around turns.... tie rod end came off and when i repaired the tie rod end the car didnt even have swaybar links on it...thats a deadly place to get a vehicle from... she even had to change the struts on it as well..with all these repairs done on it im sure it would not have passed a real safety either!

    By: non-member

    Thank you

    "Thank You and Your Team"
    First of all I want to extend a thank you to you and your team at Auto List. My fiance and I are very appreciative of the level of satisfaction we received throughout the entire process of purchasing our new car.

    By: non-member


    i bought a car a from there, still have it. still have a cpl of problems with it, seems like the car i bought is a money pit. cant afford it anymore. they expect me to pay for it for 3 years of over 400.00 monthly payments. im still trying to pay n repair the things wrong with it.. its not right what they are doing to people selling them used up vehicles and getting them to pay for the repairs..autopac told me to make a complaint because i took it to the repair shop for inspection and they told me, that the vehicle shouldnt be on the road, the mechanic told me, it was unsafe and dangerous for my lil ones to be on it. but i hope they find it in their hearts what they are doing to good citizens of manitoba is wrong. where are they from any ways. what if something dangerous happens, i get scared sometimes driving it because it tends to stall or just puts on gas all of a sudden.. yeah some vehicles are running great but not all of them are..

    By: non-member


    kobi's Auto is Forsure 100% the biggest slime ball car dealer winnipeg has probably ever seen.He buys all his cars from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec etc. They use pure salt in these provinces. These vehicles components from the engine compartment to the under carriage are so rusted Kobi tries to cover up all the rust with black tar making it seem like the car was just undercoated. All his cars are toilets just like him and his fat wife.This dude charges an incredible amount of interest and money for cars he pays next to nothing for. This clown and his wife have ripped off many buyers by being warm and fuzzy.Once you sign the contract they treat you like garbage. They target unsuspecting buyers that are desperate or prey on people with a horrible credit history. P.S. do not leave Koby a deposite because you will never see it again. Like i said this guy and his wife are pimps of the used car industry.


    thank you kobis auto!!!!

    i have a family of 5 and only one car. me and my husband were looking for 2 main things in the vehicle: room for all our young ones and cost(we have bad credit and not much spending money). at kobis all we needed was 1000 down and we got a dream car. so happy! if you have bad credit or even good credit they have some beautiful cars for cheap, go take a look!

    By: lovel


    I paid a down payment of 1500$ for a vehicle, a week later my whole brake mechanism started failing, was laughed at and told that because I was a female I didn't know what I was talking about. Tires were not satifiable and they will try to get you to do insurance fraud. WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN.

    By: non-member


    living on change... kobis auto had radio ad that said guaranteed approval, $1000 down. Thats exactly what it was. Adam was the sales rep. hooked me up with a truck for winter, moderate monthly payment and it runs like silk. I'll be back for a van in the springtime. My CREDIT sux

    By: RioTinto


    saw an ad went to look at vehicle at kobis after being assured car was in stock that morning,drove over 2 hrs,car was sold long before.tried old bait and switch on me,showed me higher priced vehicles of same model with more km and less options.did advertised car exist?who knows?thanked them for wasting my time and fuel,was laughed at and told any time.

    By: ishwarisgod
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