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L & J Bridal Boutique

50 Queen St E
L6V 1A2
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    the worst experience....stay away

    I called the salon because i fell in love with lazaro during my kleinfield appointment but they had limited selection. I booked an appointment for saturday and told them i would be coming in with my mom and my sister. We drove almost an hr...i was so excited. Walk in, barely a smile, shoes off, filled in registration form and the lady asked me what i wanted. I said lazaro ball gowns. She brought us upstairs in the room that maybe had 12 dresses in total with few lazaro dresses. As i was selecting dresses she said i can only try on 5. That is it. What? We were shocked and no pictures allowed either. I have never heard of 5 drsss limit and if i knew, I would go somewhere else. So i narrowed my choices, i dressed myself, couldnt even get a proper feel because how can you fully decide on a dress barefoot. I had to ask her to clamp me in and she just put in couple of clips so every dress looked horrible. The tiny changeroom even has a notice that if you ruin a dress while...

    By: victoria000


    I ordered my dress 9 months ago. That experience alone was horrible. I said I liked a Lazaro, that's the only dress she let me try on. I couldn't try on anything else, she actually wouldn't let me. They told me to call June 1st to see when I can pick it up. It wasn't in yet, so I called... every week. It's now July and I still don't have my dress and my wedding is in less than 3 months. What's worse, they claim they haven't gotten dresses in for August weddings yet. If I was an August bride I would be in tears! My dress needs to be fitted because I am a size 12 and for whatever reason they made me order an 18 AND pay an additional "fat girl" charge for ordering an 18 I didn't want. They refused to understand that there is no way I am an 18. Every week I call, every week they say "try again next week". They now claim my dress has shipped, but they aren't sure when it will come in. They told me it would be 2 days, now it's a week or so. They have no idea. This is the worst company every. I'm genuinely concerned that they didn't order my dress and this place is a scam.

    By: non-member

    Go elsewhere

    I called in the shop to make an appointment because I fell in love with lazaro. I will have to say it is the most rude conversation I ever received. I called in to ask if there is any appointments available on saturday, ( If there are non I could totally understand because saturdays do gets busy and I expected that) Then she puts me on hold. She picked up my line right after and greet me again, I guess she pressed the wrong line and got me again. So I asked again, is there appointments available on saturday. The lady did not answer my question but instead asked me What do i want. (Not in an I want to get to know you more tone but really rude tone). I said there is couple Lazaro dresses that I liked very much and I give her the model numbers. She checked and she told me she had neither the dresses. And then she paused, seems like she does not want to carry on the phone call. (I would still like to make an appointment because there are also some other models I liked and some Jim Hjelm...

    By: vickyliu


    Below are the most accurate comments. This store has amazing dresses but the women makes you not even want to try them on Even if you had a $10 000 budget. Her attitude was demeaning and she did not even assist. There was no one else in the store, and it was difficult even getting help. I wanted to try on a few styles but she said they didn’t have what I wanted, so I took my budget elsewhere. Lucy across the street at Gala bridal was sooo helpful. I recommend that place instead, they took time to help and even though I didn’t get a designer gown I got the service and was treated like a princess like any bride should. Don’t even bother going to L & J.

    By: tlove

    Loved It!!

    I recently just bought my wedding dress from there. I had a lovely experience. The sales ladies there are sister and both equally great. They were very helpful, sweet and great to be around. I highly recommend this boutique. The dresses there are beautiful!!

    By: mimibella
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    50 Queen St E




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