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Lighthouse Inspections Canada

2400 Dundas St W #6
L5K 2R8

Professional Home Inspection Services. This is all we do. At Lighthouse all of our inspectors are committed to home inspection and your needs.



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    His Inspection cost us the Sale

    All the testimonials are very positive but why not also include the one's not so positive. The results of John Jaggers inspection cost us the sell of the home. He has been proven wrong on several different points that, in his opinion needed addresses. He needs to do a more thorough testing when claiming mould is present. There is a difference between mould and the discolouration of wood. More time should have been taken. He needs to determine the difference between a hole in the foundation and a crack. A couple of minor things he mentioned were valid but the main ones that cost us the sale means he should have done a more thorough examination & testing to determine fact.
    Julie Makins-Boucher

    By: jboucher



    Julie, we are disappointed to hear you feel this way about the inspection and its results. Should I assume from your review that you were selling the home we inspected? If so, and we were brought in by a potential purchaser, we are highly restricted by both privacy laws and our Contract with our clients from discussing the specific findings without a waiver. In a general sense, however, we do not inspect for mould, but we may recommend that people have the home tested when we find staining or other concerns with the home. It is then up to clients to determine what they will do with that information.

    If, however, it was you that hired Lighthouse and were unsatisfied with the extent or accuracy of our findings, we would be more than happy to clarify and discuss matters with you further. Please email me with the address and date of the inspection so we can have Mr. Jaggers review his files and respond. We can be reached at info@lighthouseinspections.com
    Jeannie Oropesa

    Marco Ramos - Great Job

    I have had 5 inspections in my life and this one was the best to date. Marcos was thorough and focused on the details. He caught a number of things that did not meet code and saved me a lot of money in doing so. His attention to detail was fabulous as I don’t know much about houses and codes. I would recommend Marco for a home inspection. He even came to the house that I was selling and advised me on things there. He is knowledgeable, professional and great to work with.

    By: non-member

    Marco Ramos from Lighthouse Insections

    As first time home buyers, we were a little anxious about our inspection - especially since we were buying a century home. Marco put us at ease. He was very professional, explained everything to us at a level where we could understand and was very through. Marco has a lot of experience with older homes, and gave us many tips and tricks to maintaining the home. When he completed the inspection and went over the home inspection book, we felt like we had a very real understanding of the home and the confidence to buy the home.

    Marco gave us his number and email and told us to let him know if we had any questions after he left. We did and he got back to us immediately and was just as nice and informative as when he was doing the inspection.

    We couldn't have asked for a better home inspection. There are so many horror stories out there but by going with Marco at Lighthouse Inspections is definitely NOT one of those.

    I would highly recommend Lighthouse and Marco to anyone buying a home.

    By: Yolanta



    Hi Yolanta,

    Thank you for the great review!!!, and welcome to Erin area.

    First Time Buyer

    We had our Home Inspection done by Joe on March 29, 2012. He was very patient an knowledgable. The inspection took about 2.5 hours. Joe encouraged us to ask questions and answered every question we had honestly. A few days later when we had more questions he was happy to answer those as well. We would recommend Lighthouse Home Inspectios ten times over.

    Thank you for such great service!

    Nelly & Mike

    By: non-member

    Review for Ron Crickmore

    Ron Crickmore was very professional, knowledgable and honest with a wonderful way of communicating the process and issues to his clients. As a realtor I appreciated his care and respect to all the parties involved in the home buying process. In this particular instance he also showed actions/dedication which I would consider "over and above" what would normally be seen in a home inspector - all for the sake of his client (the home buyer). I would be very happy to recommend Ron as a home inspector, for any of my Buyer clients, as I am confident that they will be in good hands.
    Susan Klement (Realtor)

    By: non-member

    Home Owner

    Prior to the inspection, my friend told me that she had her house inspected and the inspector took about 1 1/2 hours; so that's what I expected. I was pleased to see that Lighthouse Inspections took the time to explain all the details and answer every question I had...
    They really showed me that they cared about me and my investment.

    By: non-member
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    Professional Home Inspection Services This is all we do. At Lighthouse all of our inspectors are committed to home inspection and your needs.

    Having completed over 18,000 residential inspections, the Lighthouse team of inspectors knows homes inside and out - we assist in understanding the home, the maintenance and the priorities. We arrange for inspections to fit your schedule

    Choosing the right inspector for the job is vital. Asking the right questions can mean all the difference . Learn what to ask of your inspector - there's more to it than price.

    We will commit to offer with every inspection: Quality Service Committed Inspectors Team Environment, Personal Attention, Local Service Available 7 Days a week, typically within 24 hours 10 Years in business with an exceptional reputation Thorough process and detailed report Complimentary follow up and unlimited telephone support Qualified inspectors with Reports provided on site Direct access to your inspector, every time

    Offering Services in: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Serbian, Croatian and Bulgarian.

    2400 Dundas St W #6




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