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Liquor Depot

8204 109 St NW
T6G 1C8

Retail liquor industry leadership since 1933.



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    Liquor Depots bad advertising

    I wondered why almost have the store was a 'feature item'. Misleading to the public in making us think its on sale. Your prices are crazy expensive and I don't know how you stay in business. I am also wondering when your employees forgot to take off the actual sale price banner and would not give me that price??!!! Never again will I shop there. A case of coors light is 8 dollars more than superstore, wine is a joke!

    Go out of business soon!!!

    By: colleenjul

    The worst company I've ever...

    Liquor Depot is by far the most expensive liquor retail store in western Canada. And since western Canada has among the highest alcohol prices in the world, it would be fair to say that Liquor Depot has the highest prices in the world.

    The worst part is their mistreatment of staff:
    -The first six months I worked there, I was told to 'pool my tips' into the safe every night in order to finance a staff party at the end of the year. When the end of the year came, staff parties were suddenly "not allowed", and all the tip money that we collected was never seen again.

    -Liquor Depot also lies about its wages: I started at 9.50 (below minimum wage in some provinces) but was told that I'd be bumped up 50 cents for every 3 months I worked there. When my three month anniversary came around, Liquor Depot told me that it would be coming in the New Year, which was a month away. After the New Year, and still no raise, I was told it would come at 6 months....

    By: shelbyfox36

    Corrupt Business

    Overpriced, Expensive, Corrupt, Rude Employees, They aren't all Knowledgeable.. The Company as a whole, is a downfall on Society. Buying Expired Product, Buying bottles of wine for $4 - 6 and selling it for $12 on a flyer ad. there was one situation last year where they bought a semitruck full of a certain californian Red wine, simply because it was "cooked" during delivery. so they bought all this bad wine, for about 5 bucks a bottle, and Resold it at 32 bucks a bottle. ON A FLYER AD! you should have seen how much they managed to sell. the things that people do not know about this company would shock and disgust you.

    By: bobbytang


    I used to frequent this liquor store as it is located only about a block away from my house. I have to say, they have some of the most expensive prices compared to all other liquor stores in the area!

    What got me to boycott this store was this: There is a locally brewed beer (Edmonton), called Full moon pale ale, brewed by Alley Kat. This is a great beer, and there were times when it was always going out of stock because I'm not the only one who knows it! The price was $13.49 for a sixpack - already expensive. Seeing how popular this beer was, they jacked the price to $15.99 for a 6!!! Can you imagine? You can go to the local brewery and get cases for $12. The other liquor store down the street sells it for $12.99. This convinced me that the liquor depot proprietors are shamelessly greedy and I won't shop there again, even if it means driving farther! If you reward businesses that do things like this with your continued patronage, they have no incentive to change and will let their greed run wild.

    By: ke123

    Over Priced and Always out of stock...

    There is a Liquor Depot in the Hampton's Market in Edmonton. Every time you go in there during a flyer event, and a lot of the time when there is not flyer event, the store is completely out of stock of key items. I went in once, and it wasn't even during a flyer event, and Corona dz bottles were out of stock on the beer rails. I could see ample stock pilled up in the back of the beer cooler as I glanced through the beer cooler doors. I went to the till to ask 1 of the 3 clerks if they could get 2 cases out of the back for me and they said, and I quote: "Not until we get around to stocking the cooler." (1 clerk was running the till, while another was on the computer, and the third was sucking on a soft drink! Rediculous! I can't tell you how many times I have waled out of this location empty handed! Support you local, independent liquor retailer!

    By: lsreviewer

    Extremely Expensive

    Only time to shop is when they have a flyer sale on. Only buy what is in the flyer, otherwise you are getting ripped off.

    Theie regulare prices are very high.


    My wife likes a liqueur called Doolley's. Is is $34 at the liquor depot and at the small independent liquor stores is is $27-28.

    By: non-member
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    We are one of the premier operators of retail liquor stores in Alberta. With a focus on convenient store locations, superior product selection, knowledgeable sales staff, and a comfortable shopping design we make customer satisfaction the cornerstone of our operations. Product selection is individually tailored to each neighbourhood and varies between 1000 and 4000 wine, spirit, liqueur, cooler, and beer items providing a much larger selection than the industry average. We are the most efficient operator of retail liquor stores and enjoy economies of scale that allow us to bring substantial savings to our customers. Please visit our stores we'd love to hear from you.

    8204 109 St NW




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