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    Worst experience!

    My cousin recently got engaged so my sister my cousins and I decided to go dress shopping for her. Our first mistake was entering Madeline's boutique. When we walked in all the staff were just standing there and looking at us doing nothing. Nobody welcomed us or offered us any help. So we just decided to look around ourselves. Right after we entered another customer came in (a wealthy looking old woman) and the manager and some other staff members came running to assist her. The also lied about who was the manager and constantly gave us dirty glances. The owner is the most rudest and disrespectful person I've ever met. He had the audacity to tell me to stop "bitchen" about their terrible customer service. I have no idea how he even has any customers. He made my cousins happy moment into a living nightmare. The worst experience I've ever had in a shop in my whole life. I don't not at all recommend shopping at their boutique. The clothes are not good anyway!

    By: Sarah99

    Excellent Service

    We went to Madeline's searching for prom dresses for my twin daughter's and as soon as we walked in the store we were made to feel very welcome and special. The owner Nick was very attentive and helped the girls pick the perfect prom dresses. My one daughter loved it when he asked her, "So is it yes to the dress?" They needed to go back for serveral alteration fittings and the seamstress and Madeline were always very accomadating to the girl's specifications and made them feel like movie stars. Several of the girl's friends also went to Madeline's and everyone had great experiences.

    By: non-member

    I HATE dress shopping

    I would like to preface this by saying that I hate , absolutely hate dress shopping. I am now the mother of the groom and went dress shopping with the mother of the bride ( a very dear friend of mine, yes, our children are getting married....to eachother). We made an appointment for saturday, we arrived and it was so busy we could barely move. Madeline took us upstairs which was quiet, just us and Madeline. I described to her what I was looking for in a dress, she brought out 4 or 5 dresses, all stunning. I fell in love with 2 of them, narrowed it down to one and I have to say this time dress shopping was PAINLESS@!...thank you Madeline..oh, btw, the mother of the bride also found a gorgeous dress.

    By: pacey

    Content with the service

    I went into madelines last march to start searching for a prom dress because i heard that it gets super busy closer to "prom season"and found a large variety of lovely dresses. i personally believe if you are looking for immediate attention go in during the day befor 3 or 4 and never go on a friday or saturday, they will give u all the attention you need if you go at the right time. I ended up not purchasing my prom dress in may due to the fact that i needed a second opinion, however i came back in early april and my dress was not in stock anymore, however they were able to order the dress in (my size) and it came in no time. Madelines boutique is a great place to shop if u go at the right time. and lets get real, stores get super busy sometimes, u need to be patient and cut the employees some slack. Since my prom i have gone to madelines numorous times and always bought something.

    By: nikki243

    Lots of selection

    After doing my rounds for an evening dress we stumbled upon Madelines while on our way back home as we saw their window display. We walked in and they had a lots of variety short long, one more prettier than the next my mother and I both found dresses for a family wedding after weeks of looking in 10 minutes increadible, the staff was helpful and fun they had suggestions and didnt hesitate to pull out more even though we had found the one worth the visit...Franca

    By: non-member

    Terrible experience shopping for a...

    I never thought that I could have such a bad experience shopping for a dress for my mom for my wedding.

    We had gone to Madeline's 2 months prior and were assisted by Rachel, a sales girl who works there who was wonderful. We made an appointment, tried on a number of dresses and narrowed it down to two dresses. Both dresses were still on my mom's mind and we decided to return for a second round review and to probably buy the dress.

    The store is split into two levels, the first level has all the standard evening, cocktail and prom dresses. The second floor is where the mother of the bride designated dresses are. When we arrived the store was full of teenage girls trying on prom dresses. I informed Madeline that we were here for an appointment and she asked us to wait for a bit. I asked her if we could browse and take some dresses with us upstairs and she said yes. We pulled a couple of dresses off the rack which Madeline...

    By: maya123

    LOVE Madeline's !

    I went to Madelin'es looking for a dress for prom, i wear a larger size and was expecting it to be hard to find larger dresses! Madeline's had a huge selection of many dresses in all sizes! the staff knew about style and were very honest! a little pricy but worth going to. Do not call over the phone because there phone service is bad due to it always being busy! I found my perfect dress and will definately be going there again!

    By: non-member

    love madelines!

    After looking at several different dress shops on eglinton me and my girlfriend stumbled upon madelines. We were looking for the perfect dress for her 21st birthday within a reasonable price range. We ended up finding a dress that was so perfect- screamed its my 21st birthday- and only $99. The sales staff was helpful and truthful. Their selection of dresses were modern and beautiful. I will definitely be going there for any future formal wear I may be needing.

    By: non-member

    Pricey, but worth it.

    First, let it be said, that I am no fan of spending lots of money. Despite that, while the dresses can be on the high end of what I want to pay, it's worth it for a dress that is unique and will not look like everyone else's dress.

    My mother found the dress she wanted here for my wedding four years ago, as well as my brother's this summer. It is our go-to store for when we have a very special event, such as an immediate family wedding, to find a stylish, gorgeous dress for my mom, who is not yet 50 and doesn't want to wear dowdy mother of the bride or groom dresses, but wants to looks elegant and classy.

    Some people may find the attitudes and service off-putting, but you will get the "boutique" mindset if you go to a boutique, and also get boutique service. They may not have tons of people to provide service, but when it's your turn, they give you their complete attention, expertise and honesty. They will show you what looks good on...

    By: mookse

    Anna Stella

    My son had his wedding on Oct.10 and I needed an evening gown. After visiting numerous stores without any luck, a friend referred me to Madelaine on Avenue Rd. I ended up purchasing the dress and the whole experience was extremely positive. Nick and Madelaine were friendly and very helpful, they outfitted me with a spectacular dress and throughout the evening I received many compliments. I would definitely see them first when I need to purchase another dress.

    By: non-member

    wonderful wonderful

    Madeline and Nick are the best!!!
    They tell it like it is
    You end up looking great!!
    I have sent many friends and family in to
    buy evening wear in the past three years and
    everyone is sooo completely satisfied.
    You don't have to go anywhere else for that special gown

    By: non-member


    I went into Madeline's this afternoon to look for a prom dress.
    The owner came over, took one look at me and immediately judged my pocket book based on the fact that I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
    Instead of directing me to the dresses new this season or to what was popular, he instead asked me in a condescending tone: "What do you want?"
    I'm sorry - but this is not a restaurant, why are you taking my order?
    I pulled out a vintage styled dress and he then questioned my sense of style, by telling me I would be dressing like an old lady. No. I am not a barbie doll, so do not pull out a frilly pink cocktail dress for me. That dress is my style, I am showing you what I am looking for so do not insult me. Then he had to add after that "Plus that is a $750 dress." and then... he actually had to add "Champagne taste on a beer budget"
    Are you kidding me? Really? Just because I do not have a Louis Vuitton purse or dress in Gucci does...

    By: BQuig
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