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Manila Hair Salon & TanningOwner Verified Business

1611 Centre ST NW
T2E 2S2
Hair Salon, tanning and esthetics



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    Very unprofessional, unhygienic and the staff is very rude. The manicure and pedicure services they provided were just nail polish applications which one could have just done at home. The place was messy and unclean with used towels and appliances lying around everywhere.
    The staff had so much trouble doing a neat nail polish application and they did such a bad job at it that I had to leave the place and walk in to the first nail salon that I saw next and do another manicure. I will NEVER EVER step into this place again!

    By: poorservices

    How are they still open?

    I had purchased a groupon for Manila to get a mani pedi.I called and made an appointment for 3pm and I show up at 2:45 pm and the place is closed. So I wait until my acutal appointment time thinking I am their first customer of the day.Nope, 3:10 rolls around and the store is still closed.I did not receive a phone call the day prior letting me know they would not be open. Worst display of professionalism I have ever seen. These positive review must be from the owners. Please save your money and time and do not go here.

    By: non-member

    Hair and highlight

    Dont believe what people said the best thing try to have a
    Service from Manila hair salon. They excellent and very
    Good job .

    By: non-member



    I went to Manila for a trim, hoping they could squeeze me in. After being there for only about 30 seconds, I turned and left.

    Dust all over everything, spa tools just lying around, not even in a sterilizer, and a little kid whining and crying!! I assume this was a staff members child as there were no customers there. It is extremely unprofessional to have children being babysat in a salon.

    Overall, I won't ever set foot in this place again. Terrible, terrible experience!!

    Haircut and color

    I was there today my appointment there's no problem all the staff nice and friendly . I'm very satisfied and I'll go back there
    I don't know what others talking about try and I gaurantee for their service.

    By: non-member



    It is blatantly obvious that the staff and friends of the staff are trying to improve their ratings by posting false testimonies. Why don't they try providing even adequate service and a moderately clean environment to garner REAL reviews?

    For those who have seen first hand their lack of hygiene with their spa tools, please report it. Serious blood born diseases can be spread through contaminated spa tools and if their staff is cutting people, then wiping down with a dirty towel or rinsing in cold water, they aren't killing any bacteria. In my opinion, they should have to call every customer that has ever gone there and tell them to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis. Absolutely atrocious!!

    Unprofessional and horrible service!

    Sorry I cannot rate the actual product. I booked mani/pedi's for 2 of us. Called them 3 days ago and I was asked by them to come in for noon. We got there 2 minutes after noon (parking is disasterous in the back around the casino). There are 2 spots for mani pedi's - they already had another lady in one of the spots. No one else to start either one of us. We waited for 45 minutes after which I asked how long it would take to get started. The owner lady finally explains me at that point she was down one esthetician. She should have explained that as soon as we arrived! We told her we were leaving at that point. What a waste of time!! DON'T BUY THE GROUPON!!

    By: CarolineG


    I made the big mistake of not reading the reviews prior to a mani/pedi offered through one of the deal sites. Bought 4 so that I could take a friend or my mom. Thought I would try it out first myself. Had a 10:15 appointment and had a 3:00 pm flight to catch. Usually that would be plenty of time for both. WRONG!! At least not here. Anyhow, the owner who was working that day spent the better part of an hour on the phone all the while doing my pedi. The nail polish was everywhere.... asked her to clean it up and she said there wasn't any (what are you effing blind?), then the famous manicure. Asked her for french mani, said it would be extra, fine I don't mind paying extra to have what I want. Big mistake, she didn't know how to do the white tips! Such a mess, asked her to take it off, picked out color...... shoulda known from pedi that more than my fingernails was going to get the polish. So after almost 3 hours....... I left, went home took all the polish off. BUT I...

    By: bjs4452

    Great cut & color

    I'm not sure what everyone else is talking about... I purchased a deal for this salon for the haircut & color. The color turned out great & the cut was actually one of the better layered cuts I've had. I requested a couple highlights as well as the color & she said no problem.. she charged an additional amount but it was at a discounted rate. Not sure who cut my hair, but she was friendly. Not overly talkative, but I LIKE that in a salon. I dont like having my ear talked off when I only want a simple service. I also only waited about 5 minutes for my appointment & had no trouble scheduling.

    By: non-member


    NEVER BUY A VOUCHER FOR MANILA!!! If you have you have 30 days to return it! Email them ASAP! Horrible horrible place. Rude staff. I called over and over to get an appointment and after 4 months they answered their phone once! I was then rudley told they could cut my hair but not colour it. I was trying to book a mani pedi!

    There were tons and tons of bad reviews for Manila having rude, poorly skilled staff and a dirty salon but they have mystersouly been taken down.

    Please save yourself the fruastration and don't go here. Return your vouchers asap!

    By: Luckycat214


    I bought a deal find for a haircut, colour, deep condition and style. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. The colour turned out awful and the stylist didn't even ask my opinion. You couldn't pay me to go back. The employees were rude and didn't know or care about what they were doing. I had to pay $120 to get my colour fixed. Don't waste your time or money at this lousy salon.

    By: maddylee
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