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377 Burnhamthorpe Rd E
L5A 3Y1

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    is their kitchen staff high or...

    i went in and ordered two double hamburgers only mayo and lettuce, and the runner came up and called out two double cheeseburgers only mayo and lettuce. i told her my order, and she looked in the bag, and said, "oh yeah sorry this ones yours" i took it, and when i got to my car i opened it up and found two double cheeseburgers only mayo and lettuce......i went back in and told the manager, and asked if i could have them made again. She told kitchen to make it again, and they finished making every other order before they made mine again even though they made mine wrong the first time.......i got my order and instead of double hamburgers they gave me single hamburgers. I told the same manager, and she took it back to the kitchen and returned with double hamburgers. then she pointed at one that had a red sticker and said, "that ones the one with only lettuce and the other ones mayo and lettuce". I told her they were both supposed to be the same way, and she offered me...

    By: non-member

    Service WITHOUT a Smile

    I ordered a basic happy meal for my child with a chocolate milk to eat in. But once I opened the chocolate milk and tasted it, it tasted "OFF". I looked at the expiry date on the side. It was dated for tomorrow but the milk is bad today! I brought it up for a replacement. I was polite, not confrontational. But you would thought I asked the server to milk the cow herself. She looked at the carton then looked at me like I spit in it or something. Then shelLooked at the date, smelt the milk .....finally I said to her "you can taste it yourself, if you'd like". All this to get my daughter a carton of fresh milk! What has happened to service these days??

    By: aeroport
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