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2800 Meadowpine Boulevard
L5N 7E6
Located just north of the 401 in Mississauga, Meadowlarke Stables offers you an excellent variety of equestrian programs. From riding lessons to birthday parties to our horse shows, we can meet your needs. Come and find out why Meadowlarke Stables is the stable for you.



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    Amazing Barn that set my Career Path!!!

    I'm not much of a person to post my opinion online, or even through words for that matter, but after reading some of these review I just had to put my opinion and my story out there because honestly it isn't true.

    I'm in my third year riding at Meadowlarke Stables and it is absolutely amazing! I decided to start riding because I was absolutely terrified of horses. I went to a couple barns to look around before Meadowlarke and honestly out of all of them Meadowlarke had the nicest people, and I still agree with this. Meadowlarke may not be the prettiest barn in the world, but the people there and the horses definitely make up for it. I don't know what those other people were talking about how the barn's owner and manager are mean. they are not! the owner has helped me improve my barn management in a supportive way when I started volunteering at their summer camp and I'm very grateful to her. I also see her around the barn every now and then and I have...

    By: non-member

    Truth about Meadowlarke Stables

    Meadowlarke stables does a great thing by rescuing horses. However the horses and over-ridden and become lame very often. They also spend a great deal of time in a standing stall and have little time off to be outside. It is not the safest environment as they have students teaching younger children to ride who have no standard approval to be instructing lessons. There are a lot of nice riders to interact with and the horses teach you a lot. However there are a few people there who are incredibly rude and the barn owner has little respect for employees and really anyone with an opinion. Very difficult and unrewarding place to work and difficult to get along with. There are a couple of great coaches for advanced riders but as a beginner it is not very safe and the skill set that an instructor should have is not met a lot of the time. The barn is very money hungry and doesnt care about the well being of the riders and pays little attention to the horses and well. It is the students or...

    By: rider123



    Hello Rider123
    Thank you for acknowledging the work we do to rescue horses, we work very hard to be able to offer them a second chance at life. We currently have over 35 horses on our school, the majority who would have been sent to slaughter. Our horses spend the majority of their time outside as a herd - they get to lead a very natural life, coming inside only for lessons or special care. They are very happy and healthy.

    We are very fortunately at Meadowlarke Stables to have many longstanding employees, we have instructors that have been with us for over 20 years, and barn workers that have spent their entire high school time working for us. With so many long standing employees we can't be that bad to work for!

    We do have dogs on the property that are in the office with us all day - they are not out free roaming the property - the odd exception is when the camp counselors ask for the little white dog to be a clue in our epic Amazing Race each Friday of camp - there's nothing like watching 60 campers chase a little dog around - great exercise for everyone :)

    We offer a wide variety of lesson programs from the complete beginner through to the rider looking to compete locally or nationally. We have many longstanding students who have been with us from the beginner levels up. We also have many returning students, who go away for college or university and return during the summer months.

    Family/Friends are welcome to watch weekly lessons when we are outside during the spring/summer/fall months. During the colder months when we are inside we do offer lesson viewing days when we invite family and friends into the barn and then into the arena to watch the lessons.

    We wish you luck with your riding and continued passion for horses.


    I have been riding at meadowlarke for about 11 years now and I would never move to another stable. I love meadowlarke and the coaches here are amazing. They taught me everything i know and the horses are so well behaved. Anthea (barn owner) does such a wonderful job rescuing such great horses and she is such an amazing women for doing so. Its so great to see all these horses come from not even being ridden to now competing in shows. I hate seeing bad reviews about this place... YES theres flies its a barn and it may not be the nicest stable there is but if you took the time to get to know each horses story then the looks of the stable would mean nothing. I would never ride anywhere else but here. Its the BEST barn there is and Stacey is such an amazing coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you want to learn to ride I would recommend this stable forsure. They have such great instructors that will teach you everything you need to know. I rate it 5/5 because there is NOTHING bad about this barn.

    By: non-member

    Meadowlarke - more than just a riding...

    If you want to learn to ride, make great friends, interact with other farm animals and develop skills that you will use all your life then Meadowlarke is the place to be.

    While learning to ride participants of all ages develop confidence, team spirit, sportsmanship, common sense, courtesy and safety practices - attributes and skills that are necessary in any classroom, office, boardroom and of course all other sports. The employment opportunities in the store, barnworking, instructing, at summer camp or running birthday parties are all great opportunities that help develop physical fitness, customer service and interpersonal skills.

    The instructors are pleasant because they genuinely care for their students, enjoy sharing their passion for the horses and developing partnerships and excellence in horsemanship which is SOOOO much more than just riding. We are privileged to be able to interact with large, intelligent animals so close to home when many farms and...

    By: mlarkefriend



    Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful review!!! The love of the horse is what brings us all together to make us the family we are

    MeadowLarke Is inspiring

    Meadowlarke was the first stable that I went to. I found it really full of flies but then again flies are just part of going to a barn. I found the horses there are a well looked after which is something I like to see. Horses are my favourite animal so I like to see them being treated as equals. The teachers are passionate about riding. One thing that struck me when I was riding was that others in the barn seemed to share my passion and I was deeply shocked when I was told to slap the horse it did something I didn't like. I don't really approve of slapping. I think we need to work together with horses and I find that one way to do that is to deepen the bond between rider and horse. If the horse is slapped then it rakes away the freedom of the horse, which is why I feel in love with it. The horse has always been as majestic animal to me and an equal. I find that some other barns treat their horses beter.But all in all Meadowlarke is an inspiring example of what we can do to help horses from slaughter houses. It shows us that even though some might come from the meat industry they are still fine horses.

    By: non-member

    Great place to build your riding skills

    I started riding at Meadowlarke about 3 years ago at the age of 23 after a 10 year hiatus from the Saddle due to a bad experience at another stable. I started off as a nervous wreck but have since grown into a confident rider from all the great teachings and patiences of my Instructors. And of course all the wonderful horses that have taught me everything from re bulding my confidence to being tough but understanding as a rider, which is a perk that comes from riding all different horses.

    I find their policies very fair and so long as you read them and understand them before signing the dotted line you will not run into any problems, a business is a business and there must be guidelines that are set and followed other wise with the amount of riders they have it would be chaos!

    I also enjoy the fact that the horses are rescued from slaughter auctions, it shows people a side to the industry that they wouldn't realize otherwise, and it gives some great horses a second chance to shine! If they don't at least they have a forever home and can live in a natural herd structure.

    By: artsyfartsy

    Meadowlarke Stables

    Meadowlarke is a good barn to learn to ride.
    Most lesson instructors are amazing riders and teachers, there are a few that don't teach to my liking.
    The horses are well trained and good to learn on, but I think they could be taken care of better, and ridden less. The horses become lame often.
    There are a lot of opportunities (barn working, volunteering, part boarding etc.)
    A viewing lounge would be nice, considering parents aren't allowed to come into the barn unless its a viewing day.

    By: non-member

    Meadowlarke is good in many ways

    Meadowlarke is not the grandest, fanciest stable my daughter has ever ridden at. Nor are some the horses the best trained she has ever ridden. But, my daughter would never have gotten a chance to learn how to ride if it weren't for Meadowlarke. It is by far the least expensive barn in the GTA, and it is to its credit that it is a little more 'blue-collar' than some of the other barns. My daughter has made many good and lasting friendships there.

    My daughter takes pride in Meadowlarke's horse rescue program, and doesn't mind riding a 'quirky' horse once in a while, knowing it was saved from the meat-processing factory. Many of their horses would not be out of place in any competition at any level.

    I wish there was a regular indoor viewing area for us parents. I wish highway 407 was not quite so noisey that the poor instructors have to yell to be heard above the din.

    I'm not sure my daughter would change anything.

    By: PoorParent

    Meadowlarke Stables

    I have been a participant at Meadowlarke Stables for years and I have been shown nothing but kindness. The instructors have tried nothing but to push me as a rider in the most positive way possible. The best part about Meadowlarke is its family of animals, in addition to the people that make Meadowlarke what it is. Every situation varies and to different people Meadowlarke means something different. I can only hope that others share the same experience, as I can't speak for everyone.

    By: non-member

    meadowlarke stables!

    Been riding here for almost 9 years now and working for 4! Almost all of my cloestest dearest friends i have met here and continue to ride with! The stable is filled with so many opportunities! Amazing place to ride and work, don't know what id do if I didnt get the opportunities I got by riding here! Love the barn family!

    By: non-member

    Meadowlarke stables

    I've been a rider at Meadowlarke for as long as i can remember, Its basically my second home. I have so much love for the animals and people there. Anthea has rescued almost every animal at Meadowlarke, and turned them into super stars. Every coach there has helped me along the way, and i cant imagine riding at any other barn. Everyone is so helping and friendly, the barn workers and instructors have so much love for the animals, its just a good atmosphere to be around. I couldn't think of anything bad to say about this place if i tried. reading some of the reviews about Meadowlarke are so beyond untrue, i wouldnt wanna be riding at anyother barn.. i started when i was 8.. and now im 18, must be a great place if im still there! shout outtttttttt to the best instructor out there STACEY (LLLLLLLLL)

    By: countrygirll

    Meadowlarke Stables

    I've been riding at meadowlarke stables for 8 years now and I've loved it ever since day one. All off the instructers are all helpfull and friendly. I've learned so much ever since i started there. Yes, i do agree that they should maybe do a bit of renavations but otherwise its a safe and friendly barn. All of the horses there are so sweet and loving. I love the fact that they save all types of animals so the animals get another chance at life. Also, nor the owner or the manager of the barn have been rude or igornant towards me or at me in any way. They both have been very friendly. Everytime i see them i say hi or they say hi to me. I love it there its like my second home and horseback riding is my favourite thing to do because of meadowlarke and horses are my fav animal because of them to.

    By: horsegyaal96



    Hosegyall96 - So glad to hear that horses are your favorite animal - we tend to agree :) We love to be able to offer the opportunity for you and others to gain experience with horses. Thank you for all your kind words!

    Terrible Business.

    As much as I respect Meadowlarke for saving horses being put for slaughter, this barn has a lot of downs (as many barns do, but these downs ruin the appeal to this barn, in my opinion of course). Just to start off, working for this barn is not enjoyable. The Owner is rude when you've made a mistake, there is no room to grow, no bonuses like an extra ride, workers don't get the working experience with horses even if you are highly experienced. The owner plays favouritism within the co-workers. Trying to get days off is murder and is frowned upon if needed. The Manager is rude to customers & plays severe favouritism amongst riders & co-workers. The Manager/Owner don't care about customers personal life, all they care about is that they get their money on time. They are money hungry, & there is no type of flexibility. They don't care if your schedule changes and can't make your regular lesson. They can't accommodate you in any shape or form. Some of the older...

    By: unknown123


    By: MOPSEY

    BRAVO!!....I fully agree!!... wish more people like you would step forward... I have heard so many complaints about Meadowlarke and the way the business
    is run by the owner-manager...she is like a warden!
    Anyone who rides at this facility or works there..
    look around, there is so much better!


    We are sorry to hear that you feel so negative about your experience at Meadowlarke Stables, it's staff and riders.

    We have had many employees that have been with us for years ( some for 20 plus years ). We also have many students that view Meadowlarke like a family and enjoy riding here and what Meadowlarke Stables offers. Each summer we have a large amount of students who have gone off to University/College return for lessons.

    We offer multiple levels of Showing. Meadowlarke Stables hosts 6 in-house Schooling Shows each year. We also compete on the Challenge Series, a local schooling series. Meadowlarke Stables also gives our students the opportunity to compete on the 'A' Circuit.

    Family and Friends are welcome to watch riders every lesson when we are riding outside. We have benches set up around each arena. In the winter months when we are inside, we do have set days which are "Viewing Days" where we invite family/friends into the barn/arena to watch lessons.

    We do have a dress code for our riders in Level 2 and up. As in all organized sports certain attire is required. We ask riders to dress a certain way ( fitted collared shirt, breeches, half chaps/boots or field boots ) as this will help the instructor to see and correct any position issues, as well as having the rider in the appropriate attire to properly do their job.

    We absolutely welcome dogs at Meadowlarke Stables ( we have 4 ourselves ) but they must be on leashes. Having almost 40 students an evening and upwards of 80 on the weekend, it would be a bit chaotic with multiple loose dogs.

    We wish you all the luck with your riding.

    Meadowlarke Stables A.K.A. The Best...

    In my own opinion i think Meadowlakre Stables is an AMAZING
    barn!!! They care for all of there horses properly and also care for their 2 ducks Sally and Daisy May, 2 chickens Wanda and Penny, & there 2 pigs Babe & Rosie. They have a wide variety of horses to ride and to choose from to show at the many shows they attend and hold at Meadowlarke Stables. They have their own series the Meadowlarke Series, they compete at Challenge shows, Trillium, and A Circuit. For lessons you wil learn alot and from your instructor and the horses their. The barn is always clean and includes 2 indoor arenas where parents can come inside and watch on lesson viewing days. During the warmer seasons parents and friends are able to watch outside. If you are looking for a barn to ride at I highly recomend MEADOWLARKE STABLES

    By: 123987


    By: MOPSEY

    I fully disagree!.. If I where you honey I would
    check out other places....the parents cannot watch
    there kids ride,! only on viewing days, which is minimal. I know I would want to watch my child ride
    on regular basis, and see what I am paying for...the instructors, I feel sorry for them they are told to coach the way the owner wants who has no idea herself!Take a look around are really missing out!


    okay so yes the outside is not very,,,,pretty but hey! they are offering people a chance to learn english riding and the stable is the cleanest I have seen yet and I have been to 2 other stables and the horses are well maintained and loved and they are not that expensive so stop hating on them and think about the postitives and they even have a store where you can buy appreal and equipment! I have met the instructors face to face and they are very sweet and welcoming and I am giving meadowlarke a 5 1/2 star!

    By: westernrider


    By: MOPSEY

    I fully disagree...I don't know what other barns you have been to, it cannot be worse then Meadowlarke.
    The owner / manager is a like a "warden" and the instructors, I feel sorry for them, they have to be nice and sweet or they are fired! and they have to instruct the way she tells them to for she is always right, but "oh" she is so wrong!.. she needs to go
    to a riding school herself and be taught the proper way. I am giving Meadowlarke "NO" stars!

    Do not pay 3-mo advance to...

    Meadowlarke is insensitive to problems associated with children, especially those of shared custody. They are shark-like in not letting go of any monies collected and do nothing to try to accommodate for classes once they have got your money. The Manager also refuses to give contact details of the owners who should be made aware of this ugly attitude conducted at a business they have invested their money in: unless these owners condone these practices too.

    By: non-member


    Do not take riding lessons at this barn! It is horrible.
    Who ever rides there... open your eyes... there is so much better out there. There are too many students in the lessons,
    and all you do is just exist, and just a number. The parents
    are not allowed to watch, and friends of the students you are put into 'lockdown' in a closed room where you cannot see what
    your child is learning and what you are paying for!...Most of the horses are rescued and are not good school horses!!!.
    All they have going for them is their the extra distance it will be worth it in the end to a better riding school. Also the riders have to learn to walk before
    they can run and that is not happening here.!

    By: mopsey



    I agree totally! The Manager will not give access details to the owners either: so parents cannot complain about the bad business practices at this stable.


    I use to ride her when I was younger, I absolutly loved it. I recently continued them and am now riding every week. I find that it is the nicest thing that Meadowlarke Stables has rescued the horses that they own and also other animals like the 2 pigs Babe and Rosie, the 2 ducks, the 2 chickens and of course CoCo the adorable doggie. :) I think I'm going to be here forever, it's like a second home to me! :)

    By: non-member

    Meadowlarke Stables

    The instructors are very personable and it's great for beginners. Classes are large and there is nowhere for parents to observe. Not terribly family-friendly. Be cautious of the owners dogs.

    By: non-member



    We are glad to hear that you found our instructors passionate - at Meadowlarke Stables we strive to share our love of horses and riding with others.

    Family Friendly we most definately are. Yes, we do not have an indoor viewing area, but we do offer Lesson Viewing Days through out the indoor season. Family and friends are invited into the barn and arenas on these days to watch lessons. We also offer Parent/Spouse Lessons, for your family to come out and try riding. At the end of the year we host a Christmas Party and Awards Banquet which we incourage family to come to.

    I'm sorry to hear that you did not like the dogs. We have 3 dogs that are regularly at the barn - Ace, Maggie and CoCo. Ace ( The Great Dane ) and CoCo ( The Shipoo ) can regularly be seen out playing or getting love from riders. Maggie, as shes getting older can usually be found sleeping in the office.

    Meadowlarke Stables

    I have ridden at Meadowlarke for just over 1 year. I have learned how to properly groom and tack a horse. I have also learned how to walk trot canter and just recently I have galloped. I have also recently started to jump mini coarses which are really fun to do.

    They have a number of horses for all different Levels and riding abilites.

    they have 2 pigs 2 ducks and recently rescued 2 chickens

    You can do many different shows.

    Everyone at meadowlarke is so nice and very very helpful.

    Meadowlarke Stables is the right stable for you!

    By: 123789



    Thank you for the great review!

    We are so glad to hear that you are having fun riding.

    Babe and Rosie ( the pigs ), Sally and Daisy May ( the ducks ) and Edith and Wanda ( the chickens ) are a part of the Meadowlarke Family now. As with many of our horses they were rescues, that now get to lead a great life.

    Meadowlarke Stables

    My daughter has been riding at Meadowlarke Stables for just over a year. In that time she has learned so much about riding and caring for horses. I am amazed to watch her handle and control the horses with such ease.

    Besides the horses Meadowlarke Stables also has Pigs, Chickens and Ducks. It is so nice to be so close to the city, but still have a great country feeling. She absolutely loves the pigs, and begs to bring them treats every week.

    Everyone at Meadowlarke Stables is so supportive and welcoming. I believe my daughter will be riding here for years.

    By: non-member

    I love Meadowlarke Stables

    I have been riding at Meadowlarke Stables for about 3 years now. I absolutely love it here. I have many opportunities to enter competitions, and this year I will get to show on the Challenge Series. I'm very excited as the horse I will be competing on was Overall Reserve Champion last year. The Horses, Instructors and my friends at Meadowlarke are all fantastic.

    I also love Meadowlarke for the animals they rescue. We have ducks, pigs and chickens, who were all rescued from going to slaughter. Meadowlarke Stables cares about all animals.

    By: scruffy1

    Meadowlarke!!!!! WHOO!!!!!!

    Meadowlarke Stables is like a second home to me. This is my point of view on this wonderful stable: Meadowlarke Stables is the best place to be, other than home, sweet home. But Meadowlarke Stables is like my home. Every horse has proper care and is well trained. The tack is well kept and every student has the opportunity to learn new things: how to groom a horse, how to muck out a stall, how to ride different gaits (walk, trot, canter, jump), gives every rider the opportunity to bond with a horse, ect. So in total, I highly recommend this cheap and fun way to love horses

    By: non-member

    Meadowlarke Stables

    I have not gone to Meadowlarke Stables for long, I have just attended horse camp once. But I loved Meadowlarke from the very first day and I hope that will never change. Meadowlarke has beautiful horses and every horse has it's own personality, but what is the same about every horse is that they are all nice, and the tack is always neat and tidy. Meadowlarke Stables makes mucking out stalls (cleaning the horses stall) fun! And Meadowlarke teaches kids alot about horses. (a.k.a how to groom one, how to muck out a stall, the proper signals for a walk, trot, canter, and jumping, and teaches you how to do all of the gates, ect.) So I highly recommend Meadowlarke Stables

    By: non-member
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    Located just north of the 401 in Mississauga, Meadowlarke Stables offers you an excellent variety of equestrian programs. From riding lessons to birthday parties to our horse shows, we can meet your needs. Come and find out why Meadowlarke Stables is the stable for you.

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