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Milestone's Restaurant

10 Dundas Street East

Your favourite place for innovative food, drinks and inspired service.



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    It seems many of the people complaining on this site were just fishing for free stuff to begin with (especially the caesar lady). Trust me restaurants don't want your business anyhow if your just there to complain and get complimentary food. I have a great experience every time I visit this location.

    By: non-member


    I've been there a couple times and after I saw a mouse there I refuse to eat there. I can't help but like their bellinis and take advantage of their weekday drink specials but NEVER again will I eat there. A mouse ran across the floor and they did NOTHING. They came over to ask if everything was ok. Unfortunately, my collegues were drunk off their asses and thought it was funny but I made it clear it was not ok with me. They didn't comp us or offer an explanation at all. They just walked off and ignored my complaint because I was the only person unhappy. This was at the John and Richmond location. I've had friends who have also seen mice at the Mississauga location as well. DO NOT eat there!

    By: non-member

    Not impressed at all...

    Tonight I brought my uncles to this location to celebrate a birthday dinner.
    I have eaten at this location at least three times, including once with one of my uncles.
    Previous to this evening - all my experiences were excellent.
    Tonight I had the worst experience I have ever had with a waiter and manager at a chain restaurant - ever.

    After trying to order the 4 for $4 drink special with our drink of choice being Ceasers.
    I had the waiter tell me that it was rail drinks only - to which I replied vodka is a rail liquor.
    The conversation progressed like this:
    waiter - a Ceaser is a cocktail ..
    me - made with one oz according to your menu it is 1 oz rail liquor on sale here...can you confirm with the bartender you can't make a Ceaser?

    waiter comes back - no we can't - trust me the management is not going to move on this...I agree with you but who am I? A middle aged waiter is a chain restaurant. (except we could see the bar from...

    By: non-member

    Milestones John and Richmond

    John and Richmond is the best location. All the staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. My boyfriend and I always come to the bar to our fav tall,blonde waitress Emily. She is awesome!!

    My fav food item is the seafood salad, tonnes of seafood!! My boyfriend always gets whatever special they have going which is usually steak and seafood which he really enjoys.

    Check it out people, seriously great place to relax and enjoy someone's company or to go before the club for a few martinis!

    By: non-member


    I am working my way through their extensive, brilliant menu.
    Everything is extremely well prepared. The 'meatloaf' dinner is extraordinary. One of my favourites so far.
    Must make reservations a day ahead, no exceptions.
    Great atmosphere, especially during the warm months of spring,summer and early fall as they have a rather expansive patio overlooking Yonge Street that stretches one city block. It also has heaters on the patio for those cool fall nights.
    Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.


    By: Suntraveller
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    Your favourite place for innovative food, drinks and inspired service. Whether it's for brunch, lunch, dinner or a drink, Milestone's offers innovative meals, enticing bar creations, friendly, knowledgeable staff and a classically stylish atmosphere.

    Whatever the occasion, quality food and great experiences await you at Milestone's.

    10 Dundas Street East




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