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Montreal Auto Prix

4900 Boul Metropolitain E
H1S 3A4

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    Selling a car based on misleading...

    I bought a car in Autroprix a month ago. While choosing the car the sale rep was very friendly, and just to close the sale he offered everything. We were three people dealing with the sele rep. and the three of us understood they were going to put new tires on the car.
    Not only did they not place the new tires on the car,but since day one I felt something wrong with one of the them. I took the car back to the dealer to have the tires checked and they said everything was OK. Two days ago I got a flat tire and whent to a repairshop where I was told that the tires were done.
    I call Autoprix to explain the situation, but they just gave me excuses: they said that is not in their policy to add new tires to used cars (That is not what the sales rep. said when he was selling me the car), and that they only check the safety of the vehicule. Are tires in good condition not necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle?
    I lost my confidence on Autoprix and its sales rep. So, if you don't know much about cars and you can't tell if they are selling you a lemon... just don't go there, and if you do make sure you get everything in writting.

    By: guigua

    So here is my experience with...

    They are super nice and professional, the prices are very competitive as they are so famous for. BUT there is nothing as free lunch ! I bought my car from there two months ago, everything guaranteed and nice; price is fixed, you can't negotiate; they try to sell you extended warranty which i bought, but after 3 weeks, i realized that the car was accidented; one whole side was painted and door changed. When I went to them thinking they are guaranteeing their cars have no hidden vices, to my surprise, they say, no, it's not a grave accident. I even showed them the car history report that I got from Auto Check, but they were like NO WAY, go fuck yourself! But I learned something from the guy there. He said that when you pay less, what do you expect? We are giving you a brand new car? Of course, there is something with our cars and that's why they are cheap. I was like at least you tell your clients the car has this or that problem! But they are like, no ! we only guarantee the mileage and frame damage. I felt Super Naive and stupid for trusting and buying my car from them. Don't go there unless you are a mechanic and know about cars in and out. Will I go back there? Not in this life !!!

    By: wilson
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    4900 Boul Metropolitain E




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