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Morra Homes is a new home builder located in Barrie Ontario. Morra Homes has developments in Angus, Elmvale, Barrie, Midland and Springwater. With over 30 years in business Morra Homes builds quality homes will offering value in all our homes.



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    Quality build, and detail-oriented

    We've been living in our Morra Home for about 3 months now. We are extremely pleased with the home, and even happier with the customer service we've received. The quality and fit/finish of everything in the home is excellent, and actually exceeds that of some of the "model homes" in the area where we live. Not everything was perfect, but there were no major issues, and of course nothing they weren't willing to make right. One thing that really stood out for us is the cleanliness of their work site. Morra keeps a ridiculously clean work site, and you'll notice it if you drive by: often the discarded materials are neatly piled up outside each site. If they pay this much attention to the trash... imagine how much attention they pay to the work itself!

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    Morra review

    I have owned a Morra home over three years and we are not happy with some things. The windows were really cheap, and were almost always leaking condensation. They were cheap and were not installed properly. There was no spay foam insulation and only some pink insulation in just a few windows that the inspector might see. The pink insulation was also put in sideways, which offered no wind protection. We replaced the windows at a cost of over 16,ooo. The shingles were also installed poorly and had no ice shield rows at all put down first. They are cheap and we lost several in the last wind storm. The garage roof offers entrance to mice, so the house attic and walls became infested. The kitchen cupboards were done poorly with some bad patch work under them. The cupboards are also not deep enough to put regular plates in, and close the doors by an inch.
    The tiles and brick work were good and trim work was good, but I would not recomend this builder as they seem to want to cut any corners that they can.
    It was also really hard to get them to change anything and what they would change costs a lot more than it should.

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