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Orwell's Restaurant

3373 Bloor St W
M8X 1G2
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    Great pub food

    After a long evening of painting our new place, sarah and I decided to check out Orwell's. We'd heard it was good from brian, but I was blown away by their "Full Burger".

    Two thick patties of meat, with REAL melted cheddar, fried mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tomato, and topped with some very deliciously chewy (but not rubber) bacon.

    After a long day, that and a Guinness made my night.

    The interior was pretty cozy, but my only complaint is that they don't have anything but stools to sit on. After a while on a stool the slouching hurts a bit :P.

    The staff was very friendly and didn't interrupt us except to fill my glass when she noticed it was empty.

    Overall, a good time :D

    By: Tyler


    By: SARAH

    I suppose we should hurry up and set Brian up with an account already. He could review alot of places!

    I will agree with tyler though, the place was really nice, though next time I will opt for something else to eat. That burger really looked tasty, but I wasnt too fond of the meat pie.

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    3373 Bloor St W




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