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Not the place for chronic pain. I'm not sure why chronic pain patients even go there. Also be prepared to pay $50.00/month for the clinic, the reasoning? So that there will always be someone there to answer the phone. Yet their hours are Tuesdays to Fridays and they are closed Fridays at 2pm. Also, if you attending as a Chronic Pain Patient, there is only one day a week to attend. If you run into trouble you are supposed to be able to phone and the Doctor will call you....well if you do have to call for help on a day that is not your appt day, the doctor will phone back but he will also offer little help. Be prepared, if you are being treated for Chronic pain, for Methadone to be your only medication given. If it doesn't work, or you are having really bad side effects, you can call the doctor but he will do little or nothing when you call except tell you to hang on until your next appointment. He may also reduce your dosage if you are having problems with the...

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