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    Pogue Fado, Oh You Should GO

    Okay. Toronto, deligtful place except: it is up to its eyeballs with hipsters, clubbers, scenesters, yuppies, and everyone else trying to out-cool the next guy, and thus has a stick up its you-know-what, and thus getting down with your bad self is often an effort wasted in a sea of swoopy-hair posers looking around to see if anyone is watching them breathe, seductively sip on their appletini or pbr, and toss their hair about (BTW, love this city, I am just saying).

    Halifax. Getting down wiht your bad self is the only way Halifax knows how to get down. Of course no one told me so I went out in a trendy haircut, "ironic scarf" (horsies!!), and hooker-esque earrings (bricolage, you better believe I am in uni). You will see this demonstrated in photo 1 of this review. Saunter over to photo 2 and you will see scarf and earrings are in the purse (well you wont SEE the inside of my purse, but trust me) and I am so drunk on gin and tonic (STRONG!), singing along...

    By: KAT
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