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    Pogue Fado, Oh You Should GO

    Okay. Toronto, deligtful place except: it is up to its eyeballs with hipsters, clubbers, scenesters, yuppies, and everyone else trying to out-cool the next guy, and thus has a stick up its you-know-what, and thus getting down with your bad self is often an effort wasted in a sea of swoopy-hair posers looking around to see if anyone is watching them breathe, seductively sip on their appletini or pbr, and toss their hair about (BTW, love this city, I am just saying).

    Halifax. Getting down wiht your bad self is the only way Halifax knows how to get down. Of course no one told me so I went out in a trendy haircut, "ironic scarf" (horsies!!), and hooker-esque earrings (bricolage, you better believe I am in uni). You will see this demonstrated in photo 1 of this review. Saunter over to photo 2 and you will see scarf and earrings are in the purse (well you wont SEE the inside of my purse, but trust me) and I am so drunk on gin and tonic (STRONG!), singing along...

    By: KAT


    By: JENNYK

    guys who just want to dance? JUST dance? and not the "forbidden dance"?

    sign me up, because my days of getting blatantly fondled in packed toronto clubs are OVER. what a breath of fresh air.

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