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Cheap drinks... Check. Hot...

A group of 9 of us went to the Pouge for some drinks, and while I, like any guy, loved the short kilts and $2.50 Rum and Coke's, this experience wasn't that great.

After a few drinks, one of my friends lined up Jager Bombs at the bar. While the bartender was clearing the empty glasses, she also grabbed a near full beer bottle and tossed the contents. She looked back at the beer's original owner and shrugged her shoulders and gave a petty "Sorry". No offer for another drink, no offer for a draft... nothing!

We asked for our bills, and one friend told the other female bartender that she wasn't getting a tip due to the incompetence of her co-worker. Well apparently you can't talk to staff that way, because as soon as he zeroed his tip line and signed his credit card slip, the bouncer grabbed him and tossed him out.

We all headed to Durty Nelly's to finish our last night in Halifax. Its too bad that one staff member made this business lose out on 9 customers, but if I ever go back to Halifax (and I'm sure I will), the Pouge is not on my list!

By: coke
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