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3607 Shenton Rd
V9T 2H1

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    Worst service ever, they lost my UPS package because they were not able to open up the packing slip on the shipment and shipped it around for 4 days, from Richmont to Nanaimo and back, declaring the address incomplete. We still don`t know where the shipment is right now, the UPS tracking number does not seem to agree with Purolator and they don`t seem to provide their own number. who knows if and when the shipment will finally arrive.Don`t use Purolator again.

    By: robertosan

    ms. morrow 1za047x12006139450 (second...

    was given deliv status by apple as thru ups. adv wanted to pick up on sat. was told impossible until at failed delivery, asked agent to put on notation to hold in purolator and notify me when i could pick it up. was advised sat was too early, to leave till this week. did not receive ANY notification, and now tracking # advised me it has been "refused and sent back to sender" can no one read instructions? is there no one with the ability to look at a document and call the number, or leave a delivery notice, OR, hold the item as requested without returning it within 1 day of telling me it is too soon to pick it up as it has not yet been turned over to them. Ugh.

    By: arlenemorrow

    frequent shipper

    if you can avoid it, DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. Customer service is basically non-existent-they will do or say anything to squirm out of taking responsibility for their screw-ups which are numerous. Nothing is ever their faul and they never apologize..They hire barely literate people in their warehouse for minimum wage, which is partly why we get (or don't get) the service we do.

    By: frequentuser

    Wonderful Service & Friendly Staff

    I have been picking up and sending parcels through this location for about two years now and have ALWAYS had great service that goes above and beyond. All I can say to the poor reviews is that you get more flies with honey than vinegar. The staff always do their best, and of course once in a while there is a situation beyond their control, however they remain professional and sincere. I highly reccomend Purolator Nanaimo, they rock!

    By: non-member

    Wow... just wow.

    They lost/stole my package, then ticked it off as received.
    They don't answer the phone at Hawthorne Rd and the main Purolator office says that the place doesn't have one... even though it's clearly listed and easily found online.

    The one guy working the counter took 30 minutes to tell me that my package was delivered, not there.
    Even though I had just spent hours on the phone for Purolator to tell me it was there.

    They then refused to deal with me... so no package for me.

    By: misspiss


    One of two packages showed up 1 day late, called and they know nothing about it. Asked if I could pick the package up, said no, driver holds on to them, even though slip says I can pick it up? On a Saturday? So, now I have to wait 5 days to pick up my package, one of 2. I have no idea where the other is and customer service agent said she couldn't help me. Thanks for Nothing.

    By: non-member

    possibly the least helpful staff ever.

    This location is perhaps the crew of employees least dedicated to ensuring customers recieve their packages. Every time I deal with this location, it causes nothing but heartache. I get tags telling me to pick up my package, go to get the package, and it is not there. I then reutrn home to find threatening messages on my phone encouraging me to come to the store to pick up parcels. When conversing with this location on the phone bad attitude is all I recieve, no help, no advice, just attitude. I pray that I never recieve another package to this location. If you get a tag telling you to pick up a parcel here, Run.

    By: dootlebutt
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    International air courier logistical company offering package tracking with free software.

    3607 Shenton Rd




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