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    Why Bother?

    When I phoned to inquire about shipping rates I was told all their computers were down. They promtly redirected me to another office (the 1-800 one) where I recieved a message stating that they were closed and to phone back in the morning.

    Think I'll just use old Canada Post from now on, thanks.

    By: non-member


    Absolutely brutal service! Called the Pembina Highway office in Winnipeg and gave them the tracking number and was told it's the wrong number. When I called the 1-800 number and gave them the same tracking number they found it but could only tell me it had been shipped so the tracking number was correct. The guy in the Winnipeg office could not have cared less - just kept telling me the tracking number was wrong and pretty much hung up on me. Terrible service and even worse attitude. Would never ever use Purolator!

    By: non-member
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