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3330 Hawthorne Rd
K1G 3W9

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    Unaccessible and unreliable. Why is...

    For one, I'm not sure why they decided their location was appropriate for default pick up. It's in the middle of nowhere, hard to find by car and just plain unaccessible by bus.

    They do have a redirecting service where they can send your package to a more accessible retail location but don't count on your package being redirected there the first try. I was told as a matter of fact that my request was indeed sent but the people at the warehouse decided to ignore it. This was a batch of packages and they conveniently decided to "forget" one. Now I would have to make another trip after the weekend just to pick it up.

    Oh also, I must mention that the tracking information I was getting was false as well. It showed attempted delivery but I was told that it was just sitting at the warehouse.

    Overall I suggest to avoid Purolator at all costs. I have used their service several times and none was positive.

    By: SLBeta



    Hello SLBETA,

    I’m very sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with our services.

    Customer service is our priority and would like to have the opportunity to follow up on this incident. You can send me the tracking number via private message or by email at

    Thank you,

    Customer CareTeam/ Purolator Inc.
    E-mail: / Twitter Handle: @PurolatorHelp


    I placed an order from a clothing company on the 12th of April, the company placed a shipment on the 15th and I was sent an email from Purolator on the 19th that they were shipping the package to me. The package being sent to me was from Chicago, U.S and I live in Toronto, Canada. I was given a track number in the email. I tracked my package and it was stated that I'd receive it on the 23rd. So today is the 24th and I did not receive anything, I got scared so I called Purolator International and spoke to a customer service associate. In fact, I talked to 3 of them. The first one was a male, I asked about my package and he put me on hold for more than 5 minutes so I hung up. The second one was a female, she definitely helped and told me that Purolator is sending my package that was suppose to be sent to me, back to Chicago. And the reason was being Purolator does not service my area but the associate searched my postal code in their data base and it said that they DO service my...

    By: raddvillain



    Hello Raddvillain,

    I'm very sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with our services.

    You can send us all the details and tracking number at we'll follow up on this incident.

    Best regards,

    Catherine Côté
    Social Media Coordinator /Customer CareTeam
    Purolator Inc.
    E-mail / Courriel :
    Follow us on Twitter :
    Visit us on / Visitez-nous sur:

    Never ever again use this anti-service

    Instead sending by Canada Post (6 days and $6 to Venezuela) I used PUROLATOR offering 3 days and $ 80. What an ERROR, the worst service I ever had. 11 days after, today the letter has not be delivered.

    6 days before today I was asked to provide an adittional destinatary phone numberthat I gave (Tony at Purolator, phone 18887447123 option 4 ext 2686) after many calls and not answered messages, I used the email option (contact us), the chat option and calling customer support centre, but they answer was they do not see my addittional information in the system so the only she can do was to send it to Tony, the person who never answers.

    I asked for an address and phone in the country of destiny. Surprise: the answer is there is NO office to go nor phone to call in destiny. What kind of company is that ? Is it a phantom company or what ?

    There is no way to get a supervisor: only try to talk with Tony who mostly is an answer machine and the only time I got...

    By: Patric

    Purolator Ottawa

    The purolater driver thought it would be okay to leave my package on the front door step of a triplex where any random person could walk up and take it. What kind of company is this?!?

    By: non-member




    I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience that may have ensued.

    The signature not required service was requested by the shipper. If you do not wish for the driver to leave packages at the door, please contact the sender and ensure that they select the Signature required option for future shipments.
    We ask the drivers to use their discretion and to leave the package if they are of the opinion that the shipment will not be lost or damaged. Could you please send us the tracking number at I will have the local manager follow up on this.

    Best regards,

    Catherine Côté
    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team
    E-mail / Courriel:
    Follow us on Twitter

    these people rip off so watch out...

    I paid 80 $ for an over night parcel 2 be delivered 2 my nephew 3 days ago which he is still waiting 2 recive. These people r rip off artist, cuz they r now telling me that he MITE [???] now get it yet again by tomorrow.
    x-cuses # 1 - it has the wrong postal code on it. [now u got 2 remember that this is the 7 or 8 pakage that I have sent to that same address]
    x-cuses # 2 - we have a different postal code for that address [which all 7 or 8 times I sent a pakage there they got it on time]
    x-cuses # 3 - the driver couldn't find the place
    reason # 4 - we have a new driver.
    - reason # 5 - it got delivered 2 the wrong place.
    I could go on with these reasons that they keep giving me but why bore u.
    now I have a parcel that I paid full price 2 be delivered over night which they MITE get ??? when they decide 2 deliver it where it's suppose 2 go.

    I say be x-tremly carefull whit these people. I...

    By: yar



    Hello Yar,

    I would like to sincerely apologize for all the inconvenient.

    If you could please send us the tracking number in question at, I’ll follow up on this incident with local management.

    Best regards,

    Catherine Côté
    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team
    E-mail / Courriel:
    Follow us on Twitter

    Awful Company - Please don't use...

    The driver deliver one package today, I signed, and never gave me the other package- Use my signature for the other package, very, very dishonest.

    Super bad company. I'm trying to find out how can I get the other package and they asking me for different number all the time.

    By: taske52



    Hello Taske52,

    I am very sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with our services.

    I would like to follow up on this incident, if you could please send me all the details at

    Best regards,

    Catherine Côté
    Social Media Coordinator / Customer Care Team
    E-mail / Courriel:
    Follow us on Twitter

    Wost shipping company ever.

    I would rate 0 if I could.

    Time and time again I have to get items delivered to me, and every time it comes through purolator they somehow manage to screw it up. They deliver to the wrong address, they deliver to address' that do not even exist. They have even showed up at my house, did not knock at all and left, leaving me with a slip saying delivery failed. I guess they just expect me to wait outside for them with a sign.

    My most recent annoyance, I missed a delivery because I was in the bathroom. By the time I was done and out the door, the driver had taken off. I called the call center and requested the item be brought back to the hawthorne rd location. I was given a "transfer number" and told that everything was taken care of and my item would be ready to pick up around 4 pm. This is where everything fell apart. The call center employee either never contacted the driver, gave me a fake number, or just plain lied to me....

    By: non-member

    Where Business is going, not the...

    I have no idea why it takes two weeks for a package to go from Mississauga to East Toronto?

    Now a package that was to be delivered yesterday in Orleans is now lost, which has put three companies behind a minimum three weeks.

    I would like to continue using a Canadian Company but UPS is more reliable for the price.

    By: non-member

    What's the point of providing you...

    We sent a parcel for overnight delivery. Even thought the unit number was written on the box, it wasn't written on the shipping label so when the truck arrived at the building they *apparently* didn't know at what unit to leave it. But, the would-be recipient's phone number was clearly on the shipping label on the package! All they would have had to do is dial that number to tell them to come downstairs to collect the package. But no.. the package we sent Thursday to be delivered Friday will now, for some reason, not be delivered until TUESDAY!!!

    By: non-member

    Alien Where?

    A week past the expected delivery date thus far and my computer is still in Toronto. First they updated the tracking site to say it was in Calgary, but I guess they decided it wasn't my time and took it back. I wonder if I'm ever going to receive this $2000+ purchase, or if they just intend to let me go without. I guess we'll see in the coming years.

    By: purohator

    These guys have their work cut out...


    I hear a lot of negative talk about this company. I'll give you a hint, they aren't any worse than the other courier companies. I have recently noticed that some of you commented on one of their front counters. I've got news for you, CUT THEM SOME SLACK!! Seriously, they go through h___ trying to give the customer some service considering how busy they have been through the postal strike. Further more, how would you like it if someone(s) came to your work and started to tear a strip off you for something you had not control over. You wouldn't like that would you?! I will go out on a limb to say they have been good to me over the years and I also say, "Hang in there guys." Thank-you.

    By: non-member


    Purolator sucks! They came to my home to drop something off. Lied about when because when they said they were here, I was at home. I am an hour drive from their location and no way I am going to pick up whatever it was and I was on hold for over 2 hours and never got to speak to anyone.
    DON'T USE THEM!!!!!!

    By: non-member


    I can not believe the way this company treats clients that have paid good money for a service. I was to receive a package yesterday, so I stayed home all day. NOTHING!!!!
    So, I went on-line to track the package to find out it was only loaded for delivery today. When I call the Ottawa depot I was first told it missed it's pick-up time in Toronto from
    Hamilton. Would the Hamilton office have not known when the person sending the package dropped it off that it was pasted the cut-off time??Apparently NOT. Then when questioned them on this she said it was due to the postal strike, and higher than usual business. Again, would the person in Hamilton not have known this and told the sender that they could not guarantee delivery for the next day, and in turn not charge for next day service? So, again today I'm waiting around, possibably until 9 o'clock tonight. BECAUSE MY TIME IS OF NOT CONCERN to PUROLATOR!!! Oh,but wait, she did have a solution---why don't...



    By: DILLY

    All the courier services are getting pretty bad. Purolator has problems for sure, but FedEx is far worse. Now THERE is a company to stay away from. Missed pickups, 3 day service when same day is paid for, and packages delivered to wrong (similar sounding) addresses. If I had to choose between FedEx and Purolator, I'd take Purolator every time.

    Non-existant service

    I am deaing with a company that ships through Purloator and I detest it. They tried to deliver my package on Saturday and I wasn't there so they left a notice saying I would have to pick it up at this location. I live in Stittsville and they have it held at Hawthorne Rd!! What is this. So I tried calling Purlotor to have them ship it to another location and I attempted this 3 times with no success for getting through. I then went online to search Hawthorne Rd location and the phone number is disconnectd. I mean really, how are you supposed to get your packaage. UPS usually tried 3 times before they make you pick up your packages, but not these guys. Very frustrated and disappointed that I have no chance of not having to deal with them!

    By: andrea72

    Cannot talk to anyone

    What terrible service. I was waiting for a parcel and it came to Ottawa but was never delivered to my home, I did not get a phone call and as I have an answering machine, I would not have missed the call. I found out it was sent back, but I cannot find anyone to talk to to find out if this is what happened. I will never use this service but I am stuck as this is the company the service provider that sent me my package uses.

    By: non-member

    Rang the door bell and left immediately

    Not impressed with Purolator service. The Purolator delivery guy rang the door bell yesterday and left immediately. I heard the truck leaving when I was running downstairs. Opened the door and 2 of the 3 boxes I was expecting were at my front door.
    Since it is a prize from a contest I do not have a Pin number.
    Am trying to find out where the 3rd box is.
    Would have helped a lot if the Purolator guy didn't leave in such a rush. The 1-888 number guy
    I gave the 1-888 number guy the Pin numbers from the 2 boxes that arrived well and name, but he said he couldn't help me without a tracking number. When I asked him for a contact number here in Ottawa, he told me that there is no phone number for the Ottawa Depot location in 3330 location.
    Hopefully 3rd. package will come on Monday; otherwise, I will have to bother the nice people who sent the prize and ask them for a tracking number. *sigh*

    By: non-member

    Where is my package!!

    I have never had a very good experience with this company. I had an order coming in from elsewhere in Canada and I was expecting it yesterday or today. Out of curiosity, I looked online to see the status of my shipment this morning and apparently they attempted to deliver it yesterday morning. I don't know how I am supposed to know this since there was no one at my door and no notice slips at the front entrance. Now my item is listed to be 'Available for pickup at Ottawa, ON, depot'. I don't understand what this is supposed to mean since i am sure there is more than one location in Ottawa. But I guess we are all supposed to be mind readers and just know where our packages have been sent. This is terrible service and once I get my package, I hope I never have to deal with this company again!


    By: missyb


    I thought they were in the courier business, but it seems they simply load and unload the same parcel from their trucks; day in, day out. They've taken my package on the truck, off the truck, on the truck, off the truck, on the truck, off the truck.... and I still don't have a computer. Could have built one myself by now. Furthermore, they put "delivery delayed due to bad weather" when I'm in the same city they claim there's bad weather.... I looked outside and its beautiful and sunny. I hope Dell decides to select a new courier one day.

    By: wshiuzdfedex

    Purolator are Totally Incompetent

    My story is far too long to post, so I'll just say that Purolator has lied to me, fabricated delivery attempts, gone against specific, easy instructions, and frustrated me beyond belief. They are just abhorrently bad to deal with, and their "customer service" doesn't involve any kind of attempt to fix problems: they just repeat your concerns back to you. Go with Canada Post instead.

    By: non-member

    Purolator needs a shakeup!

    I didn't receive a notice that they were at my door and tried to deliver, no phone call to let me know it was here in Ottawa and if I had not contacted the supplier, I still would not know that it was here at the depot. I tried calling them and the operator tells me that number is no longer in service. I still have not received it.

    By: non-member
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