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1300 Kelly Lake Rd
P3E 5P4

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    again bad service

    I called the 1 800 number to be told it will be delivered. living in a rual area I asked they deliver here was told yes. So no delivery next day was told was on hold for pick up. They don't give u an address and have to wait for a phone call. Still waiting and have 45 minute drive to town. Yet again 1 800 sends urgent message still no call. Not impressed why us them post office is much better service

    By: non-member

    Not Knocking on the Door

    There have been a few times when I've been home and got a "we were here but you weren't home" slip from them. I thought I was just not hearing the door, even though i've had no problem hearing anyone else. Then one day I saw the truck stop by my house to make the delivery, come to the door, and stick the "missed you" slip through the mail slot WITHOUT EVER KNOCKING. They do not knock sometimes. I don't know the logic behind that - may be the mail guy is just trying to finish his job faster... but holy hell, I couldn't believe it. I opened the door and he had even brought the box to the door!

    By: triptoph

    run around delivery service

    First problem is that you cannot speak to anyone at the actual purolator depot. You get the run around from the 1-888 # and nobody actually relays messages to anyone. Waited 3 days to receive my package which was in town all the while and nobody would let me know where it was and why it couldn't be delivered to my nearest depot. When I finally received a call to pick up my parcels they managed to send it to the furthest location possible in town from my house. I don't think their customers are important to them at all! I would definetely go with the post office any day from now on.

    By: non-member

    Worst Service I have ever received

    Went to pick up my parcel that I was told would be there ready for pick up saturday morning. The gentlemen working, told me it was locked up and not a damn thing he could do about it after giving me sooooo much attitude it was unbelieveable. I then asked for him to write down his managers name and his, when he handed me the paper I said thank you, and his reply with an attitude "Whatever"

    I was furious!

    By: kylabrown

    Absolutely Terrible "Service"

    I can say with certainty that I provide Purolator with the most business in my area. I usually receive about two orders a week, on average. I'm always home and I never seem to get my parcels and there is always a slip on my basement door telling me I wasn't home. I actually watched the driver for the last parcel I had delivered and he walked up to my door, stuck the slip on, and then walked back to his truck. How lazy can the drivers be? I mean, you can't carry a parcel to my door in the chance that I'm not home so you just assume it? If I had any choice in the matter, I would never use Purolator again. Completely unreliable and lazy!

    By: non-member


    My package was supposed to be delivered by 7pm today. once 7pm came around i called ups and let them know i still hadnt recieved it yet. they told me they contract purolator to deliver their packages and that they have no clue as to why it wasnt delivered and that they would look into it. i checked the ups tracking site before i went to bed and my package status changed to "exception" and down below it explained your package was missed at the facility. like what does missed mean? was it hiding and you didnt see it? or did you just plain forget it cuz their useless?

    By: renlan4

    not impressed

    I had a friend pass away on a Saturday, unfortunately i didn't bring my uniform with me so Monday morning i had a friend from Halifax pack up my uniform and ship it "overnight" to Sudbury. according to the tracking information on Wednesday (the funeral was Thursday noon) i saw that the street name was apparently not correct. I called UPS 7:30am Thursday (when they open)...the address was correct. my Friend from Halifax was not called so he did not have to correct anything either. What happened? why did the local depot write that they did not have the correct information then all of a sudden without any direction from myself or the shipper they had the right address? So why did i paid $105 to not get what i needed.God only knows. I buried my friend today. Without my uniform. Not impressed.

    By: onetime

    Bev Wills

    What's the point in giving tracking information if it's not right. My packages were set to arrive "on schedule and on time". Ha! Apparently my parcels are in the "hub", but becasue there are "thousands and thousands of parcels back there", they aren't sure where and that "hopefully" it will arrive tomorrow.....great, I'll be at work all day.

    By: bevwills

    Horrible service when handling UPS...

    To Whom it May Concern:

    The writer finds no reassurance when his "UPS" shipment takes two days, perhaps more (Haven't received parcel as of writing) within the city of Sudbury, whilst in the hands of Purolator Courier.

    Apparently the co-operative effort between "UPS" and "Purolator" is tenuous at best as there is no transfer of transit information (Data compatibility issues), leaving the customer without any idea of the true status of his delivery.

    The writer is further exasperated by the fact that he cannot speak to anyone on sight at Kelly Lake Road so that he might pick up this item directly.

    The 1/2 star was given grudgingly because it was a manditory field no other reason.

    With great disatisfaction,

    Conrad Roy

    By: non-member
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    International air courier logistical company offering package tracking with free software.

    1300 Kelly Lake Rd




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