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    Lachine is way too far for me

    So apparently the deliver came today's morning at 8:45 am, obviously I was already by that time. I live in Downtown, full time student and have no access to vehicle. So I looked up on google map and found out that I the "shortest way" to get to the shipping center located in Lachine is to take an 1 hour bus and then walk for I certainly have the time to go get my parcel... Is there no other Shipping center that that's closer to downtown? That's really inconvenient, if I have to go to get my parcel at Lachine all the time I will not buy online and have it send by Purolator anymore. One star on five for now, I hope I can get help from Purolator and change the rating.

    By: non-member

    Claimed attempted delivery

    I waited outside from 9 AM to 1PM (4 hours!)and to my surprise the tracking was updated saying an appointment has to be made for a rescheduled delivery at 1:03pm. I was outside the whole time and never even saw the truck drive by! Mind you this is the day i'm moving into my new apartment so there's no buzzer and I waited out of courtesy to help the courier carry in this dresser (112 lbs). I called Purolator to ask about this and customer rep was sympathetic and also unsure why the truck didn't even show up. He made a note of it and sent a message to this depot to ask them to call me to schedule a smaller delivery window. Guess what? They never called me.

    So I guess I'm going to have to wait again, but I won't be surprised if they no show once more. In the future, I will be requesting the merchant I made this purchase from use a different courier at my expense. This is complete nonsense and a waste of my time. The other reviews seem to be in line with what I'm experiencing. I'm not sure why Purolator appears to not have done anything to fix things at this depot

    By: hxu


    So I, like many of the other reviewers on this website, had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this dreadful company.

    After ordering a few items from an online shop Sunday evening, I was notified by email that my parcel would be shipped and delivered within 48 hours. I verified this information early Tuesday morning, by looking up my parcel's tracking number.

    The Purolator website said that my parcel had been brought into a "sorting station" and that it would be delivered to me before the end of the day. So I waited around my apartment for the next few hours, wanting to intercept the package as it was delivered.

    Nothing came.

    I looked at the parcel's tracking information again. This time it said that "delivery was attempted and a notice was left at 11am".

    This was an OUTRIGHT LIE. I had been waiting for the package from 8am-12noon and there had certainly not been any attempt to deliver my parcel to me....

    By: Liiz

    Service médiocre - à éviter à...

    J'ai fais le suivi de ma commande par courriel pour être disponible la journée de la livraison. Donc je suis restée à la maison toute la journée pour intercepter mon colis.
    Le temps passe.. je vérifie l' état de ma commande et ça disait que le livreur était passé mais qu' il n'y avait personne pour répondre. MENSONGE ! Personne n'a sonné chez moi, personne n'est passé. Le pire, ils ne sont même pas foutu de nous laisser un avis de livraison - au moins juste pour faire semblant qu'il est passé non !? Je suis très déçue par Purolator, ce n'est pas la première fois qu'il font un coup pareil. La première fois remonte à 1 an et demi passé - et depuis, je me suis dis plus jamais avec eux. Mais cette fois-ci ce n'était pas par choix car je ne savais même pas que ça allait être livré par Purolator. Quand j'ai vu leur site en cliquant sur le lien de suivi de colis, je peux vous dire que j'étais déçue, mais que...

    By: non-member

    Ridiculously unimformative.

    I ordered a product in regards to internet from an internet server, and they told me I would receive the shipment on Monday. Instead, I didn't get any notification of the shipment at all that day. I waited until the next day and still received nothing and called my internet provider.
    They gave me a tracking number and turns out they never even came to my address! And I have to actually go pick it up.
    I would never even have known this if I didn't call for the tracking number! You guys do not leave notice or anything. Nor did you even come to my door, it just went straight to the depot. For me, commuting there and back takes 2 hrs. I am a full time student with no vehicle, and you're asking me to travel entirely to this location in this cold weather for an hour back and forth just because one of your employees didn't do their job.
    I have no internet at home right now, and it's a struggle for me everyday just to access my work. People's packages...

    By: karen4300


    This is the worst company ever!!!! I can't believe they're still in business. I'm utterly disgusted and so so mad!
    Can you imagine this: I called this */#$ people more than 5 times to have them tell me there are not sure if they are going to keep my shipment till next Saturday, the only day I'll be able to go pick it up.
    They came to deliver last tuesday and of course wasn't home because at work. So I tell them there is no way I can be home before 5pm and I have no one to whom I can ask not to go to work but to wait in my house to receive my shipment. Now I ask them if they can come anytime after 5pm, and they go like no we can't. I told them to then return it to sender so i can ask the company to ship it via UPS this time. But no, they propose they can transfer it to another location that is usually opened on saturdays.
    I then asked them to transfer my shipment from their anjou location which is not opened on week-ends to the one in St-Laurent,...

    By: mamamiya

    Worst shipping service, hands down

    I noticed the online tracker said "scheduled delivery appointment required." I called to find out why, apparently the driver didn't know which buzzer was my apartment. My apartment is #301, the buzzer is #301. Not rocket science. Worse yet, nobody contacted me by phone or email. If I hadn't checked the tracking, I never would have even known.

    I'm a full-time student and I work two jobs to make ends meet. I can't afford to take the time off to stay home, and even if I wanted to make the two hour bus trip each way to the depot, its hours mean I would have to miss work or school.

    Canada Post will leave your parcel somewhere nearby to pick up. UPS can deliver Saturday or give a smaller window. Purolator is the only company with these ridiculous and awful policies.

    I called in and the only solution they had was to put a note asking them to try to deliver before I leave for school on Monday, but even then they can't make any guarantees. I was so excited for these clothes, which I had saved up to buy, but now it looks like I won't even get them.

    TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE SERVICE. No business should use such a useless company.

    By: hamsterkid

    Not very good service

    I live in downtown Montreal and was not home when the package delivery was attempted. The delivery person left the notice on my door handle rather than putting it through the mail slot, even though my door opens onto the sidewalk of a very busy street where anyone could have taken the notice. The delivery notice indicated that I could pick the package up in downtown Montreal, but I got an automated phone message that was very hard to understand saying to pick it up at an address I'd never heard of, which was actually in Lachine, not Montreal. When I called to figure out the problem I had to ask for them to transfer the package to the downtown location b/c they didn't think of that solution and expected me to pick it up from Lachine. That said, the people on the phone were nice and helpful overall. But Purolator is kind of crappy.

    By: plutzy

    Absolutely the worst delivery service...

    February 2, 2012

    Reference tracking number AAK007673069

    To whom it may concern,

    In my 35 years of working at McGill University, I have never experienced such poor service from a courier company. I received a phone call from Purolator on Jan 30, 2012, advising me that my package from Dell will be delivered next day, requires a signature and please make sure someone is there to accept delivery. So I take the day off to be at home. No delivery because of the weather. Okay I can accept that. I call Purolator and am told my package will definitely be delivered tomorrow. So I stay home for a second day on Feb 1st. Still no delivery! I call again to be told that the driver had too many deliveries that day, but that tomorrow they guarantee it will be delivered. I ask my spouse to stay at home on Feb 2nd. My wife calls me at 3PM to tell me that the package still has not been delivered. So I call Purolator again. This time they tell me the driver has too many...

    By: Rep51

    Never in my life will I use this...

    I sent a few Christmas packages with Purolator on the 15th of December, to make sure that there would be ample time for them to arrive during the busy Christmas season.

    December 23rd, I still hadn't heard from the recipient (we'll call her H) that the package arrived, so I track it... to find out that it had been sitting in the depot waiting to be picked up for five days. Neither myself nor H were ever notified about this. Apparently the driver never tried to deliver to the address because of construction on H's street... right. I'm sure that on a very large, main road in Toronto, there was literally nowhere to park, and absolutely no way to get to the address.

    I quickly send H the tracking number and ask her to go pick the package up... but it's too late. Purolator decides to redirect the package BACK to me, again without calling to notify me of anything.

    So, now we're at December 28th, the Christmas...

    By: gussiefink


    Not home during the week- Stayed home tuesday, they put my shipment on the WRONG vehicle. Wrote a handwritten note with all the details authorizing purolator to leave my package. They took my note and didnt leave my package...

    By: non-member


    They "tried" to deliver a package to my house at noon yesterday, yet never left a note saying where to pick it up.
    I had to go throug all the trouble of finding out where it was.
    Then I realized the location is in the middle of nowhere.
    And they're open until 7pm, which leaves me no time to get there after work.

    By: non-member

    The worst

    Half star is simply too much. Second time I have problems with them. They say the address needs correction (it does not) and eventually deliver a note in my building saying they tried to deliver the package (while I was here). Now I am supposed to pick up the package.

    By: non-member

    Very Bad service

    I can't even give them a half star
    They don't notify by email or phone when you will get your deliver
    They don't give you a window of waiting, instead they tell you wait from 8am - 8pm for the delivery
    They don't redirect your shipment

    By: non-member


    1) Who is home for an 11am delivery on a weekday?

    2) Why is your pick-up location inaccessible by public transit? (30 minute walk in the winter next to the train tracks? Sounds romantic, I guess)

    You suck.

    By: non-member
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